In the past, I have asked that people reach out to me via Tumblr. While you can still do that, you can also leave a comment here with your email. 

My comments have been set up to require approval (due to the obscene amount of spam comments that leave misdirecting links). You can safely leave your email as I will not publish your comment if it has a link in it. 

Whether you have a question about an item, want to 'shoot the shit', or require something to aid in your own project/conversion - please leave a comment with an email.

Comments posted on this page without an email will go unanswered/unposted.

WCIF questions can be posted on the page where you are seeing an uncredited item.

I DO NOT take requests. Finding time to do the things I *want* to do is already a challenge. Thank you for understanding.


  1. Hello!
    I know it has been a long time since the publication, but I would like to ask you a question: Where can I find the worn wall paper that is seen in the image?

  2. I originally feared you meant the pattern used - Sims 3 was downright toxic for trying to sort/identify patterns, but the wallpaper I know off the top of my head - it's by Club Crimsyn (Aikea Guinea)and the link is here: - soooo much good on that site - check it all out!

  3. Hello,
    I was hoping to find the name or link for the Moravian Star pendant lamp used in
    It's gorgeous!
    Thank you!

  4. At the bottom of most posts is a list of CC - if it doesn't appear, you can usually assume that either I made it or it's EA. The star lantern was released in this set: for Sims 4. The original Sims 3 item I could have sworn I released an updated version, but apparently not - it originally appeared here for sims 3

  5. I knew I re-made that lantern for Sims 3:

  6. Hello! I love your Sims 4 work. The Lens table and other glass coffee/end tables--are they available for Sims 4? I LOVE glass tables and especially where the glass is like block and not a thin shelf. Anything you can do to help me with this question will be appreciated. Thank you!

  7. Hi KatzC - I miss those tables ... sims 4 glass is not the same as sims 3. There are times I have a hard time even getting a shine that is perceivable. Sims 4 seems ... limited at best. While a wide glass table can be made, what really made those tables special was the refraction - it looked so much like real glass when looking through the glass lengthwise ... Sims 4 you simply apply a color and a slightly different opacity and that's about it. Nothing special. I might convert that set at some point, but the glass tops - especially the lense table - will simply not be the same.

  8. hi, so i absolutely loved your grant park series, it was my all-time favorite for ts2 and ts3. any chance you would ever convert it to ts4? i cannot find anything quite like it.

    1. I'm sorry this took so long to reply to. Life has been chaotic at best. Allow me to direct you to the 'definitive' answer I posted on Tumblr a while back here:

      I assure you - I miss the set as well, but not enough to torture myself with converting it. During the period of time creating it, I nearly quit meshing all together and I also lost friends in the CC community that I still miss dearly in part due to the set. All for a game.

      My TOU allows for anyone to take on that mantle and I have publicly offered to assist in any way I can. I just cannot do it myself.


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