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tumblr who?

Due to a policy change at Tumblr that fingers .... er ... singles out human 'adult' natured posts and blocks them with an algorithm that is flawed beyond measure (while ignoring the real evils within its fold, which makes me wonder if they approve Hate) - I have decided to stop posting to my {braces} feed.
It will remain an archive until Tumblr drops the draconian attack on human sexuality and all the posts that it mistakenly thinks are sex related ... like words and shapes only an algorithm might find sexy.
(Even while pulling together this post I am realizing how much is lost on my feed there due to inaccurate flagging - these posts are lost forever).

Until such time that they rejoin those of us who have a body and :::blush::: nipples, I remain steadfast in my stance:
This means - all of the "exclusives" at Tumblr are now back in the loving arms that is b5Studio. Not that they were not available to all who wander prior to now - but if you didn't visit my feed there or only paid attention to "time-zone-reblogs" then you probably missed out. Until today. Right now. Here.

Pay close attention - this list is both Sims 3 and Sims 4, but not necessarily for both.

December 28, 2013: Sims 3 Decor/Artwork
Tumblr Trending
Call it the curse of Tumblr. So much good to see and yet not a god damned bit of it is credited. It pains me to say that I have pulled together yet another set of ‘paintings’ for the game with some truly awesome art - and nearly all of it was uncredited. So - no preview. You’ll have to just trust me. It’s güd.
While it’s hyperbole to say these are trending, it is shockingly coincidental to find themes across the entire site that are similar. Solution? Content curation. The sims win again.
Each canvas has 15 images that fit a theme (albeit loosely in some cases):
Deer head/skulls/antlers on the body of a man.
Man fragmented, melting, smeared, and interpreted.
Domestic images that hold a form of tension or ambiguity.
Call it a much needed break from life and a reset for going back to meshing now that the holidays are finally past us. Phew! Hope you can find an image you can enjoy.
Not all of these images are for the weak hearted or emotionally immature. Call at least one of these sets (really, one of these images) for the mature art enthusiast. If that sort of thing sets you off - move on - nothing to see here. Nothing you wouldn’t see in your local Museum of Contemporary Art.
Without further ado:
| Sim3pack
Support your local (and not so local) artists. Art is ALWAYS an investment.

July 6, 2014: Sims 3 Decor / Rugs
On Trend
On Trend: a tumblr exclusive
Rugs in two sizes from four companies.
Zipped with both sim3pack & package formats - both 4x3 & 2x3 sizes in each zip (with picture to help identify what you downloaded). Git'chew sum.

 July 14, 2014 - Sims 3 Decor / Rugs
Unintentionally Yours
Unintentionally Yours … a bonus Tumblr exclusive … .
No sooner did I post the last set of rugs when I got an alert stating the new fall collections were being previewed. Wh-whaaa?! [thud]
It was not my intention to do more rugs, but there is a certain amount of compulsion involved - especially where I had rugs on the brain (clinical term) … so, that means two more sets of rugs, in two sizes, 14 styles each. That’s 28 styles and 56 rugs.
Crate & Barrel Fall 2014 | CB2 Fall 2014
(links have both 4x3 and 2x3 sizes in both package and sim3pack formats)

July 5, 2015: Sims 4 CAS
Any yutz can own a speedo. Peh.
No. You my friend deserve a monokini. 25 of them.
2017 Update - now 32 styles - easier to find in the catalogue.
Let’s face it - you’re not going to a swim meet … you need something with a little more style. We’ve got you covered … barely.
32 styles on a base game mesh - they’ll show up under that very bright green speedo so your catalogue isn’t cluttered up.

July 24, 2015: Sims 4 CAS
Au Naturale Boxers
I find myself staring at the sims in their plain clothes and thinking … something is missing … I can’t put my finger on it …
Today I offer you some patterns. Your sim wants to break free of the monotony. Boxer shorts are fun! Well, they can be. Strut your stuff in these. Cock of the walk … er … so to speak.
These patterns have been made as swatches on SimsOnTheRope’s mesh. Modestly saying ‘it’s just a little edit’ but … this took grandpa’s boxers and turned them into your boyfriends.
You WILL need Rope’s mesh found here

*2017 Updated to appear in catalogue on its own - additional 14 styles*
This is a(nother) Tumblr Exclusive.
Don’t delay - DOWNLOAD [pCloud]DOWNLOAD[sfs]

August 8, 2015: Sims 4 CAS
Wear It Loud
Your sim is secretly wanting more. No longer are they content with their … plain [shudder] pants.

