Monday, November 11, 2013

Craftsman Chic trois

Sometimes you get an idea
and it haunts you
until you act upon it.
That's how this set started.
A door.
Specifically, an open door
with a functioning screen door.

I mentioned it 
in passing
to Heidi, who urged me to try it.

Nearly 4 years later, I have.
And succeeded.

Today I have for you
Part Three
of the Grant Park Build Set.
(golf clap)
This set includes:
A little over 2x1 - needs to be placed two tiles in from a wall.
Build your own screened in porch. Half and full window, plus door to match
To match the open door / screen door - both 2x1 and 1x1 orientation included
To match the open door/screen door - both 2x1 and 1x1 orientation included
Has four different preset variations for multiple styles,
original textures on the cap and chimney
Coded to not catch fire (Thanks Pocci!!)
Shown in their intended configuration
Porch railing (or fence) and Stair railing to match
Column 1 and redesigned EA Mission Column (2) with faux foundations.
The faux foundation may turn 'black' - simply rotate it. Faux foundation is coded
as a column - best to place column looking straight down. This may also need some
work if you plan on using it with a foundation that is not on a level terrain.

Column can be placed through wall, but sometimes it will turn 'black' too - rotate to fix.
 There you have it.
17 items.
Now you can
Make over Meadow Carpenter Rhodes house in Riverview.
She's batshit crazy, playing her guitar in the yard.
Her house is falling into shambles!
And we love her for it. So chic!
Brighten up Midnight Hollow . . . if Emo was a location . . . sooooo gloomy gus!
Make the Curley family in Appaloosa Plains a little more stylish.
(read: a lot more stylish)
My favorite house in Moonlight Falls . . .
Got a major makeover . . . or under depending on your stance . . .
With not one . . . .

But TWO screen porches. Fancy!
Nothing says 'keep out roaches' like two screen porches!
Hopefully you can get a little closer
to your perfect Craftsman build
but if not - 
just wait for part 4 . . . coming in 3045.

Download PACKAGE files
Download Sim3Pack files

Huge thanks to Jenba, Heidi, and especially Pocci.
Testing, inspiring, feedback, and being their through every meltdown.
(there were many)
These sets would simply not be the same without input from the people I trust and admire.
Also - big thanks to the people at Tumblr who 
encourage even the lesser wins with their enthusiasm.
Yay team!

CC used in these photos - if it's not mentioned it's probably a store or game item, or found in my own humble catalogue.
Photo 2: Plants - Aikea, Simply Styling - Patterns - Aikea, Parsimonious
Photo 15: Rabbit S&P, Sideboard, Urn, Rocker- Pocci, Open Book, Wallpaper - Aikea - Mirror - Awesims
Photo 16: Chair, Plant, Round Dining Table - ATS3 - Sculpture, Chair - Exotic Elements - Rabbit Sugar - Pocci
Photo 19 - Books, Aikea - Log Holder - Simply Styling

Monday, September 9, 2013

Craftsman Chic Part 2

Small ideas can sometimes
be expanded upon
in unexpected ways.
A few windows 
a couple of doors
somehow don't complete the picture.

Today I am releasing Part 2 
of what is looking like a four part set. 

Arches, doors, and open doors.

Open Arches in three sizes
1x, 2x, and 3x  plain arches.
A new interior door
New Interior Door with knob options
Open Door Arches
in both interior door styles
both with glass and solid handles.
Interior Door Style 1
Interior Door Style 2
All of the open door archways
A faux 3x arch (with 1x routing)
[make sure you read the description in the catalogue]
Faux 3x arch with 1x path (shown here with routing)
A column/shelf
A shelf/column (specific height for faux arch,
catalogued as a column)
that is to be placed into
the faux arch for a more decorative arch, like so:
Combine to add "rock on" and a little bit of "oh baby!" to your game.
A quick note:
The faux 3x arch will place diagonally
thanks to Pocci and Heidi.
The diagonal is a slightly narrower arch
and the shelf does not place as well.
Holding ALT key while placing the shelf on the diagonal
is necessary. Do not use MoveObjects cheat as you need to 
see where the game shows it blocking the natural path while placing.

