Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birds & Bees

Artists document what they see
and scientists need their findings documented.
It's like a little match made in heaven.

Ephemera, as you'll recall, is something printed,
but not necessarily intended to be kept forever.
Shame really.
These illustrations are gorgeous and worthy of attention.

It may not scream to you across the room,
it doesn't obliquely tell of childhood trauma,
but it quietly plants your feet on terra firma
and opens your eyes to the vast miracle of nature.

F^(&ing scary that.

Today I have five sets for you.
An unofficial Ephemera II . . . .
So lets get right to it, shall we?

Frostbitten Flora

Egg Charts

Arts & Crafts Woodcuts

Norbertine Bresslern Roth

Nature in Parts

Five ways to honor 
the biggest mother of them all.
Commence the picspam (echo echo echo):

In your eco friendly bedroom,
In your vintage parlour
In your mismatched new construction 'loft' space
As decor in the town library archives
In your grandmothers outdated-but-supercool-retro dining room
Or in an antique oddities workroom
So enjoy nature at it was intended to be enjoyed:
behind glass and from afar.
God knows I do.

Download PACKAGE format
Download SIM3PACK format

CC Lists:
Picture 1: Industrial Lamp - ATS3 / Poppies in Vase - BabaYaga / phone - camille
Picture 7: Dresser - Future Exotic Elements Release
Picture 8: Card Catalogue - Gosik / Books - Aikea / Cage - Simply Styling /
Candle - ATS3 donation / Lantern - Joyfulgirlhol

Picture 9: Pipes - ATS3 / Cube Tables - Future Exotic Elements Release / Butterfly Chair, Bottle - Awesims
/ Rock Candles - Angela / Curtains - ShinoKCR

Picture 10: Armchairs - Mutske / colocasia plants - alex_stanton1983
Picture 11: Table & Tablecloth - Lily of the Valley / Chair - ShinoKCR / Wallpaper - Aikea / Sideboard - Cemre
Picture 12: Large sideboard - / Smaller sideboard - ATS3 / Shelving - Awesims / Antlers - MK /
Cage - Simply Styling / Gravity Model - 13th Sim

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