Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Changing Seasons

Modern is having a renaissance.

Oh, it never really goes out of style, 
but just keep getting more and more affordable.
CB2 is a good source for it here in the states.

A step above IKEA, but the same basic concept, 
CB2 has made a good mix of cool and quirky
while keeping the cost down low. 

Their seasonal offerings are also a great way to keep current.
Take their rugs for example. It's like paint.
Take out the old and bring in the new - it's like a new room.

Today we have 15 rugs. 
15 (not our normal 12) because 3 have text on them,
and I know some of you think that's just a faux pas.
Worse, you move your mouth every time you read it. 

This is also a new type of offering.
Some of you like bigger rugs and some like smaller.
Now you can have both.
4x3 and/or 2x3
Each file type has both sizes zipped up for your convenience.
If you don't want one of the sizes - toss it out - it's that affordable.

So whether you want your whitewashed beach cottage to have a pop of color,

or you want to dine in style in your concrete loft,

or you simply need a crazy cat lady rug,

you can do it in style.

OH. Almost forgot.

See that concrete wall? How 'bout that beachy paneled wall.
I am also giving you these.
I cannot take credit for them entirely. Some notes:

While I altered these and compiled them into wall files,
these textures were created by other, unknown artists. 
The concrete pattern was simply named concretestruddle 
and all inquiries and Google searches come up empty.
I used that pattern base to create a wall. 
Many had asked where I got the pattern and I sadly do not know,
so now you can have the walls I use in my own game.
The second I think is a S2 wall that is also uncredited
Simply called paneledwall,
I tweaked it to be more like the paneled walls
of an arts and crafts bungalow.
Concrete wall has three channels.
Paneled wall has four channels.
IF ANYONE knows who created these original files,
I am happy to credit these talented artists. 

February 25, 2013 - Selentic1 was kind enough to provide the artists name for
Concrete Struddle. I still use this pattern in so many of my builds. The artist is Baroque
and the link
for the official pattern is here - THANK YOU Selentic1!!

Because these are large files:


This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by CB2.
Just admire their sense of style and effort to make fine design affordable for everyone.

CC List (if not listed, it is possibly EP/SP, on this site somewhere OR unreleased)
Photo 1 Rabbit, Vases - Mango / Sideboard - cemre / Fern in  Bottle - Exotic Elements / Chair - Gosik / Book -  LilyOfTheValley/ Floor pattern - Club Crimsyn / Windows - Funny
Photo 2 Books - Aikea / Desk - Jonesi / Sideboard - Pilar / Painting - AlexPilgrim / Stool - ATS3 / Postits - Amoebytes / Lamp - eyrt96 / Trio of Mother-in-law's tongue plants - mutske / Antique keys - Aikea / Suitcase Victrola - UNRELEASED
Photo 4 Trunk, End tables - Simply Styling / Dresser - Exotic Elements / Shutters - Angela / Lanters - Shino&KCR / Beveled Mirror - UNRELEASED
Photo 5 Counters, Sink, Fridge - madaya74 / Poppies - Exotic Elements / Stools, chairs - ATS3 / Sculpture - mutske / Open Book - UNRELEASED
Photo 6 Blue Cats - Mango (Set Imary-Artiste, not shown in preview) / Framed Cat Paintings, Cat Pattern (top of paneled wall) - KittyKlan / Blinds - Angela

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something old, something new

Diversity is the spice of life.
That goes for rugs too. 

Runner rugs fill a different kind of space.
Known for halls and entryways, 

this skinny thing works well in a number of spaces.

This rug meets a new need. 
It's 3x1, so it slightly wider
and more squat than the one in the game,
or this fancy one here.

I've also broken it up into two sets:
a new set
compiled from images of real new rugs for sale 
at better home stores,

Styles 1 -6 new rugs
Styles 7 - 12 new rugs

as well as a set of antique rugs.
You can see that some styles 
have not changed that much
in a couple of centuries.

Styles 1 - 6 antique rugs
Styles 7 - 12 antique rugs

Of course, the new rugs are based 
on the antique classics, but
you knew that
and you'd never say all my rugs look alike . . . 
would you.
(not bitter)

So go forth,
with your bad self, and 
be over the top in your steam punk spa bathroom,
use multiples in your loft living room
keep your feet dry in the kitchen
keep your feet warm in your medieval bedroom
or use one as a prop in your photo shoot.

Lots of ideas
lots of looks
lots to download people.

Go do it now
in both file formats.

CC Credit (if uncredited, it's probably Store, EP/SP, or on this site):
Picture 1: Counter, hanging shelf, glasses, cooking utensils - Exotic Elements / Plates on wall  - AlexPilgrim / Utensils in jar - Camille / Mixer - Simcredible / Refrigerator - MsBarrows / Stool - eyrt96 / chair - ATS3 / Sink - Lisen801 / Dirty bowls - Eight/three
Picture 2: Gated doorway - cyclonesue
Picture 7: Shutters - Angela / Steampunk tub - Lisen801 / Curtains - eddielle
Picture 8: Coffee table - ATS3 / Plates on wall - AlexPilgrim / Bowl - Mango
Picture 9: (see picture 1 as well) Sofa - melanise / Lounger - eyrt96 / Painting - AlexPilgrim / Floor lamp - ATS3 / Juicer - Simcredible / Petal Clock - shakeshaft
Picture 10: Bed and chest - Exotic Elements / End table - cyclonesue / Armchair - EsmereldaF / Teapot - ATS3 /Sunflowers - cashcraft
Picture 11: End tables - Pilar / Bowl of Oranges - Sim_man123 / Camera* / Photo backdrop - UNRELEASED

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paper birds

Spring is here.

That means the birds are doing it!
Making a welcomed return to your yards and your decor!
What did you think I meant? 

Oh. You are incorrigible.

These little (and sometimes not so little) guys
have been depicted in art and decoration through the ages.
Perhaps it is their plumage 
or their ability to fly
or their cheery song.
Whatever it is, they are here to stay. 

12 Japanese Woodcuts
featuring our fine feathered friends.
on a new and original mesh.

So set them loose in the living room

perch them in the bedroom

or bathe unabashedly under their gaze.
I won't tell.

(both file formats)

CC list
Picture 1 Walls - Aikea / Post-its - Amoebytes / Phone, Typewriter - Camille / Fan, collage, vacuum - Cyclonesue
Picture 3 Plant, floor lamp - Dresden / Pillows, Dining table - Mango / Coffee table - Simpossible / Hanging Lamp - Angela / Window - Madaya74
Picture 4 Bed, Canopy, Drum Table, Basket, Dresser, Lights, Bowl - Exotic Elements / Plant - Gosik / Window - Madaya74
Picture 5 Walls - Aikea / Mirror - SimsDesignAvenue / Sink - Simpossible
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