Recolor Files [s4]

With Sims 4 (like Sims 2) you need to create recolors if you want any variety in the game. I hope expand this page to include all of the Sims 4 items I have released, but for the moment, these sets have previously been available for offer on Tumblr, until now. 
These files are created with Adobe Creative Suite 6.0 (the last physical version)

August 16, 2019: EA Mesh Remapped - Study of the Human Figure wall sketches
I love this mesh, but trying to recolor it was a nightmare. Then there is the issue of the tape. I personally prefer a transparent tape for a few reasons - one, it's more visually interesting how it darkens the paper, I like seeing the wall through the tape as well. Then there is the shine. It's all about the textures people. The file includes the original map, the baked shadows, and the kids art files to get you started with placement. Let me know if you need anything else!


June 27, 2016: Studio Sweet

Included are the baked textures and the maps for many of the items (if you really need one of the texture files I haven’t included please contact me) and for the canvas where it is a series of layers to achieve this look, I have also included the PSD files (The baked texture .tiff file also has a saved alpha for those of you who do not use photoshop).

July 23, 2015: Wall Chart

As promised - I am uploading a PSD 6.0 file that includes one wood, one metal, one paper for the back, one overlay image, and four paper stains for multiplying over your front and back chart (to antique further). This is how I set up a file to make it easier for me. That is not to say this is a logical file. It might be ass backwards. Point being - the end result is the only thing that matters, so if this helps - great. If you have a better way - also great. The textures included can be used OR just simply referenced for the textures you would prefer to use.
I am also including the map and the multiplier from the TS3 version. These are also in the PSD file (the multiplier is the shadow at the bottom of the file and the map is turned off - but there for easy reference for placement).


  1. This is fantastic, I can't believe I only saw this now. Thank you!

  2. Happy you have some use for them! If there is a set I have not uploaded [yet] let me know and I will prioritize uploading it.


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