Monday, June 11, 2018

We've Got You Covered

Over the past eight years 
I have made a lot of rugs.

A lot.

It was time to make these rugs 
available for Sims 4. 
But why stop there? 
Shouldn't there be something new, too?
Sure, these rugs were originally created for Sims 3, but
Sims 3 players want a little bit of lovin' too.
Today I have a whole new selection of 
area rugs.
Let's start with the expanded sets first:
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
This is an eclectic mix of different style vintage rugs.
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
Rugs made in the mid-century based on modern art and design.
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
 More eclectic rugs in the 5x3 size
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
Expanding on the Runner Series (3x1)
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
 A new year of styles from CB2
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
More current contemporary rugs

New styles adding to the collection
All Modern, Anthropologie, and Wayfair:
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
 While every rug is available now to Sims 4,
Only the new rugs are being shown here. 
I have included the first thumbnail in each zip so you'll know what to look for.
In Sims 3 it is hard to compile large files together.
It's much easier in Sims 4, so to save space in your catalogue
Therefore, I have merged certain sets:
These are the Rug Series Sims 4 players will be able to download today.
Antique Rugs Series 1, 2, 3 with Series 4
5x3 Series 1 and 2
5x3 Series 3 and 'Plus' 
CB2 2010, 2011, with Series 2018
CB2 On Trend & Unintentionally Yours (Tumblr S3 Exclusives)
Crate and Barrel On Trend & Unintentionally Yours (Tumblr S3 Exclusives)
Runner Series 1, 2, 3 with Series 4
Contemporary Series 2 with Series 3
Mid Century Modern Series 1 with Series 2
(Hooked Pet Mat (1x.5) is packaged by itself.)

Oriental Rugs Series 1 and 2 have been remastered.
So has Antique Rugs Series 1 
These are new downloads for Sims 3
(you don't need to delete the old ones
but they are going to be blurry by comparison)
These are cleaned up and on my mesh (the originals are so early on,
they are on someone elses mesh before I knew how to create one).
Some styles simply would not translate to the new mesh, so
some of these might look new.
Shown in Sims 4
Shown in Sims 3
Oriental Rug New vs Original
Smaller mesh, but larger source image.
Antique Rug Series 1 New vs Original
For those of you who think
I don't know if these will work with my style of play ...
(cough cough maxis-match cough)
Think again:
Sims 4 - Your Modest Library
Sims 3: Your Craftsman Cottage
Sims 4: Your Conversation Area
Sims 3: Your Concrete Loft
Sims 4: Your Studio Apartment
Sims 3: The Goth's Guest Home
Sims 4: A Trendy Eatery
Sims 4: Your Monochromatic Vacation Home
Sims 4: Your Minimal Starter House
    So go ahead and treat yourself
to a whole new selection of area rugs.

Don't forget - if you missed my other rugs:
Here, Here, and Here.
They're all worth having.

CC Used in Promo Shots:
Picture 2: @k-hippie Table | @aroundthesims - Sideboard | @peacemaker-ic Plants, Curtains
Picture 27: @budgie2budgie vintage photos | @zx-ta TSM converted paintings | @peacemaker-ic end tables, mirror | @mlyssimblr bookcases | @brazenlotus skylights (unseen, but look at that awesome lighting)
Picture  29: @theplumbobarchitect - Grey Loveseat | @peacemaker-ic Ivory Sofa
Photo 31: @bustedpixels paintings | @simphony-number-4 bookcase | @lina-cherie comfort chair, plant | Mango - vase, wall shelf
Photo 32: @gelinadownloads - Chair | awesims (archive) - hanging pendant 
Photo 33:  @aroundthesims - chairs (left) | @peacemaker-ic - archways, tables (middle and right), pendants (left and middle) | @tingelingelater - windows | @plumbobteasociety - Jam on tables
Photo 34: @peacemaker-ic - Mirror, Candle, Bench | @aroundthesims - Sofa | Mango - Curtains
Photo 35: @k-hippie plant


  1. Thank you, so much! I've missed these rugs in Sims 4, specially the green-blue ones and the antique series.


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