Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Green Room

Nothing is more green than recycling. 
For those of us who collect antiques 
and shop for gently used wares,
we live the green life. 
Sometimes ordinary things can take on a new purpose.
We've all had a time when we used something 
for a purpose outside it's calling  . . .
A coffee cup pencil holder,
a jar holding buttons . . . 

What about bigger things?
Today I bring to you a set of things that
are not only being reused,
but in some cases rethought.
Including a few items from my own home.

But first, a history lesson.
In the 30s this building was an office space.
By the 50s, a small fashion studio
An now you call it home.
You have purchased this building, busted out some walls,
and renovated it. 
You sifted through the remains,
pulled from it some good pieces, and build some new dreams.
The local salvage yard and consignment shop
had a number of things you could put to good use, too.
Modern green living - the old fashioned way.
Doors turned room divider,
a trolley cart coffee table,
 windows frames as decor or a new mirror,
an antique dress form just like the one in my dining room,
a door as a table.
Also included:
4 pendant lights
a bottle, a jar and two styles of edison bulbs
Nesting bowls just like my own (2nd style is CAS-table)
A metal sign that used to hang at a store I worked at in South Station, Boston
(2 styles, worn and worn out)
a 'scissor' lamp with glass bulb,
and an accordion table I finally had to break down and buy I loved it so much.
Well there you have it. 
14 items.
This set is so big I am having to break it up by format.

January 10, 2015 - Hey TS2 players!! Just learned that m0xxa converted the stacked bowls from this set for TS2 - you can find those here! They're gorgeous!!
ALSO - the Folding Door Screen & Window Mirror can be found in this post. WOO!
The S&H Sign, Door Table, Trolly Cart Coffee Table, Accordion Wall Light, and Accordion Table have all been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find them here! 

I hope you enjoy this set as much as I have creating it.
Perhaps it will inspire you to see thing a new way. 

Some parts of this set you can read about the pains that went into it here.

People that need to be thanked for their invaluable help:
Raven Shadow @ MTS <------- my hero
OrangeMittens @ MTS/Indigo
HugeLunatic @ MTS
HystericalParoxysm @MTS
Murano @ TSR
Helping to fix the problems with the 
dining table and trolley cart coffee table
as well as TSRW in general.

I also want to thank all the people who have helped me to test this set,
and, of course, Heidi @ Exotic Elements for inspiring the set with her unreleased finial! Release it! hehe

CC credits in photos:
Photo 1 - Aikea - public phone, newspaper box / D&M - clock / Sim_Man123 - broken arbor
Photo 2 - Ritsuka - walls
Photo 3 - Gelydh - camera, cigar / Aikea - desk / Camille - phone / Awesims - floor
Photo 4 - ATS3 - sewing stuff, nude dress form, bolts of fabric /gelydh - head vase / cemre - painting /
- telephone / Babayaga - voodoo pin cushion / Jun - grocery bag / Pocci - tea kettle / Victor - journal
Photo 5 - Pocci - chair / CMoMoney - clock / ShinoKCR - Stove / Cyclonesue - Fire alarm
Photo 6 - eryt96 - bed
Photo 8 - Awesims - sofa, colander plant
Photo 13 VeronaRelapse - small art/pinned art / Aikea - walls
Photo 14 - Mutske - alocasia / besen - geranium


  1. I've already gushed about this set on the Living Sims forum, but I just wanted to say that I love the history lesson and the way you transformed the space over the decades. So cool!

    Can't wait to use the set...I'm one of those people who always buys everything "new" because I'm not good at seeing possibilities in worn out items, so this is definitely inspiring.

  2. Holy wow, Batman! Awesome set. I especially love the pendant lights. :)

  3. I'm soooo happy you've released this! :)


  4. S&H Green Stamps, now that bring back memories. Grew up on those things, my mom would be so mad if I didn't bring any back after sending me to the store. Remember many of times walking back to the store with the receipt, requesting those things. LOL! Great set, love what you did with them.

