Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feel the burn

After taking some time to play the game, 
I realized something. 
It was long overdue for some new rugs!

For promotional shots, I use a lot of my own objects, 
but for my game, I use objects from all over the place.

Inspired by fellow creators AlexPilgrim and LemonJelly,
who's rugs enrich my own game,
I wanted to introduce a new set of contemporary rugs.
My search for new styles unearthed something unexpected.
A nod to my love of modern art and design,
I had found some rugs by some great names in art/fashion/design history.

Meanwhile, my real life rugs were just coming back from the cleaners.
I have mentioned before that Katie the cat prefers the rugs above the hardwood floors
for when she needs to hork up something,
but what I found while housebreaking Laika is that
she too had a fond eye for my kilim rugs.
She managed to use each of them to comfort her paws while relieving herself.
Good dog!

Today I bring to you three new rugs in two sizes each.
4x3 and 2x3 - in your choice of format
AND patched or unpatched.
phew! That's a lot of choices!

Includes styles from Picasso, Dali, Pierre Cardin, Marc Saint Saens, Agam, Panton

And speaking of Laika . . . 
my friend annyway made a sim Laika for me

all photos in grid by annyway
and we would both love for you to have her in your game to enjoy
and possible tinkle on your kilim rugs:
I can't have ANYTHING nice.

While I am cleaning this up, 
take a look at some decorating ideas:
In your formal sitting room,
In your playboy's bachelor pad,
In your log cabin in Apaloosa Plains,
In your arty warehouse apartment,
or your monochromatic lounge.
This is a huge file to download - about 39mb.
It holds six rugs - three styles in two sizes both formats
And DON'T forget Laika!
Download Laika at going to do it annyway
(Download some nice art while you are at it!!)

CC Credits (if uncredited, item could be base game/ep/store or found on this site elsewhere)
photo 1: sofa, coffee table, shelving - Awesims / Chair - eyrt96 / Butterflies - Apple / Art Rocking Horse - Anglea
photo 4: Sofa - Awesims / Chair - sasilia / Shelving - cmomoney / Puddles - Cyclonesue
photo 7: coffee table - Roan
photo 8: Fireplace, plant - Simpossible / Vase - Mango / Coffee table - Gosik / Jack lamp - eyrt96 / Pole lamp - Awesims
photo 9: Door - cmomoney / Kettle, Chicken - cashcraft / Antlers - MKStuff / Box table - Exotic Elements / Side table - nanu
photo 10: Eye plates - AlexPilgrim / Hanging and Floor lamp - Awesims / Chairs - eddielle
photo 11: Sofa, sculpture - ATS3, Chaise - Stylist Sims / #5 Art - cbatkinson73 / side table - simpossible

Monday, September 12, 2011

Standing the heat

Some people are better at some things than others.
I can't cook. There . . . I said it.
I mean - I can follow a recipe, but it's not an innate ability.
Nor does it ever taste as good as someone who can cook.

How do I remedy this?
I collect nifty things for my kitchen.
Distract the masses.
Nothing up my sleeve . . .
Presto! Look at that cookie jar - it's soooo cute!

And there you have it.
If I've ever cooked for you,
I bet you remember what a cool bowl
that soup was served in.

What was that soup again?

Todays set builds upon the first kitchen set:
mmm . . . salt . . . where's my lick?
Vintage accessories from my own kitchen
and one from my dream kitchen.

Canisters, and Salt & Pepper shakers . . . 
Simlish and English versions . . .  Canisters also have a blank version.
Canisters and shakers are single items - there are slots to add more for versatility  
A utensil clock, a step stool (as a stool and an end table)
Clock with quartz movement haha - Step stool as a stool (stairs up) and a table (stairs down)
The step stool table has slots on the seat, steps, and between the legs
An industrial refrigerator, a fluorescent light, and a breadbox (acts like a chest a'la WA).
Refrigerator has slots on top (best in two story rooms), fluorescent light,
and breadbox acts like a chest to hold things - it too has slots on top of the box.
Can you guess which one I don't seem to have $14,000 to buy?
Me either! My dream life is that vivid.

Nine items (yes, I'm doing math again - that's two canisters, two step stools . . . . )
All to fancify your sims retro, modern, or retro-modern kitchen.

Fancify . . . sounds like a brand of cat food.
Speaking of cat food . . . 

On with the spam!

Some notes on this set:
Not all patterns look good on every item. This set (exception: canisters) has 
multiple tiling in each item. If your pattern doesn't look good on one, try another style.

The canisters and shakers have additional slots to build upon the look you want. 
Sometimes you need less than what is grouped - this was for versatility.
The large canister has two slots to allow for either the small or large canister to sit next to it.
The small canister has one slot. I hope with Unleashed that these can be updated to be functional for say 'pet treats' - I opted to not make these chests as it would be redundant.
The salt/pepper shaker also has a slot  at the front corner.
These slots are designed to allow for full rotation, you may need moveobjects on cheat to allow them to fully rotate without problems.

The fluorescent light also glows. While the bulb is recolorable, this will show as 
lighter than the color selected. Light output acts like any other light and can be changed as thus. 

