Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clean up this mesh!

 I cannot take credit for their creation.
These meshes are freebies from the web.
Although it might seem simple enough 
to translate a mesh for the game,
it is arduous work.
These were dismantled and reassembled 
to help in the CASt process. If they were just 
resized and released, they'd look like 
shit crap Justin Bieber  

Today we have a Moorish style Coffee Table,
and a French Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp.
As a bonus, I am including the Luxor Bed from EA
with a fixed texture. Honest, it's really fixed.
 It was one of the first things I worked on 
so many (many) months ago.
It's not high end, but it's certainly cleaner than
the lazy mess EA released. 
*bed updated by HugeLunatic at MTS with original EA textures October 2010
Air kiss.
All three in one 
 in both formats
Ditch the ones you don't want.

Bed and Coffee Table have been updated
and reworked - link is current

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Charting New Territory . . .

 It was bound to happen eventually.
I have created my first unique mesh.
Not without some drama, mind you.
Where is the fun in easy, anyway?
I collect oddities in real life.
It's true. 
These wall charts are a hard thing to find
and damned expensive. Solution? 
Make one and live vicariously.
Of course.
 detail 1 - 4
detail 5 - 8
detail 9 - 12

12 images in one file.

Biology 101.
 Birds and bees if you will.
 Everyone's doing it.
 You can too
if only you will
in both formats
January 10, 2015 - This mesh has been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find it here!
It's okay to use this mesh for your own creations
please just link back to b5studio
and please keep it off pay sites

Fits just right

It's often overlooked
 but it's a very useful size
for the tight on space.
 detail 1 - 6
detail 7 - 12

The runner is too often
limited to a hallway
 Use them in kitchens
 and on porches too.

Mix and match with larger rugs
for that bohemian feel.

This set is not limited to one style:
Oriental, Kilim & Hooked rugs included.

And now you have no excuse 
for not using a rug 
on every bare floor.

in both formats
Pattern enabled for the CASt challenged.

Italian Style

Painter, sculptor, engraver, icon.
 You may not have known his name,
but I bet you recognize the work . . . 
well, some of it.
 detail of 1 - 4
detail of 5 - 8
detail of 9 - 12

Contemporary and traditional
 wrapped up into one neat package,
 the often humorous designs
 work well in nearly any decor.

It'll cost you, it's §5200 simoleons,
which is cheap for such fine art.
(the real ones are rumored to reach $40k!)
Oh, and Anonymous#3, it's 3x2.

Pattern enabled to assist those who
have CASt problems.

in both formats

antlers by MK 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Orient Expressed

 Art can transport the mind
and feed the soul.
 The Orientalist genre
showed us a strange new world;
a romantic view of a place
untouched by modern hands.
John Frederick Lewis, Ludwig Deutsch, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Oliver Dennett
Rudolf Weisse, Charles Sprague, Giulio Rosati, John Singer Sargent
Rudolf Ernst, Gustav Bauernfeind, Frederic Leighton, Ettore Simonetti

12 images in a glorious new frame,
designed by yours truly,
in one file.

Whether you are decorating a far away 
vacation home,
furnishing your home with worldly treasures
 or you play D&D in the basement and need some props,

I can think of nothing better to go with 
those new Oriental rugs you just downloaded.

Be a pal and 
these too.
in both formats

Bigger is sometimes better

Sometimes you just need a big one.
Nothing to be ashamed of
we've all been there . . .
I present to you
the biggest, thus far,
in the series of Oriental rugs.
Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 - 8
 Detail 9 - 12

Based on the 5 x 3 tile rug,
this new mesh (by yours truly)
will work for just about any larger space,

no matter what the style.
If this doesn't fill your size needs
you my friend are insatiable!
Go on . . .
you know you want to.
both file formats
big big big file - sorry bubbies 
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