Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doing the time warp . . . again

Hard to believe nearly four years has passed
A lot has changed and yet some things remain the same
Take art. Still love it. Still love creating it. 
It can so greatly influence the way a room comes together.
But in four years I have learned a lot more. 
And there have been some memorable sets in my catalogue
that have some cringe-worthy errors.
Time to fix them up.

Perhaps you are familiar with this scenario:
You're building and decide to change the image in CAS
when suddenly
"The current style is invalid"

Red. Alert.
 efff ewe little orange arrow. tschaaa .......
Fie I say.

So it was time to say goodbye to some old favorites
and re-introduce them as 2.0
Yup - they are reborn
only better and bigger.
Bigger is better right?


Magick originally had 7 images, but 
it never felt complete
and the mesh had seriously too many polys.
Like four times the amount it needed.
Magick now has 13 images per set.
Two sets.
That's . . . like . . . twenty ... something images
Okay - swear - these are really different and the new one is much better. Pinkie swear!
Remember Noodie Cutie?
A whopping two images?
Try 16.
Rebuilt, remapped, re-situated on the wall
an optional frame for this one too
Just as filthy as you remembered.
Ain't no amount of soap gonna clean them eyes.
also ...
This particular mesh is a very handy dandy shape
that lends itself to so many images
so why not have two more sets?
Introducing Pulp
and Esoteric
And Factory Living?
Five images and only three of them useful.
It too has a new look ...
A completely new look
and a new optional frame 
But that's not all...
Remember X-Ray Specks?
Only Three box tops???
The complete etching set has been unearthed
and has been designated to a completely new (original, non-EA) mesh
that hopefully NOW
you'll be proud to own.
You made it painfully obvious that you were not having the original.
And finally ....
My very first set ever
has been redesigned the way it was intended to appear
on a larger (and finally original) mesh.
No longer assigned to a sad little EA mesh
This has been extended to 13 images
and only four years later,
I am honoring the promise of 
the female companion set:
So. Much. Academia.!!.
Here - you take a look at all this stuff while I grab a cup of coffee . . .
This wore me out!
Oh -
and some of you may have missed this
at my Tumblr site:
So, like -
This is a buttload of art.
Check it out!

Magick 2.0 ( includes parts 1 & 2 plus a frame)
Noodie Cutie 2.0 (plus a frame)
Factory Living 2.0 (plus a frame)
XRay Specks 2.0
Academic Nudes 2.0 (includes parts 1 & 2)
Tumblr Sets (package / sim3pack)
Includes: Stag Party, Man Amplified, and Domestic Disturbed
(if you already downloaded it at Tumblr - you don't need it again)

See how much I love you?
Dohn'choo forget it :D

Many of these photos already appeared on Tumblr with CC credits 
(if 'here' then it's a link to the post) Otherwise, if not mentioned, it's probably store, game, or mine:
Photo 17: here
Photo 18: endtable - ATS3, pillow, bolster pillow, sofa - Exotic Elements
Photo 19: clock - Verona Relapse, keys - Aikea, living chair - ATS3
Photo 20: here / Photo 21: here  / Photo 22: here
Photo 23: table mirror - Juna, terrarium, dresser - Exotic Elements
Photo 24: here / Photo 25: here / Photo 26: here
Photo 27: here / Photo 28: here / Photo 29: here
Photo 30: here / Photo 32: here / Photo 33: here
Photo 34: here / Photo 35: here
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