Breadbox, I am told, works fine - even without WA installed. 
Due to the many counters in the game, you will need to use an OMSP to place this 
to look correct on a counter. May I suggest 
Mango's OMSP set 
Mango's Counter OMSP (page two of sets, bottom of page)
granthes at MTS
granthes Multi-height OMSP Click to enlarge for specific instructions. 
HUGE Thank You's go out to Sandy at ATS3 for assistance with the breadbox,
Jenba at Greetings from Mt Geneva for her acute observations on this set,
Heidi at Exotic Elements whom I always confer with at each baby step,
All the testers and commenters while this set was being pulled together.

Download here
both file formats included

CC pictured: (if uncredited, it is possibly here at the studio, a basic game item, store item, or an EP/SP item)
picture 1: counters, floor pattern - Awesims / retro wallpaper pattern - hysterical paroxysm / Windows - Funny / Sink - 
picture 5: kettle - garden breeze / plate, silverware - WOE
picture 6: counters, plant, hanging shelves, utensils, bowl - Exotic Elements / foreground surface - eryt96 / teapot - ATS3 /
kettle, pot, pan - garden breeze / groceries - jun sim / mixer - simcredible / daisies - cmomoney
picture 7: mug, butter dish - WOE
picture 9: scale - simcredible
picture 10: chairs - garden breeze / books - aikea
picture 11: phone - camille

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wayback Machine

This was originally just going to be a quiet post about six rug sets.
What it became is something different.
Don't they all? Good lord.

Filling requests, revisiting some older objects that I love
so they could be released as I originally hoped and in the process,
creating new files to compliment them.

This is a big post and a lot of links to the original posts
with some download links
so let's get to it.

In designing the last 4x3 rug set, I had released the option
to also have it in the 2x3 size. I had a request for smaller rugs
and realized that it would be easy to resize the mesh for smaller spaces.
This same mesh had been used six times prior, so I was able to
go back and recompile these files onto the new smaller mesh.

Please visit the original posts for these updated files. (links just above)

Each comes in both formats and you can choose the ones you want in this additional size.


So, there is nothing wrong with the original pillows.
I do however hate to activate and deactivate the 'moveobjects' cheat
every time I want to put in a window or move an object.
Having it on is great to place things off grid and in areas you are not allowed,
but when it's on you can't easily place windows and doors.


So, these have been updated to have no footprint.
Instead - they act like a rug.
This makes it easier to achieve the look above
with every pillow I have ever made (including styles not shown above).

You just need to download the updated files.

This will also give you 15 new styles (pictured above)
12 Rug and 3 (simulated) Animal Hide styles.

both file formats

This contains updated versions of two files. The batter bowl and water glass.
Originally released in the Salt is the Fifth Food Group set,
I had always wanted the bowl to hold something.

When I opened the file to amend it, I realized the handle had way too many polys
especially if I wanted to have things in the bowl.
Version 2 to the left - old version to the right.
The handle has been redesigned and I smooth things different
from when this was created, so this looks like a completely new bowl,
but only the handle is actually new. It has been remapped to
accommodate this new handle so the pattern needed to be adjusted.

This new version has three styles with three different tiling
options for patterns to help you get the best look,
as well as a slot to put things inside the bowl.

What do you put in the bowl?

How about five new fruits/vegetables?

Certainly, I didn't want to leave you hanging with nothing to put in the bowl.
Jeez. Give me some credit.
So here we have:
Avocado, Heirloom Tomatoes, Minola Oranges, Star Fruit, and Lemons.
And some pictures with stuff in the bowl:
Stuff and
MOAR stuff. Ahem.
The water glass posed a different challenge to me.
Glass is no easy thing to program.
Too cloudy and it looks fake, too clear and you can't see it.
This hopefully is a compromise.
Lookie there!

This particular item also had a request - to fill the glass.

You learn new things with every set and this is my second attempt
to have too many transparent groups in an object
and subsequently my second failure.
While this glass now holds something, it's contents are still not transparent.
This now has four styles, two empty, two full, in one file.

both file formats

and finally . . . .

This is also filling a request.
This set you may or may not remember. 
Pandora Boxed was released the morning of the Green Room set
and subsequently overshadowed this release.

I've always loved it, but it was a tricky set.
The frames both needed a light source to counter
the reflection on the glass/acrylic.

Being the literal sort, I made a light on the frame
as it was going to it's own light source.
Well duh - it just needed the light - not the lamp.
Just make sure to read the notes following the pictures about light intensity*.

While recompiling these sets,
I wanted to offer two new sets
but this artwork is huge
and while based on real frames/framing
I wanted reasonably sized art too.

