Monday, September 12, 2011

Standing the heat

Some people are better at some things than others.
I can't cook. There . . . I said it.
I mean - I can follow a recipe, but it's not an innate ability.
Nor does it ever taste as good as someone who can cook.

How do I remedy this?
I collect nifty things for my kitchen.
Distract the masses.
Nothing up my sleeve . . .
Presto! Look at that cookie jar - it's soooo cute!

And there you have it.
If I've ever cooked for you,
I bet you remember what a cool bowl
that soup was served in.

What was that soup again?

Todays set builds upon the first kitchen set:
mmm . . . salt . . . where's my lick?
Vintage accessories from my own kitchen
and one from my dream kitchen.

Canisters, and Salt & Pepper shakers . . . 
Simlish and English versions . . .  Canisters also have a blank version.
Canisters and shakers are single items - there are slots to add more for versatility  
A utensil clock, a step stool (as a stool and an end table)
Clock with quartz movement haha - Step stool as a stool (stairs up) and a table (stairs down)
The step stool table has slots on the seat, steps, and between the legs
An industrial refrigerator, a fluorescent light, and a breadbox (acts like a chest a'la WA).
Refrigerator has slots on top (best in two story rooms), fluorescent light,
and breadbox acts like a chest to hold things - it too has slots on top of the box.
Can you guess which one I don't seem to have $14,000 to buy?
Me either! My dream life is that vivid.

Nine items (yes, I'm doing math again - that's two canisters, two step stools . . . . )
All to fancify your sims retro, modern, or retro-modern kitchen.

Fancify . . . sounds like a brand of cat food.
Speaking of cat food . . . 

On with the spam!

Some notes on this set:
Not all patterns look good on every item. This set (exception: canisters) has 
multiple tiling in each item. If your pattern doesn't look good on one, try another style.

The canisters and shakers have additional slots to build upon the look you want. 
Sometimes you need less than what is grouped - this was for versatility.
The large canister has two slots to allow for either the small or large canister to sit next to it.
The small canister has one slot. I hope with Unleashed that these can be updated to be functional for say 'pet treats' - I opted to not make these chests as it would be redundant.
The salt/pepper shaker also has a slot  at the front corner.
These slots are designed to allow for full rotation, you may need moveobjects on cheat to allow them to fully rotate without problems.

The fluorescent light also glows. While the bulb is recolorable, this will show as 
lighter than the color selected. Light output acts like any other light and can be changed as thus. 

Breadbox, I am told, works fine - even without WA installed. 
Due to the many counters in the game, you will need to use an OMSP to place this 
to look correct on a counter. May I suggest 
Mango's OMSP set 
Mango's Counter OMSP (page two of sets, bottom of page)
granthes at MTS
granthes Multi-height OMSP Click to enlarge for specific instructions. 
HUGE Thank You's go out to Sandy at ATS3 for assistance with the breadbox,
Jenba at Greetings from Mt Geneva for her acute observations on this set,
Heidi at Exotic Elements whom I always confer with at each baby step,
All the testers and commenters while this set was being pulled together.

Download here
both file formats included

CC pictured: (if uncredited, it is possibly here at the studio, a basic game item, store item, or an EP/SP item)
picture 1: counters, floor pattern - Awesims / retro wallpaper pattern - hysterical paroxysm / Windows - Funny / Sink - 
picture 5: kettle - garden breeze / plate, silverware - WOE
picture 6: counters, plant, hanging shelves, utensils, bowl - Exotic Elements / foreground surface - eryt96 / teapot - ATS3 /
kettle, pot, pan - garden breeze / groceries - jun sim / mixer - simcredible / daisies - cmomoney
picture 7: mug, butter dish - WOE
picture 9: scale - simcredible
picture 10: chairs - garden breeze / books - aikea
picture 11: phone - camille


  1. Thank bau~
    This is set is awesome and will be over used and abused in my game! Quickly downloads the shinies and installs

  2. Thank you! Beautiful set, I'm especially in the love with the ADORABLE salt/pepper shakers! <3

  3. This is a Lovely set! Loooove the clock ;)

    Thanks! <3

  4. Thank you for sharing this, and congrats on the set release! The pictures look smashing. :) Your stuff works so well with both the industrial and the retro kitchens. The extra slots and tilings add so much versatility and functionality -- so completely awesome!! - Jenba

  5. Oh Bau...what a wonderful set. Those shakers bring back so many wonderful memories as a kid. The whole bloody set does actually! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Awesome! Thanks, Bau

  7. I love those cute little tea/sugar/coffee jars and you are my hero for including simlish. Much love and smooches as always <3

  8. Wow, what an absolutely brilliant set! This is all going to come in so useful, and the idea of the step stools is completely inspired. Thank you bau!

  9. Haha, did you grow up in my home? I swear you have lots of things I grew up with. The fluorescent light, the bulb would break and dust would fly out, the step stools, played on the steps and used it to sit at the breakfast nook. The old breadbox that held everything but bread, the canisters, my mom's main staple of the kitchen. I am so happy you created these goodies! Thank you.

