Monday, June 25, 2012

Sign of the Times

Who said 'if you build it,
they will come"?
What a load of malarkey!

To survive in the city,
your business needs to be noticed.
Especially in this economy!
What you need is a sign.
A big glowy neon sign.

Well how handy is it that
I just so happen to have a set for you.
12 new files* to help
your business light up the night.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Holy Hellcat Lounge
Spyglass / Boutique / Tattoo
Marquee Set (3 pieces)
The Pink Elephant
Salon (two styles) / Atomic Koffee / Psychic
To place, you may (or may not)
need the cheat 'moveobjects on'
depending on what floor
you decide to put them.

Oh, and the kicker is . . .

Sorry Bubbies. I tried and I tried,
but I could not get consistent results
any other method and still
get the look I required
read: four channels).
You can read about that nightmare here.

How about some more pictures?
The new Banal Outfitters has ruined the charm of Old Main Street
Have your palm read OR drink coffee and read people
Vitale Sesson's original minimalist salon
You'll want to pay too much at this salon
Back Alley Fun at the oldest Speakeasy in town
Old buildings get new life with a new business
Main Street East at night
Catch a gallery opening and go to a Whodunnit Dinner
Hipstah Square - Get a emocut, a tattoo, and catch a show!
Main Street Revitalized with NEON
So, because I know so many of you DON'T read the text,
to download, you're going to a warning screen first.
Be forewarned that you're about to be warned!
*requires LATE NIGHT
Direct Links:

Some Notes:
These signs are also lights. They have been tested extensively
in other peoples games as well as my own. Light settings have been set to warm white.
I would recommend whatever main color you decide to have your light,
that you copy the RGB integers to apply as a custom color light setting.
You may need to brighten the light settings if you use a darker color
as you would with any light. It is also recommended that you use
World Adventure Tomb Lighting and Late Night Building Lights from
BuyDebug. Lights only light the floor that they are assigned to. If you have these
on the second floor - only the second floor wall will be illuminated. This is a game flaw
and not something that I can correct. Because all lights have different base settings
you may need to adjust the brightness of the BuyDebug lights to 'look correct' with these signs.

Jen, Amy, Susan, Marisa, Martine, Sandy, Sam, Alex, Heidi, Daniel, & Ruth
Their bravery and feedback have helped to provide you with the best possible results.

Picture Credits:
These photos have been vastly improved with objects from ATS3, Club Crimsyn,and Awesims

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Full moon especially for you.

Isn't it crazy?

EA makes a world and they forget something.
I know - huge surprise! So not like them.

What the fff-- where am I?!
So picture it - you're living in outer space
and you want to go to work or go out to eat.
You're walking and you think you're at the right place
or are you. Is this the stadium? 

'But isn't this your home planet?
You know - all these portals look alike.

Oh poo.

It's disorienting enough to be in outer space
but now you have to guess which rabbit hole you're really at?
What's a sim to do?

Try these portal markers!
First you place one,
then you know where you are!
It's really that easy.

Now you try!

First: place the marker.

Hrm. What is that thing?
Then: know where you are!

Golly! I suddenly know where I am!

Oh boy! What'll they think of next?

I need a set of these for the rooms in my house!
<<I heart you LL Portal Marker!>>
Includes 19 recolorable markers plus one blank
so you can continue to wonder
"Where am I?"

If you're asking yourself "How did I get here?"
this product is not for you.
Includes new markers that go with the mod by Stw402
that unlocks subway, equestrian center, skydiving center, movie lot
found here. If you're going to visit Lunar Lakes,
please consider this mod.

Huge THANKS! to Megativity for her support
on this object by supplying the necessary icons for the markers (1-15),
and for pointing out the aforementioned mod.  Mwah!

Sorry for the huge delay on this object. Created back when LL was new.
Real life, work, and gardening simply got in the way - enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birds & Bees

Artists document what they see
and scientists need their findings documented.
It's like a little match made in heaven.

Ephemera, as you'll recall, is something printed,
but not necessarily intended to be kept forever.
Shame really.
These illustrations are gorgeous and worthy of attention.

It may not scream to you across the room,
it doesn't obliquely tell of childhood trauma,
but it quietly plants your feet on terra firma
and opens your eyes to the vast miracle of nature.

F^(&ing scary that.

Today I have five sets for you.
An unofficial Ephemera II . . . .
So lets get right to it, shall we?

Frostbitten Flora

Egg Charts

Arts & Crafts Woodcuts

Norbertine Bresslern Roth

Nature in Parts

Five ways to honor 
the biggest mother of them all.
Commence the picspam (echo echo echo):

In your eco friendly bedroom,
In your vintage parlour
In your mismatched new construction 'loft' space
As decor in the town library archives
In your grandmothers outdated-but-supercool-retro dining room
Or in an antique oddities workroom
So enjoy nature at it was intended to be enjoyed:
behind glass and from afar.
God knows I do.

