Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fancy Full

We have all heard stories of strange creatures
and supernatural acts. They're just stories though,

Through the ages these tales have been written about,
spoken of, and depicted in pictures.

Watts, Waterhouse, Ernst, von Stuck
Mankes, Schneider, Malczewski, Erte
Bouguereau, Ingres, Bouguereau, Barthel

Today I bring to you a collection of 
thought provoking images.
Eleven artists; Twelve Pictures.
New frame.

Decorate with a more meaningful touch:
The circle of life,
the unknown,
the passage of time
the end of days.

Beautiful and fanciful.
Mesmerizing and unsettling.
Symbolic and bone chilling in the most classical sense.

in both formats

Monday, October 25, 2010


It's a question of belief.
Can one really see the future?
Are we acting out what is predetermined or
are there too many variables?

These are questions best left to
the philosophers, scientists, and
the 900 number Psychic Friend.

Now your sim can tell the future too.
A new tarot deck (with two spreads)
and crystal ball might help them out.

The tarot has been around for hundreds of years
and scrying even longer. 
Something has to be said for that.

Still not enough? Being psychic is hard,
so they may need visual inspiration.
12 pictures? No. 13 pictures?
Now you're catching on.

 Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 - 8
Detail 9 - 13

Odd, esoteric, magickal, biblical, anatomical, 
and even a couple of cheats for the 
palmists and phrenologists.

So now you can tap into the aether and 
 read the tarot at home,
have a seance
or visit your local medium.

I predict you'll 
in both file formats

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Double your pleasure . . .

A room sometimes need outside help.
Adding a little something that perhaps
you didn't think of yourself.
Today, with Exotic Elements
we bring to you an eclectic living room
with a worldly and casual feel.
 At Exotic Elements you'll find:
A sofa, dresser, a tray of tea, a finial,
a leaning floor mirror, and some wall plate/baskets.
Even works in a bedroom! 

Here at the Studio, you'll find some
accessories - a couple of pillows - 
one for the floor and one for the sofa** -
an ottoman, and a wall hanging.
Just a tease - 12 of the floor pillow styles

These are all designed with Kilim rugs.

What's new is that each is also CASt-able by you!
The first style of each can be altered
to work for whatever space.
Pfft - not that you'll ever need to . . . .

The one object we both contributed to is a wall hanging.
This mesh was designed by Exotic Elements
The first style is CASt-able, but the following 12 styles
I have culled together for just you:

 detail of 1 - 4
detail of 5 - 8
detail of 9 - 12
11.21.10 White lines have been corrected and are included in this download.
11.21.10 See? All better! Aww!
See - two heads are better than one!
the ottoman, pillows and wall hanging NOW!

**The (original) sofa pillow, I gotta warn you,
works on only some EA sofas and chairs.
It is amazing how many sofas by EA
that are all varying heights and kattywompus. 
It can be placed with  [moveobjects on] cheat.
Hold the ALT button to turn and place off grid.

Out of the Shadows . . . .

Flat is okay on the runway, but not
if you're baking a souffle or
making stuff for sims 3.

Through a highly technical and very
complex process, these objects are finally 
imbued with dimension. 

Not just any dimension,
but three dimensions.

Super fancy.
Or 'Pissah'
if you're from Massachusetts.

The process is called 'baking' . . .
Not that kind though . . . 
this is more like the Easy Bake Oven
with less cardboard aftertaste.
mmmm . . . snacks.

Perhaps now I can convince the lot of you to
all the damned things.
11/14 Including a fix of the *&#$% CB2 Teepee Table.

That'll learn me.
Your silence (and lack of downloading)
was heard. 

Here are links to the original posts to 
catch you up to speed:
but the above link is all of items.

No - the lamps will not be reworked. Sorry bubbies.

You can also try the label 'baked'

Let us pray that I don't have more things to fix.
find and remove those to avoid duplicates.
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