  5. Sa-weet! I always look forward to your releases/updates. Ever impressive. :)

  6. BTW, when can we go garage saling/salvage hunting/antiquing/estate saling? Cause you'd find all the good stuff.

  7. Amazing work, Bau. I have that exact mirror in RL. Now my self sim can have one too. Thanks!

  8. So gLad to see you stArt to make meshes. Thank you for this set and good luck! =)

  9. Thanks everyone - this set is a complete labor of love so I am really happy that people like it. I could have talked for hours about each item - especially the ones from my own home. The dress form I found in a dumpster in Scituate, Massachusetts - the metal sign hung in an small funky antique shop I worked at called Cousin Bills (hope someone else remembers that place - it was the coolest and the owners were amazingly fine [and talented] people).

    B - I remember Green Stamps too - when I was a little kid they were strewn in a kitchen drawer - I don't know if they were ever used. Did you know if you had some they are still worth something?? I was shocked to see that!

    veronarelapse - Thank you - I really appreciate the feedback as your objects are always so pristine! Thank you!

    Lex the mom - any time - I love getting on my hands and knees to look at a bunch of dusty stuff! I kid you not - if I could I would go back into the antique business as it was very rewarding, but hard work for little payoff. Besides - I am a stuff-monger. I love interesting things. I really have no room to collect more stuff today, but always looking for interesting things.

    Victor - thank you - I hope to get better at this over time. It is certainly becoming easier, but I have a ways to go to get the softer lines that I admire in others work. That said though, I updated my labels - I have taken them as a bit of a joke, but a good portion of what I have to offer is now original work and it occurred to me that perhaps people don't know that? Anyway - thank you - I look forward to more from you as well! I have been following your site for a while now :)

  10. I ADORE that window as a mirror! It's a great idea, too: the doors as dividers & tables! :D Very good job! :)

  11. I love these! Finally my sims can go thrifting/treasure hunting too.

    I also remember green stamps, from when I was a kid.

  12. Eric, this set is so wonderful! I know how much care, time and effort went into each and every piece and it really paid off. It's hard to find unique, interesting and well made items that aren't downloaded from some 3d model site. I appreciate your special style and hard work, so thank you! Now I can't decide if I get more excited for the downloads themselves, or the beautiful screenshots and stories you post :)

  13. Wonderful. I can only imagine what your actual interior design must look like - makes me want to beg to be an apprentice!

  14. Speaking of hunting for dusty stuff... Do you ever watch American Pickers on History Channel? I love it!

  15. About the stamps, I didn't know that. I have some of my mom's stuff in storage right now, I have to check if there any S&H stamps in there.

    Going to Atlanta in the spring, maybe I will see you at some consignment, antique, thrift shop. I love antiques also. Love stripping them and give a new finish when the original looks terrible.

  16. Umm... as much as i love your stuff, my sims keep walking through your screen made of doors

  17. Damn it BOB - where were you when this was being tested?! Not one tester found this problem and there were a lot of them!! I kept looking at the file in TSRW and thought the footprint looked correct, but one box - ONE was unchecked and damn it if that wasn't the box that creates the impassable flag. What a gaff! Thank you for noticing this - I will be uploading a corrected file shortly.

  18. Love this whole idea! It' so creative.

  19. I finally got the chance to check this set out in game and it looks wonderful! You're my new precious...I will hug you and squeeze you and love you and call you George!

  20. Bau - check the comments under your new version for the door ;).

  21. Wow I haven't been here for a long time and haven't seen that you did some nice stuff) This set is adorable, love it, thank bau!

  22. Also, love the story... Nice idea!

  23. Fun! I absolutely love the door made into a table.

  24. Just so you know...

    Also, I think it's about time! Your stuff is gorgeous and genius, IMO.

  25. Just realized you might think I was spamming you or something. I'm not. Your mirror was posted as a "find" on MTS. That's the link, above.

  26. Thank you! I went over to have a look and got all misty! I have always enjoyed this set - I hope people are able to rediscover it. Thanks so much!!

  27. Hey Bau,

    You're welcome! I hope so too, I love this set. Actually, so far I've loved much of what you do (even if I haven't downloaded it all.. I try to exercise restraint, and you do NOT make it easy! LOL)

    Anyway... yeah. :)

  28. Bau
    I only discovered your blog now but I love love love all your creations - it is exactly what I have been looking for all my sims life! Thank you for sharing.

  29. hi

    where can i found the sketch a picture on the 5 picture in the left please
    thank you

  30. Hey St├ęphanie - it's incorrectly linked, but I have it credited to Cemre (TSR) - I don't visit that site anymore, but they should have a search feature.


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