Download PACKAGE format
Download SIM3PACK format

CC Lists:
Picture 1: Industrial Lamp - ATS3 / Poppies in Vase - BabaYaga / phone - camille
Picture 7: Dresser - Future Exotic Elements Release
Picture 8: Card Catalogue - Gosik / Books - Aikea / Cage - Simply Styling /
Candle - ATS3 donation / Lantern - Joyfulgirlhol

Picture 9: Pipes - ATS3 / Cube Tables - Future Exotic Elements Release / Butterfly Chair, Bottle - Awesims
/ Rock Candles - Angela / Curtains - ShinoKCR

Picture 10: Armchairs - Mutske / colocasia plants - alex_stanton1983
Picture 11: Table & Tablecloth - Lily of the Valley / Chair - ShinoKCR / Wallpaper - Aikea / Sideboard - Cemre
Picture 12: Large sideboard - / Smaller sideboard - ATS3 / Shelving - Awesims / Antlers - MK /
Cage - Simply Styling / Gravity Model - 13th Sim

Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspiration: BLOG

Hey Bubbies!

 You may already know that
I am inspired by many sources,
but often I am taken with 
random photos of beautiful things.

I may have seen these objects in person,
but the photos remind me and 
continue to captivate me.

This set is a lot more
like how I might collect in person.
I never shop for just one room,
but for each piece.
It must be special.
So the thread that holds this set together
is that it's inspired by the blogs I follow.

Ten new objects
(technically 13)
for nearly anywhere in your sims home.

 Art Deco Bakelite Radio & 50s Record Player
(***each has two files - you'll need to choose if you'd rather it with or without  'sound wave' animations
Radio has three tiling options, record player has three record styles plus 'blank' version)

Modern Canopy Bed
(three presets with different tiling rates for the perfect fit with your favorite patterns)

 Rail Line Pallet Coffee Table
(two mask styles for distressed or clean, each with rail line stencil)

Acrylic Stool in Clear and Translucent, A Bunny Bentwood Chair
(Stools are recolorable, chair has three tiling options)

Rooster Mirror in two sizes, Swing Arm Wall Sconce in both directions,
Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp
(lamps have three masks each for coloring options, mirrors have distressed and clean versions)

OH YEAH, some art too.
You can see that in the pictures below.
(All images culled from blogs.)

To give you some ideas of what you can do with
this eclectic mix of things,
you can put them:

In your kitchen
In your reading nook
At your Hipster Coffee Haus
In your precocious teen bedroom
In your eclectic bedroom
In your loft living room
In your dining room
So, this set won't be your next bedroom or dining room,
but it might help to complete one of them.
January 10, 2015 - The Funny Bunny Chair, the Art by Blog, the Rail Line Pallet Coffee Table, and the Swing Arm Wall Sconces have all been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find them here!

Some notes on the set:
I cannot stress enough - choose which radio / record player you want and recycle the other.
If you prefer the animations or not, only one of these files can be installed. 
 Installing both will create a conflict.

The mirrors are NOT shiftable. This can cause animation problems 
and game crashes. I am considering re-releasing every mirror as a decor only item
for the ability to shift. If you want this item to be shiftable, you take responsibility alone.

This set was extensively tested by some very kind people:
I'd like to thank Jen, Sandy, Laure, & Dee for their time and input.
Your observations were invaluable and made this set significantly better.
DoublePlus Thanks to Sandy for help on the bed and radio [animations and vexing glass!]
Thank you to Heidi for her tutorials on the bed and the patience to not call me a nitwit

If you would like the full story on these objects you can read about that here.

CC Objects:
Picture 7: Plant: Exotic Elements /  Wall Cabinets: HolySimoly
Picture 8: Chair: Murano / Side Table: Exotic Elements / Books: Aikea / Antlers: MK
Picture 9: Table: D3VV / Cabinet: Easthaven
Picture 10: Plates: LPVinyl21 / Bed: ShinoKCR / Hunky Heroes Posters: Migolia /
Artwork: LemonJelly / Union Jack Rug, Artwork: AlexPilgrim / Ceiling Light: Exotic Elements / Plant: Simply Styling

Picture 11: Plant: ATS3 / End Table: Exotic Elements
Picture 12: Both Sofas: Exotic Elements / Table Lamps: DOT / Glass Doors: Angela
Picture 13: Yellow Chair: D3VV  / Ghost Chair: EyRT96 / Table: Exotic Elements
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