A huge Thank You: 
These items have been tested and refined 
with the help of Pocci, Heidi, Jenba, and Sandy.
A massive "THANK YOU!!!" is needed for both
Pocci and Heidi who allowed the faux arch to have
a diagonal path after much configuration.
Ladies, you rock the MF house!
 A ginormous "Thank You!!!...!!!!!!" to Pocci for
her invaluable input on many of these items.
Were it not for her help, this set would be 
laden with excuses or considerably later 
in its release with more tear stains . . . .
In the process of pulling together this set
I have reacquainted myself with the Goth family
and redesigned their home. 

It's not easy to photograph a set like this - meaning:
making these banal objects stand out, but in
going through all of the shots taken, the continuity of the style
is rather pleasing, if I do say so myself.

Have a look see:
Grand Hall
Living Room
Kitchen to Dining
Upper Hall
Guest Room (or, the Ghost's Bedroom - let's be honest)
Creepy Kids room
Upper Hall
Master Bedroom
Attic space
Mo' attic space
And now,
I give to you,
Part 2

Download Package Format
Download Sim3pack Format

10/15/2013 - Hey Sims2 players - Tinkle at BPS has converted part 2!
You'll need to register, but I think you'll be happy you did.

Part 3 available in 2020 (sigh - so slow I am moving)

CC Credits - if it's not credited, it's probably from the store, in game, or found here
Photo 1 - Telephone - Pocci
Photo 11 - Table, Vase with Flowers, Sideboard, Chandelier - Pocci
Coffee Table, Plant - Exotic Elements, Plant - Mango
Photo 12 - Curtain - Pocci, Bolster Pillow - Exotic Elements, Under Stair Shelving - Lily of the Valley
Photo 13 -  Sofa - Exotic Elements, Dining Chair - Pocci, Table - ATS3
Photo 15 - Plant in Vase, Teddy Bear Chair - Pocci
Photo 17 - Table, Chairs, Pendant Light - Pocci, Stove - Exotic Elements
Photo 19 - Floor Lamp - Pocci
Photo 20 - Antlers - MK

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Craftsman Chic

I will have lived in Atlanta
10 years this Christmas eve.
I first lived in an area called
Grant Park.
The homes: gorgeous.
My apartment: charming.

Atlanta has many 
craftsman style bungalows.
And the details of these homes
are what make them desirable.
(it is a misnomer that our heat and humidity
is what really draws people here)

Every weekend we go to
Grant Park (proper)
and I stare
at these homes
while we walk the dogs.
(the dogs actually walk us)

For this set, I wanted to capture
some of what I love about this area.
Starting with the basics . . .
Windows and Doors.

This set contains 4 single windows
All windows have 2 CAS presets
 2 double space windows
1 2x1 door (centered)
Centered so the sill of the windows would not hit the trim.
2 2x1 doors with side lights.
CAS preset 1&2 match windows, preset 2 is a mask variant for options.
I personally prefer this file, but while it's accurate, it's not as common.
2 1x1  interior door with two variations
CAS options are based on 'interior' settings for all the windows and doors.
Note - the sill of the windows will intersect the trim of this style door
my suggestion would be to not put a window next to the door
These are designed to line up next to each other
for rows of windows and doors.

Want to know something else?
Pocci of Garden Breeze
(whom I met [finally, officially] on Tumblr)
made curtains to go with these windows!
How absolutely awesome is that?
Please visit her page
to get the matching curtains.
How awesome are these curtains?! Thank you Pocci!
This is part one
of this build set.

While pulling together a list
of what would complete this set
It was clear that it might take me 
a while to pull everything together.
2017 anyone?
So, while you enjoy part one,
I will be busy working on part two.

Some shots of the set in action:
All shots in my Moonlight Falls house . . . look at that action!

Download Package format
Download Sim3Pack format

Special thank to Jenba who helped with testing and critical feedback
Her expertise on this style for building was extremely helpful!

CC - Not a whole lot to mention, but still important!
Photo 10 - Sofa, Exotic Elements
Photo 12 - Phone, Pocci - Tumblers, Exotic Elements
Photo 17 - Plant, Exotic Elements
Photo 20 - Mirror - Awesims, Armchair - Esmeralda

TS2 Players - Tinkle has converted these, and Pocci's Curtains
 for your game over at BPS. Register and download here
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