Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feel the burn

After taking some time to play the game, 
I realized something. 
It was long overdue for some new rugs!

For promotional shots, I use a lot of my own objects, 
but for my game, I use objects from all over the place.

Inspired by fellow creators AlexPilgrim and LemonJelly,
who's rugs enrich my own game,
I wanted to introduce a new set of contemporary rugs.
My search for new styles unearthed something unexpected.
A nod to my love of modern art and design,
I had found some rugs by some great names in art/fashion/design history.

Meanwhile, my real life rugs were just coming back from the cleaners.
I have mentioned before that Katie the cat prefers the rugs above the hardwood floors
for when she needs to hork up something,
but what I found while housebreaking Laika is that
she too had a fond eye for my kilim rugs.
She managed to use each of them to comfort her paws while relieving herself.
Good dog!

Today I bring to you three new rugs in two sizes each.
4x3 and 2x3 - in your choice of format
AND patched or unpatched.
phew! That's a lot of choices!

Includes styles from Picasso, Dali, Pierre Cardin, Marc Saint Saens, Agam, Panton

And speaking of Laika . . . 
my friend annyway made a sim Laika for me

all photos in grid by annyway
and we would both love for you to have her in your game to enjoy
and possible tinkle on your kilim rugs:
I can't have ANYTHING nice.

While I am cleaning this up, 
take a look at some decorating ideas:
In your formal sitting room,
In your playboy's bachelor pad,
In your log cabin in Apaloosa Plains,
In your arty warehouse apartment,
or your monochromatic lounge.
This is a huge file to download - about 39mb.
It holds six rugs - three styles in two sizes both formats
And DON'T forget Laika!
Download Laika at going to do it annyway
(Download some nice art while you are at it!!)

CC Credits (if uncredited, item could be base game/ep/store or found on this site elsewhere)
photo 1: sofa, coffee table, shelving - Awesims / Chair - eyrt96 / Butterflies - Apple / Art Rocking Horse - Anglea
photo 4: Sofa - Awesims / Chair - sasilia / Shelving - cmomoney / Puddles - Cyclonesue
photo 7: coffee table - Roan
photo 8: Fireplace, plant - Simpossible / Vase - Mango / Coffee table - Gosik / Jack lamp - eyrt96 / Pole lamp - Awesims
photo 9: Door - cmomoney / Kettle, Chicken - cashcraft / Antlers - MKStuff / Box table - Exotic Elements / Side table - nanu
photo 10: Eye plates - AlexPilgrim / Hanging and Floor lamp - Awesims / Chairs - eddielle
photo 11: Sofa, sculpture - ATS3, Chaise - Stylist Sims / #5 Art - cbatkinson73 / side table - simpossible
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