Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I thought I could stay away until the new year, 
but while I am working away on a new project,
I am noticing things about some of my older props. 

Namely - the pillows.

I love these,
I hope you do too,
but I am getting really annoyed with the damned floating pillow (fig.1)
Originally made with flying carpets, apparently, it is designed to sit on couches and chairs..
Perhaps you love it. Great.
For those of you who would rather it sit on the floor
I have made a second version (fig. 3).

You'll need to use an OMSP* to place it on furniture
but this way you can place it on any number of things.

And the floor pillow (fig. 2) is great,
but it's huge.
Like - honkin'.
So for those of you who might like a second size,
I have made this mesh (fig. 4) a little smaller.

As a bonus, the smaller floor pillow is also getting 12 different overlays.

That's right bubbies - 12 new styles on the smaller mesh.
Kudos me. 
These 12 are culled from my favorite rugs 
from the already released rugs/ottoman sets.
Yup, you're counting correctly - the first one is CASt-able, so 13. 
I can count too - sheesh.

You won't need to ditch the old ones as this is a complimentary set.
Unless you don't like floating and huge pillows.

Oh yeah.
You might notice something new in some of the photos.
It's a sneak peak at what's to come.
If I haven't credited it - it's probably talked about here.

Okay - until next year . . .  fer real this time.
Love ya, but I have got work to do.
Had a cold and it's eaten up some of my precious vacation.
So no hugs this time. Germs and all.
Besides - last time you nearly squeezed the life out of me.

Happy New Year. 
May all our 2011 be a good one.

(both file formats)
original set updated with these files here
08/02/11 Alternative file: NO footprint for cheat free placement - every pillow - DOWNLOAD
CC list:
Picture 1: Martine - Rug
Pictures 1 - 3 - Aikea_Guinea - Wallpaper w/EA pattern.

* OMSP can be found a number of places - try here here and here to name a few

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cool Blue . . . the color suits you

I read the reviews. 
I take constructive criticism seriously.

You're blue that we don't have more blue.
We here at the studio understand your needs.
In fact - we invented them.
You didn't know you needed cool rugs.
Now you can't get enough of them.
We've created a monster.
And we love you for it.

C'mere. Gimme a hug.
Ooookay. That's enough.
Jeez - personal space.

My god - there's a bit of a bear in you.

Check out these babies while I fan myself.
detail 1 - 4
detail 5 - 8
detail 9 - 12

This triple dog dare was hopefully met.
Wanna know what's harder to find than a blue antique rug? 
A green one. 
Give me time bubbies.

In the mean time,
 Chill out in your finished basement

cool off in your cottage by the lake

or just listen to the blues on the victrola.

You wanted it
you got it.
this little slice of blue heaven today.
Now includes 2x3
CC Links:
Picture 1: Awesims - sideboard, vase/bowl / Nanu - chair / Dot - chandelier / Madaya74 - sheers
Picture 2: Awesims - benches, end tables / Angela - wall cubes / Murano - armchairs / Pilar - sculpture / Stylist Sims - coffee table
Picture 3: MK - lantern / Pilar - end table / Shino&KCR - armchair /  Roan -coffee table/ eddielle - sheers
Picture 4: Awesims - lounger / Gosik - sideboard / Mango - vase (pulp)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Click . . . enlarge.

All week long I have tried to prepare you.

Three rug sets (now four).
But this isn't the one I planned.
It's better.

Apparently some of you think Oriental Rugs
all look alike.

Pfft. Not really.

What I am hearing you say is that
you want kilims instead.
Of course it is. Right.


We've had two kilim rug sets, plus some accessories.
But you like big things, don't you.
How about bigger - not biggest.
A Goldilocks sort of set, if you will.
That girl had some issues.

 detail 1 - 4
detail 5 - 8
 detail 9 - 12

 So now you can have a larger rug for your cabin

the media room

or your humble bedroom.

this just right set
post haste.
4x3 and 2x3
Thanks for a wonderful year.
May your holidays be everything you desire.
May the new year bring you happiness.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Large and in charge.

We're back to big.

You knew it was going to happen.
You hoped it would - fess up.
Big just seems to do the job best.

That's why we simply cannot resist them here at the studio.
And it would seem you have the same weakness.
A large rug just gets the job done with impact!

Revel in its mass.
detail 1-4
detail 5-8
detail 9-12

Drink in every detail!

Your warehouse loft will feel that much warmer.

Your castles will feel just that much toastier.

Your bedrooms will feel that much cozier.

So give in to your desires.
You absolutely deserve it.
Go on - feel the satisfaction and

Don't forget bubbies - there is more rug to come. 
The week isn't over yet.

13 of you downloaded a file with a duplicate. Please redownload - this will overwrite the package file. 

CC Credits:
Picture 1: Simply Styling -  Cage, Orchid / AweSims - end table, pole lamp / Stylist Sims - lounger / Madaya74 - Sheers
Picture 2: Sims Design Avenue - tables / Pilar - sideboard / Exotic Elements - Sofa (left)
Picture 3: Luna Fireplace / CycloneSue - Neverending table, chairs / Dot - Candle chandelier
Picture 4: ATS3 - gold table, silver teapot / OM - Sheers / Exotic Elements - Bed, Canopy, Silver table / Vitasims - lantern

Monday, December 20, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

 Well you did it. 
You, my friends, have visited 100,000 times. 

To celebrate I got your something . . .
It's sort of a xmas gift, too.

What? You didn't get me anything?
Well here - take it.

No, really - take it.
I insist.
I made it myself.
No - they are not Ex-Lax Brownies.
Jesus, give me some credit.

I sewed all 100,000 myself.

These lil critters are based on the real ones I make
on a 1947 coffin case Singer sewing machine. 
It's true.
I am that crafty.

Just like in real life, these are not toys.

Wouldn't want you choking on the button eyes.

So, go ahead
this set
and someday you can buy the real thing
if I ever get off my ass and make them again.

(Seriously - thank you for the love and support.)

You'll need an OMSP to place on a chair or sofa. 
I designed it this way in case you wanted to put it on a shelf.
May I recommend these or these (page 2 at bottom).

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Antique . . . fantastique

Rugs help define a space with shape, 
but they also define that space with style.

So many styles to decorate in,
so few rugs out there to help.
This set hopes to cover
just a few more styles while also covering your floors.

detail 1-4
detail 5-8
detail 9-12

Traditional style . . . .art deco . . . gothic . . . .
None too shy on pattern.

 So whether your decor is period

 mix and match 

or just plain funky

You need to 
this set for your sims today.
(both 4x3 and 2x3)
Keep them peepers peeled bubbies 
Two more rug sets before this week is out
and a 100,000 visitor/xmas surprise
Can you guess what it is?

CC Credits:
picture one: OM asian bed, Exotic Elements side table
picture two: Cyclone Sue couch and armchair, eryt96 daybed
picture three: Angela table and sideboard, Exotic Elements slipper chair
picture four: eryt96 lounge chair, Aikea-Guinea books
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