Thursday, November 25, 2010

uh, thanks?

It is bound to happen.
A photo is taken with an object that was not intended for release.
And on those occasions, 
there is usually a WCIF question to follow. 

This is a different kind of post.
(with asides)
These sets have been requested
from my personal collection.
(This won't be a habit)

They don't really fit a lager theme,
but that doesn't make them any less useful,
so today we have three tiny sets. 
Tiny in that there are only two images 
in each of the files.

Set 1: GUNS.
I wish I could tell you who did this painting.
The intensity and tension captured is truly amazing.
Sadly, the blog it was found on did not credit the artist.
I have paired it with a more personal image. A target.
I owned a picture just like this - it came from a Valentines Day display.
The people of Cambridge Massachusetts found it in bad taste, 
so it was taken down. I luckily ended up with one of them.

LivingSims had a little challenge to make a graphic poster.
This is going back a while - I had never made a picture for the sims before.
These are the very first things I have ever done for Sims 3.
I never submitted them as I feared they were too boring.
(wah wah)
The pine cone image is a personal favorite.
(I even have a pine cone tattoo)
It has been reassembled from a 1800s German botanical. 
The Redwoods image is from an existing poster with simlish substitute.
(Rubika pulled together all submissions into the download here)

Set 3: WATER
Who says art isn't educational? 
Borrowed from a 1950s etiquette book,
this image I intended to paint for my RL dining room;
mirrors were used instead.
This image was my very first clone.
The second image was culled together for my entry in a LivingSims challenge:
Create a Beach Cottage. The sim's favorite color was blue. 
I found this image on an art blog while researching woodcuts. 
It is by artist Ruth Wetzel and it is gorgeous
Having done woodcuts, I can tell you this is masterfully done.
It is not an easy medium to work in.
You should buy an original from her!

So that's it. 
Because these were old, they have been newly cloned,
reworked, and put on new meshes
(well, the two canvas' anyway, the simlish is on an EA mesh)
just for this post.
Remember - you asked for them.
Now you have to live with them. 

(in both formats)
(January 10, 2015 - The 'Guns Blazing' and 'Water Water Everywhere' meshes have been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find it here!)
this Thanksgiving Day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

But does it float?

Many of you know that I am a picture framer in real life.
So glamorous . . . I know.

What I don't have in my paycheck
I make up for in culture.
Pffft. Ccckkk. Tschuh.

There have been moments in my long career.
For instance, I recently framed a rather famous portfolio:
9, released by the Brooklyn Museum.
Worth about 1/2 a million.
My god. I not only touched it - I fondled it.

That set reminded me of my long standing love for the modern masters.
I see a lot of etchings, book plates, and botanicals cross my station,
but it is this portfolio that has inspired today's set.

Pearson, Gottlieb, Motherwell, Francis
Kelly, Frankenthaler, Rauschenberg, Feininger
Tàpies, Klee, Miro, Rothko

12 images framed in a floater frame
- named such as it appears the gallery wrapped canvas
is floating within the frame.

Enjoy it in a contemporary in-law suite in the burbs,
A transitional seating area in the country,
or your fabulous new modern and monochromatic loft space in Bridgeport.

Art doesn't have to be a still life
or a portrait
to move your soul.
this set today.
In both formats

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Salt is the fifth food group

You might not be able to cook with this set,
but you can feel like you're in my kitchen.

Upon moving into my home
and finding the kitchen to be the size of a matchbox,
I realized I would need more storage. 
This cabinet holds a lot of the things 
you'll find in today's set.

The cabinet in six styles 
 detail 1 - 3
detail 4 - 6
has 24 slots 
to hold the many things 
you'll need to have a homey
and functional kitchen.

For the cabinet we have a few items.
Creature comforts if you will.

A cookie jar from Denmark
that I found antiquing in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Coffee mugs from 1930 that I use every morning
and have collected for years.
12 color are represented and I have included the stacked set too.

Two styles of glasses,
the plaid one being a recent acquisition from here in Atlanta;
the orange drizzle glass from a cute shop in Boston.

Finally, a batter bowl - an absolute score
while up in Cambridge and
probably my favorite item in my kitchen.

From my kitchen to yours.
Baked with care.

So whether you live in
a house from the 50s like me, 
or a country home,
or a contemporary and eclectic home in Bridgeport,

you probably still need a bit of storage space.

in both formats
and enjoy these 
freshly made goods.
08/02/11 Version 2 of both the batter bowl and water glass are now up 
as well as fruits/veggies for the bowl. Download it here.
The old ones are fine, but the batter bowl handle has been amended
and it is now able to hold something,
the water glass has contents - see photos below
Handle has been redesigned to have less polys and smoothing on the bowl is corrected.
Shown with one of the five new fruits/veggies
Glass has been made more opaque for better visibility, contents added to each style - all in one file.
 Today's set is inspired by and dedicated to Exotic Elements.
Heidi tirelessly answers questions and tests items for me
and she was instrumental in solving the final puzzle piece in the water glass.
Check out her new kitchen set!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Attack of the 40 foot snowman

Oh EA, your heart is in the right place,
but some of us decorate with 
a modicum of restraint.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say
it was so cute to see a snow globe 
in your holiday set.

Never did we expect to see it was
 six . . . feet . . . tall . . .


I am helping you.
I am helping you understand
that sometimes good things
come in small packages.

Like this table top version of your very own snow globe.

I felt it my duty to assist those in need.
You EA. Yes, you.
Let me help you help yourself.
I heart you and I am doing this only to help you.

Even evil Vlad likes it better. 

in both formats

I have even included
a plain version 
to show you that restraint comes in many forms.
Don't make me call A&E's Intervention on you.

Thank you Martine for bringing this to my attention.
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