Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is the Modern World

Sometimes you need to express yourself.
Why not do it with art.

Oh . . . no no no - put that paintbrush down.
I didn't mean express yourself . . .
I meant let someone else express it for you.

My love affair with modern art will never die.
It's a lot like my love for you dear reader.
Today I give to you 12 more exciting pieces of art.
Framed in a 'floater' frame and
not only that - they're horizontal too!
See how good I am to you?
I care.

No, really.

There's even some unexpected choices
from some well known names.

de Maistre, Motherwell, Gottlieb, Louis

Appel, de Kooning, Basquiat, Frankenthaler

Rothko, Bearden, Riley, Schiele

So be bold in the dining room,
express yourself in your office,
and emote in your living room.

Give your cosmopolitan sims more to talk about
(in both file formats)

CC List
Picture 1: Jun - floorlamp & wall / Exotic Elements - vase / MK - antlers / Gosik - sideboard / madaya74 - windows  / pocci - chair / Mango - pillow 
Picture 2: Amoebyte - postits & bird mirror / KittyKlan - Jesus candle / sim3shter - chairs / aikea - keys  / MsBarrows - refrigerator & stove
Picture 3: LemonJelly - rug / Madaya74 - window / eryt96 - ghost chair
Picture 4: Mango - sofa, books, basket / aikea - rug / pilar - sideboard


  1. Modernity Perfection. Art. Thanks! <3

  2. I always squee when I see new Bau stuff. Love it!

  3. Awesome stuff, thank you for building up my sims' art collections. May I ask where the fridge in the dining room picture is from?

  4. Fajne rzeczy robisz, pozdrawiam.

  5. OMG... I just love them so much, and what a great choice of artists, the Basquiat is just too gorgeous! Thank you so much!

    (btw, I never can find the download link on Jun's page... korean anyone?)

  6. Thank you everyone - I really love this set and I am happy that you do as well!

    KATSU。 - I knew I would forget something to credit! I have updated the list with MsBarrows from TSR. It's a freebie too!

    alexpilgrim - at Jun's site - over in the top right corner you'll see a red numeral and a downward pointing green arrow - that is the way to download - you should see the different items (such as that awesome floor lamp!) if there are separate downloads - hope that helps! I love that Basquiat - such an under appreciated artist! I am glad you approve!

  7. Thankies, Bau! Another amazing bit of art for the game.

  8. Whoa! Now that's Modern Art! Thanks Bau :)

  9. Very nice !!!!! Est il possible d'avoir le mesh du tableau recolorable ? J'aimerais beaucoup avoir ce format de tableau mais pour recolorer ? C'est possible ? my email : Merci beaucoup !!

  10. Holy floating picturs Bau-man! These are out of this world! Thankies :).

  11. J'aime beaucoup vos créations!!!! touts vos créations!!! bravo!

  12. I just really love all of this, as usual. Thanks so very much

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hi there bau! I really love your paintings and your CCs in general. I just started making paintings from cloning (not meshing), and I'd like to use some of your meshes because they look really great while being simple.

    I'll give proper credits to you and link to your site. Thank you for having such a simple Terms Of Use. I will respect that.


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