Friday, April 29, 2011

Is a pie chart art?

Art is really in the eye of the beholder.

Perhaps you like the diagram in your textbook well enough to frame it.
Maybe it's a magazine advertisement.
Well that type of art has a classification: Ephemera.
Not really intended to be kept forever.
But still, there is something about it..

In real life, I frame many types of art.
A lot of what I frame now would be illustrations from books.
Things that were intended to define or explain.
Pictures, well drawn, but academic in nature and by definition.
Are they art? Ask R. Mutt.

In fact, don't.
If you like it, if it makes you smile - frame it.
Is it a tree? A type of screw or shrew?
These decorative plates are full of life and help us define our world.
Notation by notation. Figure 1 to Figure 41a.

Today we have three sets. 
and Botanicals.

This particular framing is traditional.
Elegant, and subtle, but detailed.
These are new meshes, 
(two of which have what is called a fillet)
and they are on the smaller side. 
Yup, I like 'em small too.

So now you can have art that is simply pretty
and educational too.

(both file types)

CC Credits:
All Photos: House, AlexPilgrim
Photo 1 Dresser and Basket, Exotic Elements / Bed, Roan_ / Mirror, eddielle
Photo 2 Sofa, Repulsive Desire / Rug, LemonJelly / Armchair, Murano / Sculpture, BabaYaga
Photo 3 Sink, Mango / Tub, Sasilia  / Shower, HugeLunatic
Photo 7 Birdcages, Repulsive Desire / Vase, Mango / Lamp, Awesims / Chair, Pilar / Table, LilyOfTheValley / Sideboard, Cemre
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