They want to stand out in a crowd. They want to be stylish. Who can blame them? They may act all tough, but they’ve taken a Cosmo quiz or two …

Just for you (when I say you, I mean me) I have pulled together a modest selection of pattern for your sims that want to shout it from the rooftops … “I. Am. A. Fashion plate.” … if they shouted …. or stood on rooftops.

Two files - BG for the UNbelted variety and GtW for the Belted …
Download [pCloud] | Download both here [sfs]
Updated 09/2017 - these now have their own catalogue entry for ease in locating. Please remove the old files and redownload.

Photo above shows what the original pants* look like (*Slacks? Do you prefer that word Slacks? “Say, you look super sexy in those slacks from Sears”) so you can find them in the catalogue. Even I struggle to find them - sorry. I do like swatches more than new entries in the catalogue.

August 10, 2015: Sims 4 Build Mode / Wallpaper
Head In The Clouds
I’ve held onto this project for a long time now, finally adding new colors to make a more diverse and multi-mood setting palette.
Based on the Fornasetti Cloud wallpaper ‘Nuvolette‘ I so desperately need in my real life home, and originally started as a S3 project (wall murals in S4S made this an easy decision to make) it was time to finish this project and share it with the community.
Make your rooms bright and sunny, or broody and overcast. Your choice. I won’t judge.
 Download [pCloud] | Download [sfs]
CC shown in Picture 3
Loveseat, Step End Table | ATS4 / Candles, Glasses, Drum End Table, Living Chair | Mango / Hurricane, Flooring | Peacemaker / Rug | OhMySimsCC / Telephone | Sweetmint

January 17, 2016 - Sims 3 & 4 Decor
Phrenology Phun
Now “Knucklehead” isn’t an insult … it’s a diagnosis.
Friends - finally you have a visual aid to assist you in psychologically dissecting your fellow sims personalities. Very Science® has released a phrenology bust that is 99% accurate* in determining the flaws in others.
Okay - so … this full size phrenology head was converted to compliment Mango’s smaller version, but also to have a wider color range in my own muddy/distressed palette. Upon posting some shots, I received a very nice request to make this a basegame item for S3 as well. Presto.
16 textures in varying degrees of patina and crackle - hopefully you can find a use for this item.
S4 - 16 colors - §52 under Misc. Decor
S3 - preset one and two give you tiling options and 3-18 are the same colors from S4. The bonus for S3 is if you want a subtle shine, just change the pattern to a metal or ceramic pattern and the shine will immediately show through the overlays. So. Science. §52 under Sculpture.
I’m not calling this a Tumblr x-cloosive … I released it early on Facebook (ahem) a week ago … just sayin’ … werkin’ that social media yo.
Sims 4 - Download [pCloud] | Download [sfs]
Sims 3 - DOWNLOAD [pCloud] | Download [sfs]

Don’t forget to get the smaller S4 version from Mango!

March 2017: Sims 4 CAS
Stubble You
It’s great that you have a huge selection of beards for your sims - you’ve got the ducktail, the imperial, the fu manchu … but what if you want a beard that is a little less defined? Or your sim didn’t shave over the weekend and he looks all rugged and stuff? (rawr!)
We’ve got you covered … in stubble.
You’ve all met one of those guys that no matter how many times he shaves - he looks like he has a 5 o’clock shadow - well - that’s what this is here to help you with. Simply taking an EA stubble beard and coding it as a facial detail, now you can have a less fussy look like most of us rock in the real world.
Huge thanks to @editsim & @buckleysims for their invaluable input
Download the original Stubble You 

File updated 7/12/21 to include the additional six EA hair colors - download HERE

 March 2017: Sims 4 Build Mode / Wallpaper
Options Wallpaper
OPTIONS - a New Wallpaper Set
8 Patterns / 1 Plain / 32 Colors Each
A Tumblr Exclusive - DOWNLOAD [pCloud]DOWNLOAD [sfs]
This set includes “Where In The World” Topographical Wallpaper V2

