Sunday, June 5, 2011

Like the corners of my mind

We all have memories of our past.
Perhaps even a few tangible ones in the attic.

Memories of persons, places, smells . . . . things. 
I remember things best of all.

Things elicit a response from me quickest.
Whether it's an old phone, a bowl, or a sepia photograph of someone I don't know.
I become engulfed in nostalgia. 

Generations is the latest in the Sims 3 experience. 
It's a lot about interaction, but it's also about creating memories.
So while this set is based in the past,
your future generations can enjoy them well into the future.

Today we have a set of vintage finds:

A suitcase victrola
Some 78s (both sleeved and unsleeved, 2 files)
A vintage photo album

 A photo backdrop
a couple of tripod lamps just like the ones I have in my studio.
A vintage book (13 styles plus one CASt-able style)
and an old metal cabinet that is like the one I found in Arizona (with 13 slots).

So now you can:

use the backdrop to divide up your obscenely small studio apartment

Listen to music in the space you're squatting in

Enjoy the warm glow and the crackle of music while eating

Or simply light your studio like I light my own.

Now you can
and create some memories for generations to come.

***2.26.15 - TS2 Users - the Suitcase Victrola has been converted for Sims 2 by Paisley Avenue

And for those of you who might be interested
You can also download some music to play on your victrola.
Collected recordings of music from 78s
can be installed in your custom music folder.
I have included 8 files for your enjoyment. (17.5MB)
A huge thank you to the audiophiles at - check it out!

CC List (unless mentioned, it's probably EA EP/SP or found on this site)
Photo 4 - Kitchenette - Madaya74 / Egg chair - Jaumetb96 / Coffee table - Mango / Plant - sims3d / Pattern on backdrop - Awesims / Doors - _kriss
Photo 5 - Bed, leaning door - Land of Woe / Camera - Gelydh / Jar of silverware - Camille / Pub lamp/sign - Awesims / Lantern - leefish / Crow - cemre / Trunk - Exotic Elements / Antique Keys - Aikea / Windows, planks over windows - CycloneSue
Photo 6 - Hanging lamp - Pilar / Sideboard - Lisa86 / Chair - D3VV


  1. I was waiting for these when I saw on a upload of yours not a while ago.
    These are going to be a perfect addition to my houses.

    Thanks thanks thanks, bau. ッ

  2. Awesome !! It's really great, and it looks so real. Thanks !

  3. Thank you both - I really appreciate it. I enjoyed making it - sets like this are dear to me - makes my own game feel a little bit more real :)

  4. Thank you so much. These are lovely.

  5. I love this set, Bau, and the custom music you've provided is the cherry on top! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  6. oh my i cannot wait to arrange these in my game! i love the backdrop, and just generally everything!!

  7. As always, your uploads are gorgeous and really will make a great addition to my game. Thank you for all your hard work, Bau, and keep it up!

  8. Wonderful! I'm building a photographic studio in my town which that backdrop will be perfect for. Thanks, Bau! :)

  9. Thank you! As I said on LS these look really great and I can't wait to see them in my game.

  10. Hey everyone - thank you so much for your kind words - it really means a lot to me :)

    Jen I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do - I have a large collection of music and finding that site helped to make that collection larger! With games like Fall Out 3 and BioShock having vintage music for their soundtracks - I think that era of music is becoming accessible to a whole new audience. There are some great collections out there by Columbia/Legacy that are still available on Amazon - look for "Art Deco" should be easy enough to find

    veronarelapse I hope you post pictures at LivingSims! My sims are terrible photographers!

    macthekat You and the LivingSims community have been such a great support for my creations - thank you so much!