That brings us to these two new sets:

Circle Gets the Square
Row 1: Riley, Pearson, Escher, Spalatin
Row 2: Unknown, Lieberman, Agam,  Hirst
Row 3: Anonima Group, Unknown, Noland, Wilding
& Lines Squared
Row 1: DeLap, Bayer, LeWitt, Neal
Row 2: Cruz-Diez, Albers, Anuszkiewicz, Allen
Row 3:  Alviani, Vasarely, Stanczak, Weiser
Both of these new sets are also light sources and as such
just need to be clicked on to adjust the lights*
Enjoy while eating,
while reading,
while drinking and reading *hic*
or relaxing quietly - quietly because of the echo from the walls. Shhh.
So, perhaps you will want to download these updated
artworks now . . .
Download Package 
Download Sim3Pack
(both frame styles included in each format)
perhaps you just want the new art.

Download Circle Gets the Square
Download Lines Squared
(both file formats included)

Either way, have at it bubbies.
You deserve some good art.
I am here to tell you - this is good.

So there you have it . . . lots of goodies.
Look it all over and take what you will from it.
Sometimes you need to step back to move forward.
Here's to moving forward.

*NOTES: While these pieces of art do not have a lamp,
they still act as lights and can be clicked on in live mode 
ctrl+shift+clicked on in build mode
to adjust the light. 

The light settings are really set up for one to be on the wall
and in every image shown, these settings have been 
adjusted to either custom (.3) or set to dim.
They are lamps and the more you have the brighter and more 
obfuscated the art will become if you do not reset the light intensity.
This can be said for nearly every lamp in the game, so this should not be
considered unique to these items.

If you are remotely curious about what goes into these items, read about it here

CC Lists:
If uncredited, it's either a store/EP/SP item, or found here at the studio.
Some photos are shown at different angles and items credited in first photo.
Photo 2: Bench, Chair, - Exotic Elements
Photo 3: Bench - Eryt96 / Ladder - Cyclonesue / Sideboard - Cemre / Chairs - Shinokcr / Sculpture - Exotic Elements
Photo 5: Plant in Can - Exotic Elements / Utensils - Dresden / Pot - AnoeskaB
Photo 7: Stool - ATS3
Photo 8: Cutting Boards w/ bottle - Exotic Elements / Postcards - Verona Relapse / Kettle - AnoeskaB 
Photo 10: Side table, bench, bolster pillow - Exotic Elements
Photo 13: Armchair - D3VV / Dining Table - Holy Simoly(?)
Photo 14: Vase - Mango / Lounger - Eryt96 / Stools - Awesims
Photo 15 - Sofa, bowl with glass spheres - Exotic Elements

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All that glitters . . .

Sometimes you see something
and it makes you remember an event or place or thing.
Sometimes seeing something triggers 
an idea that you must act upon.

This set started out as a simple set of mirrors, but 
sometimes things don't go as they are planned. 
Reflections are not just on surfaces, one must sometimes 
delve deeper and review experiences to move forward.
Sometimes others experiences mirror our own.

I was stalled. 
Heidi at Exotic Elements was experiencing the same thing.
She had a set that wasn't quite moving forward for her.
Seeing what she had done inspired me to move forward.
My choices were a reflection of what she was doing
and where I have been.

We both like mixing things up a bit. 
Soft and rough, 
old and new,
modern and classical. 
Visually rich and textured environments.

Today I have for you 13 new items.
Starting with the obvious: four mirrors.
One leaning and one wall 'dome' mirror, a round beveled mirror, a distressed Venetian mirror,
An acrylic console with 22 slots, 3 dining chair/stools, a shallow bowl with 5 slots, a hunk of quartz,
A "C"-table with 19 slots, the shallow bowl for the wall too, and a floor lamp
A few notes about this set:
The plate is the same for the table as it is the wall.
It has five set styles as well as 2 CASt-able ones in two different scales as pictured. Also - if you want it
less shiny, change the first pattern to something you know is flat. Currently it is set to porcelain. 

The first style is just like the one in my living room.
The "C" table is set up that it does not need a cheat to place it as it should be placed:
under a piece of furniture. This however also allows it to move right through a piece of furniture. 
The RL design of this table is sort of like a TV tray - it's intended to 
roll under the sofa and act as a snack table . . . 
that's the reason for the way it was coded. Okay? OKAY! Not a mistake - swear to ghaaad.

The floor lamp is 1310 polys - a little high, but deal or ditch it. You won't hurt my feelings.
Just a little note about the lamp - I have this lamp in my living room in real life, so while it is odd, it actually exists.

Phew! Okay - on with the photos!
This is a little different than normal.
Today I am showing you a living/dining room set up from many angles:

(because these photos are sooo Exotic Elements/b5Studio CC heavy, I am linking others objects by the photo)

Windows all photos: Madaya74, Plant: ATS3

Glass Pharmacy Containers - One Billion Pixels
Colored Glass Bottles - Awesims

Telephone - Camille

So there you have it.
or, well
Download it
and there . . . you have it.
January 10, 2015 - The Chess Set chairs and Antique Floor Lamp have been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find them here!

Who knew you could do two complete rooms with mostly Exotic Elements and b5Studio stuff?
What? You did? Aw - bless you. Now donate ;)

A big ol' THANK YOU  to CycloneSue who's beautiful distressed mirror set aided me greatly 
in the settings for the venetian mirror as well as the hunk'o'quartz.
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