Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Super Sketchy

Art has to start somewhere
and that is usually on paper.

This EA mesh has always intrigued me.
Problem is, their goal is to make all textures efficient.
That doesn't always lend itself to quality. 
That's where WE come in.

I have remapped this mesh
to allow for cleaner larger textures. 
I applied this mesh to another base
and regrouped
to change the tape to clear.

So, while this artwork is too big for the fridge,
it is still worth showing.
I have included 9 recolors.
Take a look:
Don't like what you see?
Recolor that mesh yourself.
Photoshop CS6 files are here.
Ironicly, as a picture framer,
and art lover,
I gotta tell you - cellotape is just about the WORST.
[hence the set name of Cellotape Hell]
We send many items out to be conserved and restored. 
Often due to the damage that tape does.
So, NEVER use crappy tape on your real life artwork, okay?
Do as I say - not as I mesh.

picture 3: skull -  | specimen jar -  | sriracha -  | canister -   | love potion -  | paint-chip fan -  | pencil jar -  | phrenology head - Mango


  1. Thank you so much for all of your awesome content, I've been enjoying it for years! So glad to see you posting again.

  2. Love this stuff! Thank you!

  3. Had to comment because I stumbled across your site, again. I always adored your beautiful, elegant work with S3. Just found your cc again today for S4 and it is as gorgeous as always. Thank you so very much for your talent and your impeccable eye for perfection.


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