Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turning Japanese

Fine lines, gentle curves, complex patterns, lush colors . . .

This came from a piece of wood?
I know - it's hard to believe
(My own attempts were clumsy by comparison.)

Usually depicting an elevated scene of
beautiful landscapes and traditional dress.

We covet these prints for their
exotic and storied imagery. 

 detail 1 -4
detail 5- 8
detail 9 - 12

Now your sim can enjoy this fine art too,
while taking a bath
while cooking an intimate dinner,
or while being an obsessive compulsive who's 
got this 'thing' for birds, clocks, and cages.

and creepy.

Go on - go ahead,
(both file formats)
and expose yourself to 
something different.

Mats and frame recolorable.

Inspired by: Picture 1 - Exotic Elements new Japanese Bedroom Set
Picture 3 - Table, chairs, pouf, stool, counters and baskets: Exotic Elements

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Supersized with no trans fats!

Small is for the meek. Small is for those who play it safe.
Small is for those other people.

Not you, my friend. You are like me - you like 'em big. 
Real big. 

How 'bout 12 new rugs?
5x3 tiles and honkin'.
 detail 1 - 4
detail 5 - 8
detail 9 - 12

Big tells the world you're bold.
Big says: you've got things covered.
 Big shows you're not afraid to go there.

I know how you feel.
I get weak kneed too.
You can fan yourself later . . . go
it now.
in both formats.

Picture 1 - New Traditional Set and Baskets Exotic Elements, Mirror Eddielle
Picture 2 - Moroccan Bedroom Set, Patterns, Bench, and Curtains Exotic Elements
Picture 3 - Table, Candles, Apothecary Jars, and Sideboard Eddielle, Stool ATS3
Picture 4 - Moderne Living, Sideboard, Vase and Mirror Awesims

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