  10. As a kid, my grandparents had one of those step-stools and all of us kids adored the thing. Everything in this set looks beautiful and I thank you so much for all of the obvious time you put into the creation of the set.

  11. Lovely.
    I feel like the coffee canister has to many letters on it for my tastes though. It would look nicer it it said "cafe", to more resemble the tea canister and look like a set.

  12. You never, ever fail to impress! Can't wait to see what you cook up for us next. (See what I did there? Ha.)

  13. Thanks for this set, its just lovely! I was wondering where oh where those wonderful aqua blue counters were from, I looked at your links but I couldn't fine them.. They are yummy. Thank bunches xx

  14. Thanks everyone - this set was an absolute labor of love - I am glad it is being well received.

    Sooo many of you have said it is nostalgic to you, which is great that this set is meaningful to more than just me! I think I am most surprised to hear that the step stool is familiar - I haven't seen another myself and wonder now if it is not originally from the states. It's a clever and simple design with the way the steps turn. I have a love hate relationship with that light figure in my kitchen and true story - I almost sold those shakers on eBay back in '98. They would have sold for $4 if my friend didn't rush in to outbid the high bidder.

    Arfmoo - while I agree that the word coffee seems long, it is consistent with the original as well as other sets I own or have seen. I often feel it looks too long on the real ones in comparison to the painfully short 'tea.' The lettering was the biggest challenge on these and I discuss it at my side blog. Clarity was the most important element to me where it was to be recolorable, so it is larger to aid in this. The originally lettering was smaller and choppy looking which simply wasn't going to work.

    Sixtyten I think I actually blushed when I read your comment - I admire your work greatly, so I really appreciate that you like this set :)

    veronarelapse Ideas are simmering haha

    Jen thank you for going over this set with a fine tooth comb - really, it was your feedback that made this set as best as I could make it!

    Xianah First credit - Awesims . . . specifically here: - it is breathtaking, as are all of Awesims items

    OH! Anyone know where that vintage pattern is from BTW?? My one dislike for the game is that it will not credit patterns . . . these artists need recognition too!

  15. Awesome set! That refrigerator is gorgeous, I really like the mix of old and new.
    Thanks for sharing <3

  16. Have I told you lately that I love your stuff? I LOVE YOUR STUFF! Always top quality and I can tell you create every little detail with love. So happy you shared it with us. Thank you! (I also really appreciate the option for simlish!!) :)

  17. We had those step stools growing up too Bau, so its definately not just an American thing. God we had it till I was easily into my teens... I hated the thing! lol Maybe because I couldn't tip on it without the step falling out and messing it all up lol

  18. Lovely set, as usual.

    And I'm with Spacerox. My Grandma had a white step stool exactly like that one. I have many memories of her perched on that stool, legs crossed, drinking her coffee or reading the paper.

    I'm going to put it in every house I can. Thank you for making it. ^_^

  19. What can I possibly say that hasn't been said Eric? I love your work. The effort you put into each item is obvious and makes each piece precious. You are a true artist (I mean that) and not just where this game is concerned. Thanks for sharing your genius with us! *hugs*

  20. I just came upon you stuff and really enjoy it. Where can I find the atomic-looking wallpaper design? I collect retro dinnerware and this looks a lot like one of my favorite sets, Salem North Star.

    Thanks for sharing all you great work!

  21. The paper is credited above in the links - it was created by hysterical paroxysm (photo one second credit) and really is such a wonderful pattern. It's pink and blue pre-CASt.
    Do you know I have a set of North Star that I have yet to officially use and I've owned it for probably 20 years? I spent a good many years attempting to finish the set with every variation of cup, bowl, and shaker. I have had bakeware, glasses, and even one of the elusive teapots. When I moved from New England I sold a lot of the rare pieces, but recently found the batter bowl. I had this thought I would try to collect the Hopscotch version as well, but found it elusive. I even tried to pull together a whole set in pink - also elusive. I have owned a number of Salem styles and think they are one of the most overlooked of the cool atomic era. I had a complete set of Biscayne as well but gave that up too. What I do use every day are the go-along turquoise plates - I have a stack of maybe 30 of them left (after giving a number of them to my Mum).

  22. OMG!!!!! Wow!!! What an amazing, wonderful kitchen, love, love it.

    All your creations are just incredible, your site is a real treasure find to me.

    Also millions thanks for all your hard work in rigfix everything.... that must have been quite a job.

    Best wishes

  23. Which expansion came with the beautiful turquoise counters?

  24. The counters are credited above - picture 1 - to Awesims. I have not provided a direct link, but her tag "Kitchen" under Sims 3 will get you to the counters.

    I will sometimes give a general link to an artists site simply because their entire catalogue should be downloaded ;)

  25. Oh wow! I feel like a complete idiot, I only saw her counters for Sims 2! Thank you so much for the link, and for your own beautiful items! I have canisters like these at my own apartment <3

  26. No problem - always happy to help! And thank you!

  27. the download link is broken. :(

  28. Hi ~Mari - the link works for me - maybe they were down for a moment?

  29. it worked this time! maybe i just wasn't supposed to have it yesterday. ;)


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