  11. Love you stuff, it has so much soul (for lack of a better word). Thank you for sharing these great items.


  12. This set is perfection. Thank you so much!

  13. Thank you Terryfamily and aikea-guinea :)

    aikea that is truly high praise coming from you {blush}

  14. I love it - but then I love all your stuff;)

  15. Thanks for the tip on the music, Bau -- I'll have to look for those! Just wanted to let you know I'm loving the suitcase Victrola and the music you provided -- it adds a whole new element of awesomeness to my game. Been listening to some suitcase Victrola songs on YouTube when I'm surfing the web as well -- I really like this one:
    "Rose of the Rio Grande" - The Virginians

  16. Wibs - Thank you!

    Jen - Thank you! Thank you for that link too - that's a good one! It only makes me miss having a real one in my life! I may have to pull together a second collection of music from my personal collection - I have been listening to a lot of that periods music lately :)

  17. Thank you for this set Bau - it's perfect for those old homes, yard sales, vintage apartments and the like. As ever, you da man! *smooches*

  18. Thanks Velvet! I was pleased the way this set turned out and it's these personal type sets that I always get nervous about, so I am pleased people enjoy it :)

  19. Your amazing! Love everything I've seen on your site! Thanks for all the goodies!!

  20. A quick huge thanks for all of your greations, their incredibly cool, I never made a single room in my game without an item of yours (seriously!). They're "worm" you know...
    Very very very very cool.
    I hung out here so many times, just thought I should say thanks.

  21. These are glorious! I'm so glad I found your site. All of my characters are greasers and this would be a perfect addition to their homes. Hahah.

  22. christ on a cracker it plays music too?! Can it make my bed for me?

  23. Thanks your very helpful I really needed a backdrop and ty for the music. :)

  24. While reading your posts I always have to smile. Here´s a little smile for you now: =D
    Just kidding. THis set is awesome, really! I can´t thank you enough for making this. I looked for something not so modern for ages! And the good thing is: it can be modern and not so modern at the same time! I´m writing crazy, pointless stuff.
    Um, whatever, thank you a lot for this and all of your creations and thanks for updating everything for pets. Uh, um, yeah, gonna go, I´m so useless.
    Have a nice day!

    PS: THANKS! xD

  25. Aw! Thanks :) This set was especially organic for me to create - I see these things every day - and they do feel timeless to me as well - in RL. I hope to build on this set soon . . .

  26. These are beautiful and I would love to have them in my game but unfortunately your download link doesn't work. Were you planning to fix that soon or is that purposely done?

  27. Hi Nalya - After moving things away from Mediafire (horrid and backboneless server that it is) - some of the re-links I forgot a letter or two and I have tried to repair the moment it was reported to me. Try it again - I did not have trouble downloading it myself - it could have been a server blip - hard to say. Thanks so much for your praise - I hope it lives up to your expectations :)

  28. Does the backdrop item still work in the game? I downloaded it just today, installed it through launcher and confirmed that it's in the game, and stared at every single item in my inventory to try and find it with no success.

    I really want to use it though! Where is it supposed to be?

  29. Hi Tiramisu - the screen is a sculpture priced at 512. Generally speaking, my objects tell you where to find them if you look at the file name - in this case baufive_sculpture_vintage_photography.... I try to do this to help alert where the item has been classified. Most of my prices start with a 5 as well - usually 5, 52, 520, 5200 - not sure what I was thinking when I released this at 512? Hope that helps - haven't heard of any problems with it and of all my items, that seems to be a popular one. That said, it's a good to run all of your objects through Dashboard (found at MTS). It can tell you if there is a conflict with another item and that might be why it is not showing up in your game. Keep in mind that my own items 'conflict' with each other - it's like a false positive and it is a known issue with Dashboard. Usually you can overlook when an creators items conflict with each other. Not sure of the technical reason for this, but it was confusing at first when I saw such a long list of conflicts in my own CC folder! Good luck!

  30. Seems like the link for these are down. I'm hoping it can be updated as apparently there are some of your things I've missed in my previous download sprees!

  31. Try it again - there was a little snafu at the host, but it's up again! Thanks for the alert!!

  32. Amazing! Exactly what I'm looking for!


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