Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspiration: BLOG

Hey Bubbies!

 You may already know that
I am inspired by many sources,
but often I am taken with 
random photos of beautiful things.

I may have seen these objects in person,
but the photos remind me and 
continue to captivate me.

This set is a lot more
like how I might collect in person.
I never shop for just one room,
but for each piece.
It must be special.
So the thread that holds this set together
is that it's inspired by the blogs I follow.

Ten new objects
(technically 13)
for nearly anywhere in your sims home.

 Art Deco Bakelite Radio & 50s Record Player
(***each has two files - you'll need to choose if you'd rather it with or without  'sound wave' animations
Radio has three tiling options, record player has three record styles plus 'blank' version)

Modern Canopy Bed
(three presets with different tiling rates for the perfect fit with your favorite patterns)

 Rail Line Pallet Coffee Table
(two mask styles for distressed or clean, each with rail line stencil)

Acrylic Stool in Clear and Translucent, A Bunny Bentwood Chair
(Stools are recolorable, chair has three tiling options)

Rooster Mirror in two sizes, Swing Arm Wall Sconce in both directions,
Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp
(lamps have three masks each for coloring options, mirrors have distressed and clean versions)

OH YEAH, some art too.
You can see that in the pictures below.
(All images culled from blogs.)

To give you some ideas of what you can do with
this eclectic mix of things,
you can put them:

In your kitchen
In your reading nook
At your Hipster Coffee Haus
In your precocious teen bedroom
In your eclectic bedroom
In your loft living room
In your dining room
So, this set won't be your next bedroom or dining room,
but it might help to complete one of them.
January 10, 2015 - The Funny Bunny Chair, the Art by Blog, the Rail Line Pallet Coffee Table, and the Swing Arm Wall Sconces have all been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find them here!

Some notes on the set:
I cannot stress enough - choose which radio / record player you want and recycle the other.
If you prefer the animations or not, only one of these files can be installed. 
 Installing both will create a conflict.

The mirrors are NOT shiftable. This can cause animation problems 
and game crashes. I am considering re-releasing every mirror as a decor only item
for the ability to shift. If you want this item to be shiftable, you take responsibility alone.

This set was extensively tested by some very kind people:
I'd like to thank Jen, Sandy, Laure, & Dee for their time and input.
Your observations were invaluable and made this set significantly better.
DoublePlus Thanks to Sandy for help on the bed and radio [animations and vexing glass!]
Thank you to Heidi for her tutorials on the bed and the patience to not call me a nitwit

If you would like the full story on these objects you can read about that here.

CC Objects:
Picture 7: Plant: Exotic Elements /  Wall Cabinets: HolySimoly
Picture 8: Chair: Murano / Side Table: Exotic Elements / Books: Aikea / Antlers: MK
Picture 9: Table: D3VV / Cabinet: Easthaven
Picture 10: Plates: LPVinyl21 / Bed: ShinoKCR / Hunky Heroes Posters: Migolia /
Artwork: LemonJelly / Union Jack Rug, Artwork: AlexPilgrim / Ceiling Light: Exotic Elements / Plant: Simply Styling

Picture 11: Plant: ATS3 / End Table: Exotic Elements
Picture 12: Both Sofas: Exotic Elements / Table Lamps: DOT / Glass Doors: Angela
Picture 13: Yellow Chair: D3VV  / Ghost Chair: EyRT96 / Table: Exotic Elements
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