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Updated: Monday, November 29, 2022 (last updated 03/11/19). 

I've been creating items since 2010. Everyone has to start somewhere, and by the kindness of others TOU, I was able to open and study others creations to help aid in the start of creating my own custom content. It has seldom been glamorous, but mostly rewarding. I waffled a bit on my TOU when Sims 4 was introduced. Originally I wanted to convert all of my own items. That need for control relaxed quite a bit. I have continued to relax my TOU as I have had my attention pulled away from creating more frequently. 

There are two things that I remain firm on:
  • Please credit when appropriate (this includes credit when recoloring someone elses previous recolor - don't be a dick and credit someone else). 
  • Absolutely NO pay sites/ads/profiting off of my hard work. This includes scummy/corrupt sites that ask you to pay a fee to avoid looking at ads (T$R et al), Ad.Fly, YouTube, CurseForge, Patreon ... if it makes you money, it simply will not be allowed.
Please read my entire TOU:

The Sims community is a teaching community. I have learned and used other creators meshes and object settings during my own, and continued, tutelage. I have also received assistance for tricky settings/unexpected results at MTS forums and from various and kindly creators. I have given credit when appropriate and would expect that same courtesy. You are free to use all of my original meshes, textures, alterations, modifications, settings for your own use on your completely free site.

I ask for these conditions when using a creation from this site:
  • When using an original mesh from this site, in any part, please credit b5Studio. A link to the original object would be appreciated. Please also help to correct others when crediting incorrectly (i.e. - you just got credit of my mesh because they are recoloring your conversion).
  • If you upload a (free) furnished house/lot and my creations are intended to be uploaded within it, please give credit/link back to b5Studio. This is a courtesy not only to the creator but to any downloader that may already have said object(s) in their game. Basic manners people.
  • Keep all b5Studio/baufive creations off of pay sites. ALL of them. That includes those with VIP fees. If it costs money to join, or to avoid advertisements, don't bother even asking me. The answer is no. This includes Ad.Fly, Patreon, YouTube, CurseForge - whatever makes money.
  • I also ask that no images from this site be hotlinked.
My catalogue is OPEN for conversions (S2/S4) for Sim franchise games. I ask that you credit all works back to this site and hopefully the original object you are converting. If you message me at here or at Tumblr, I will consider linking your conversion for others to download. Conversions for other programs (like Second Life) are not permitted.

Regarding recolors: I would recommend including the mesh with your project. It is super annoying to have to chase down the original mesh. 

Don't steal my shit, yo! Karma is clearly a bitch.

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