Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Full moon especially for you.

Isn't it crazy?

EA makes a world and they forget something.
I know - huge surprise! So not like them.

What the fff-- where am I?!
So picture it - you're living in outer space
and you want to go to work or go out to eat.
You're walking and you think you're at the right place
or are you. Is this the stadium? 

'But isn't this your home planet?
You know - all these portals look alike.

Oh poo.

It's disorienting enough to be in outer space
but now you have to guess which rabbit hole you're really at?
What's a sim to do?

Try these portal markers!
First you place one,
then you know where you are!
It's really that easy.

Now you try!

First: place the marker.

Hrm. What is that thing?
Then: know where you are!

Golly! I suddenly know where I am!

Oh boy! What'll they think of next?

I need a set of these for the rooms in my house!
<<I heart you LL Portal Marker!>>
Includes 19 recolorable markers plus one blank
so you can continue to wonder
"Where am I?"

If you're asking yourself "How did I get here?"
this product is not for you.
Includes new markers that go with the mod by Stw402
that unlocks subway, equestrian center, skydiving center, movie lot
found here. If you're going to visit Lunar Lakes,
please consider this mod.

Huge THANKS! to Megativity for her support
on this object by supplying the necessary icons for the markers (1-15),
and for pointing out the aforementioned mod.  Mwah!

Sorry for the huge delay on this object. Created back when LL was new.
Real life, work, and gardening simply got in the way - enjoy!
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