Sunday, June 5, 2011

Like the corners of my mind

We all have memories of our past.
Perhaps even a few tangible ones in the attic.

Memories of persons, places, smells . . . . things. 
I remember things best of all.

Things elicit a response from me quickest.
Whether it's an old phone, a bowl, or a sepia photograph of someone I don't know.
I become engulfed in nostalgia. 

Generations is the latest in the Sims 3 experience. 
It's a lot about interaction, but it's also about creating memories.
So while this set is based in the past,
your future generations can enjoy them well into the future.

Today we have a set of vintage finds:

A suitcase victrola
Some 78s (both sleeved and unsleeved, 2 files)
A vintage photo album

 A photo backdrop
a couple of tripod lamps just like the ones I have in my studio.
A vintage book (13 styles plus one CASt-able style)
and an old metal cabinet that is like the one I found in Arizona (with 13 slots).

So now you can:

use the backdrop to divide up your obscenely small studio apartment

Listen to music in the space you're squatting in

Enjoy the warm glow and the crackle of music while eating

Or simply light your studio like I light my own.

Now you can
and create some memories for generations to come.

***2.26.15 - TS2 Users - the Suitcase Victrola has been converted for Sims 2 by Paisley Avenue

And for those of you who might be interested
You can also download some music to play on your victrola.
Collected recordings of music from 78s
can be installed in your custom music folder.
I have included 8 files for your enjoyment. (17.5MB)
A huge thank you to the audiophiles at - check it out!

CC List (unless mentioned, it's probably EA EP/SP or found on this site)
Photo 4 - Kitchenette - Madaya74 / Egg chair - Jaumetb96 / Coffee table - Mango / Plant - sims3d / Pattern on backdrop - Awesims / Doors - _kriss
Photo 5 - Bed, leaning door - Land of Woe / Camera - Gelydh / Jar of silverware - Camille / Pub lamp/sign - Awesims / Lantern - leefish / Crow - cemre / Trunk - Exotic Elements / Antique Keys - Aikea / Windows, planks over windows - CycloneSue
Photo 6 - Hanging lamp - Pilar / Sideboard - Lisa86 / Chair - D3VV
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