 March 2017: Sims 4 Updated / Decor, Seating, Surfaces
Patched & Prodded / Funny Bunny
It has been pointed out to me (again) that not everyone can or actually does their own batch fixing - whether it’s platform, testicular fortitude, or sheer lack of vim - we don’t judge here at the studio. I’m here to the rescue … months later. I’m told that it’s really the thought that counts (thanks Mum).
  • The mirror script fail. Not sure when it happened, but it did. Now it’s script-flawless.
  • Dining Table/chairs - you may now use these in restaurants. Please tip your waitron.
  • Dining Chairs - now able to work with Toddlers (as if anyone can work with those things - it’s like herding cats). These chairs have been painstakingly coded to allow toddlers to use them. Sippie-cup not included.
To make all of this a little less hurty, I have included two newish items.
One you might already have, but this is sooo different. The Leaning Domed Mirror (2017).
It leans a little less than it’s sibling. Awesome, right?
Truth be told I am dubious of the lean-iest of the grouping - I should have just included this in the set when I released it.

Then we have the Funny Bunny dining chair. Some may remember this from Sims 3 when I released it in 2012.
Where I was fixing chairs it made sense to finally convert it so I hopped right on it.

All items are included in the zip. Make sure to search out the older versions and remove them - they may have a slightly different name [sorry]. Dispose of the items you don’t need or want from the zip.
Download [pCloud] | DOWNLOAD [sfs]

September 5, 2017: Sims 4 CAS
Tank You Re-Release
So I used to think “why would I want to bog down the catalogue with my own little edit - I’ll just apply the styles to the game entry” …. then I would go looking for that little something I made and had a hell of a time finding it. Well fuck that. That A-Shirt all 13 of you downloaded has been updated. Model got a hair cut and some face bonsai – seven additions to the original set all jam packed into it’s own. Catalogue. Entry.
DOWNLOAD [pCloud] | Download [sfs]

September 5, 2017: Sims 4 CAS
Tee For Two
Two tee shirt styles - some funny (from popular tee sale sites) and some a little more though provoking (from various blogs).
Download separately - please note - the “art” set is not censored in game. Don’t poke your eye out.
Each gets its own catalogue entry. 
Art Tees [pCloud] | Funny Tees [pCloud]
 Art Tees [sfs] / Funny Tees [sfs]

September 18, 2017: Sims 4 CAS
Lazy Launderer
Did you ever look in your dresser and sigh a little. Where is the variety? Those old tattered things again? No, sir. You need some style. You need a break from doing laundry.
You need quantity plus quality. Now you can have it all.
@simsontherope improved boxers mesh (download HERE) gets 32 more style options so your sim never gets bored. A smattering of different patterns to match your sims ever evolving spirit.
Find it easily in the catalogue.
Insane sims might just wear these to their most formal gala event. Sane sims will secretly envy them.
  Download [pCloud] | Download post haste [sfs]

September 18, 2017: Sims 4 CAS 
We Wear Short Shorts
Going to the gym is dull - why not show it’s true colors.
Call it ‘out of necessity’ but the original color selection of these base game short-shorts is not just sub-par, it’s downright fugly. That’s right - I am not afraid to point the crooked finger of truth and taste. Another item you just don’t care one iota about and I have chosen to recolored it. Kudos me.
It’s got it’s own catalogue entry too.
Not holding my breath until you
Download [pCloud]
| DOWNLOAD [sfs]

September 18, 2017: Sims 4 CAS
Cheeky Boxer Briefs
It’s hard to say where these came from: an expensive import intimates shop or a cheap retailer bent on skimping on ‘Kwality’™ (I’m looking at you @oldnavy) …. but these things are thin. But you’re young, you’ve got the goods … shake that money maker and let’s hope it elicits bills and not coins.
20 Patterns and 24 Solids (including a white if you’re up to recolor). This also has a little … um … added shadow that … let’s just say RuPaul would frown on your tucking abilities but nod approvingly none the less.
Best when used with @lumialoversims “You’ve Got A Package” junk enhancer. **It was brought to my attention that this mod file was updated - I still use the original enhancement by Lumialoversims - not sure when it changed, but the new version stretches the patterns - sorry**
Shown with tattoos by @savagesimbaby & @dl4sims 
Download [pCloud] | DOWNLOAD [sfs]

