Monday, May 31, 2010

Burning in hell . . . oh.

 I am sinning. 
"I am not a bad person . . . no more than others."
(that's a quote from Klute and that ended poorly)
I am about to post art that is not my own and I don't know whose it is.
Forgive me. Do the right thing and 
download it
to lessen the sin by spreading it thinner.
First we have the Octopus Lantern.
It's not the sucky and squeezy kind.
It's probably made from paper.
Artist . . . unknown.
Then we have some crazy woman
with super powers
that shoot from her hands.
Artist . . . unknown*.
(*Update 07.14.11 - This artist has been identified by Aglaia as DrKennedyJones at Etsy - you should 
support your local [and not so local] artists and buy something presently!)
Finally, to protect you from the rainbow wielding woman, we have
the Space Gun
an actual patent image. 
I don't know the artist - at least not biblically.
Just their name: John F. West.
It is from 1959 and with it, you can take over the universe.

But wait! Now you have two bonus images**:
And they are all in one file! 
And I STILL don't know who did them**!
Who says sin doesn't pay?

**March 29th, 2013 - a kind soul provided some information on the Peony image.
The original image is not a vintage image as I suspected, 
but a contemporary design by Micah Lidberg - and a stunning one at that.
When blogs post images without attribution,
(and are subsequently collected by people like me)
the original artists hard work is not properly acknowledged.

Thank you to this anonymous post for allowing me to properly credit Mr Lidberg's work. 

based on original mesh by the talented Stylist Sims 
modified and remade just for you by yours truly

2/11/14 This file has been archived
Please download the updated file here

A one and a two . . .

My goof is your gain.
 A set of 12 Oriental Rugs.
Your sims feet will thank you.
Life of luxury.
A mere §520 simoleons.
Feel the warmth.
Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 -8
Detail 9 - 12

Oh, but that's not all.
Remember that problem I was having? 
12 rugs that looked the same?
Well to fix that, I needed
12 more rugs.
That's right . . . it's:

Lap it up kiddies.
You have twice the selection.
That is 24 rugs for the mathematically stunted.
Two files though . . . can't have it all.
Gotta work for some of it.
Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 - 8
Detail 9 - 12

Updated 6/10/18

These are all hand tied pixel by pixel. 
Only the best(est) for you and you
and well, maybe not you.
Are you feeling the love yet?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

They call it guppy love.

Your sim loves sushi.
They miss work just to fish.
They even have the best stocked aquarium in all of Sunset Valley.
Why deprive them of fish art?
From the relaxing
to the energetic
to the downright nightmare-inducing-perfect-for-your-childs-room.

Three files.
Embrace the fish.
Ichthyology rocks!
I'm just sayin' . . . 

in both formats

Pop aht.

Now even MORE depraved!
 Oh. My. God.
Absolute Trash
My god I can't believe how depraved the 60s were.
Thank god this sort of thing doesn't happen anymore!
What sim bachelor pad would be complete without this?
Kitschy art collected by the like minded from a 60s magazine. 
I know - blue eye shadow isn't even in vogue . . .
wait, what? It is? Really?
Who knew?
Now includes bonus image
equally indecent image from 1959
playboys first illustration by Bob Denison
which is proof that this sort of thing
started even earlier than previously believed!
Grab your holy water and

2/11/14 This file has been archived
Please download the updated file here 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kilim wit kindness.

Love the rugs. Hand woven, pixel by pixel.
Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 - 8
Detail 9 - 12
That's right kiddies - 12 rugs. 12!
Even my cat prefers kilim rugs.
Git you sum.
in both formats

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wall to wall my ass.

 Wood floors are a gift.
 Rug lovers can have the best of both worlds with area rugs.
 detail 1 - 4
detail 5 - 8
detail 9 - 12

This pulls together seven 12 different rugs in one file.
 Mesh by the talented Pilar of SimControl.
 This is series one - contemporary.
These rugs are 3x2. 

 in both formats

x-ray specks . . . only three box tops.

Vintage ephemera depicting 
skeletal movement in man and animal.
 Three images in one file.
 Deer/Roe/Man and Boar/Dog/Man.
Perhaps your sim is a scientist.
Or an artist.
Or a goth/emo/crybaby. 
Whichever it is, they are sure to love this.

2/11/14 - This file has been archived.
Please download the updated file here

Grin and bare it

Life drawings by some of the masters.
Nine different files all in one.
Frame design by yours truly,
carved pixel by pixel.
 Female version in the works,
don't get all cranky on me.
Sargent, Bouguereau, Tweedy
Lopez, Unknown, Unknown
Leighton, Streeton, Cezanne

2/11/14 This file has been archived.
Please download the updated files

Moving Sim 3 projects to this blog

I figure no one really cares what is going on in my life. You're here for your fix. You, my friend, are a Custom Content Junkie - CCJA in the 12 step world. Well - I won't be giving you coins. I will just try to tempt you with another idea I had for my own game that I decided to unleash upon the world. If you really want to know what is going on in my life, head on over to b5C.
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