Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stay within the lines

Perhaps you've done one.
(me either)
Perhaps you collect them.
(god knows I tried)
Now your crafty sims can display their own.
 Inspired by the richly textured Twinbrook
 These pastoral and autumnal images
 will garnish any space with handcrafted spice.
Three sets 
of landscape candy goodness.
 Series One
Series Two
Series Three
 Now everyone can be an artist
if only you could 
stay within the lines

all sets in both formats

Got to believe we are magick

 Seven paintings that seem unrelated, but are they?
Magick, symbolism, and myth. 
It is a common theme in art.
Not always intentional and sometimes
intensely personal.
Unknown, Frans de Geetere
 Leigh Mccloskey, Bruno Murani, Romaine Brooks
J Allen St John, Arnold Böcklin
Powerful images . . . 
can stand on their own . . . 
in just about any setting.

This marks a first - this mesh 
has been redesigned - by me -
to allow for more than one image.
That also means
it comes in both formats.
See? Magic!

2/11/14 This file has been archived
Please download the updated file here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scarlet Fever? No problem!

You've come to realize
that I enjoy informational graphics
as much as fine art.
Be it funny or simply well designed
all things can be worthy of a frame.
This series of  Chinese Public Health posters
caught my eye.
8 pictures in one file.

From the perils of Scarlet Fever
to healthy teeth
to the woes of diphtheria.
Get creative . . . hang them in the bathroom
(stained glass by the talented Victor_tor here)
Or, if you have Ambitions
hang them in your doctors house office.
Informational graphics are fun!
Stop looking at me like that and
in both formats

kilim twice . . . as nice

Can't very well have a series one
without a series two . . . 
 Sometimes mistaken for,
but certainly akin to, Navajo Rugs,
this series (two) of wool Kilim rugs
will warm your Sims tootsies.
Detail of 1 -4
Detail of 5 - 8
Detail 9 - 12

Enjoy them everywhere
even in the garden
Especially in the garden.
in both formats

My Beautiful Laundrette

 Who'd have thought 
that a game about work
could be so much fun?
But laundry is a task lacking zest . . . 
until now.
 Roy Lichtenstein did more than
sobbing girls drowning.
He did laundry too.
Beautify your utility room,
wash those blues away,
and -
huh? There is more?
Now includes a second utilitarian image.
I know it, right? Your day just got sooo much better.
So wipe away those
tears of joy and
now in both formats
January 10, 2015 - This mesh has been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find it here!
bed by the amazingly talented Land of Woe 
shutters by Angela at TSR here

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Don't blame me . . . blame the booty.

I like modern, but
I started with the classics.
Of myth . . . 
and man . . .
 and booty.
Six figural paintings in one file of 
men, women, and satyrs.
Did I tell you that I like satyrs? 
Love 'em.
I present to you:
 Aime Nicolas Morot, John Singer Sargent, Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Franz von Stuck, William Bouguereau, J Allen St. John

Frame modified by yours truly.
Golf clap.
This is NEW and IMPROVED!
No longer do you need HELS to use this file
you just need Sims 3.

I will always have a weakness
for this style of painting.
You have a weakness too?
Well my friend
both formats

How Bazzaar.

These don't quite fit a theme.
Neither Kilim nor Oriental.
Some are from Spain, France, 
China, . . . even Sweden.
Wherever they are from,
they are nice.
Detail of 1 - 4
Detail of 5 - 8
Detail of 9 - 12
A mix and match of different styles
will help you achieve the look you're going for.
People will say "Man, that's a nice rug."
Hmm - that's a nice painting too . . .
anyway . . . 
Updated 6/10/18
Some of the original image files were too small to work with on
my mesh - this could not be avoided to retain quality.

Children do the darndest things.

 Kids just want to help out. 
So why not give them tasks that no one else wants to do?
Pest control? Covered!
Instructional poster from Korea circa 1959.
Lovingly distressed just for you.
Kill them with kindness.
Kill them all.
package format only
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