May 6, 2018: Sims 3 Decor / Rugs
Farewell TSD
The Sims Daily was a great forum - I met some lovely people, had many laughs, and I had SO many ideas (either in game-play, builds, challenges, or inspiration in creation) from visiting this wonderful collection of people. I’ll admit that I was more a ghost there than an active participant - I am a bit of a shy guy - but I was there … well, daily.
To show my appreciation and to commemorate their 2nd Anniversary (August 2013) I created three rug sets in two sizes (2x3 & 4x3) from CB2, Restoration Hardware, and a smattering of vintage rugs. Each set included 13 styles. With their doors shutting, I feel okay with releasing this TSD exclusive with everyone. I don’t think rugs go out of style and these have held up nicely in five years. Just shake them out or vacuum and presto - they’ll be good as new. This is a Sims 3 collection to be clear, but no worries - I am releasing the S4 version shortly.My S3 friends can download HERE.

May 5, 2018: Sims 4 Decor / Rugs
Farewell TSD Sims 4 Edition
Originally created for the lovely folks over at The Sims Daily to commemorate their 2nd Anniversary (August 2013), these three rug sets from CB2, Restoration Hardware, and that cool aunt you always though was a little touched have finally been converted for Sims 4.
The Sims Daily was a great forum - I met some lovely people, had many laughs, and I had SO many ideas (either in game-play, builds, challenges, or inspiration in creation) from visiting this wonderful collection of people. I’ll admit that I was more a ghost there than an active participant - I am a bit of a shy guy - but I was there … well, daily. With their doors shutting, I feel okay with releasing this TSD exclusive with everyone. Just tip your glass in fond memory - it’s all I ask.
These are for Sims 4. No longer necessary to have two sizes with the resize tool in S4. While in build mode hold SHIFT and [ or ] and you’ll get larger or smaller depending. Would you look at that. So fancy.
Download [pCloud] | download [sfs] for Sims 4.

May 8, 2018: Sims 4 CAS
Stubble You 2: Parenthood Edition
Most guys, if they are sporting a beard, also rock a bit of stubble. It’s nearly unavoidable. Unless you are married to a stylist or are a Type-A control freak (I see you out there), the intense amount of time and effort it takes to be ‘picture perfect’ seems simply out of reach.
That’s the beauty of having a stubble makeup. Take those ultra sharp clean lines and draw outside them - with a touch of reality. This ‘beard’ was released with the Parenthood game pack and it’s a just different enough from the original Stubble You (scroll up if you missed it) to warrant a new edition. This takes that beard and makes it a facial detail so you can mix and match with any beard - EA or CC. It is also base-game compatible. You don’t need to own Parenthood to be a stud.
Download HERE
and seriously - if you missed Stubble You (circa March 2017) you are missing out on the heavier original.

File updated 7/12/21 to include the additional six EA hair colors - download HERE

August 6, 2018: Sims 4 Build Mode / Wallpaper
Back to Nature Wallpaper Set for Sims 4.
12 Nature themed prints, 1 plain, in 30 antique colors.
2 ‘silk’ wall coverings in 30 “Back To Nature” palette / 40 “Options” palette.
Multiplication style in 40 “Options” palette / 16 “ROYGBIV” color spectrum.
516 Different wallpapers
Download [pCloud]  | DOWNLOAD [sfs]

August 8, 2018: Sims 4 Seating
Enveloped In Texture - Sims 4 Porter Canopy Chair
Porter Canopy Chair from the Vampires GP converted to basegame and texturized. 40 styles - solids (x27) with some patterns (x13) to give your sims something to feel. Can’t say it’s maxis match cos, y’know … texture, but don’t let that stop you from taking it for a test drive.
Download [pCloud] | DOWNLOAD [sfs]
cc: @zx-ta mirrors / @plumbobteasociety candle / @peacemaker-ic side-table

August 9, 2018: Sims4 Build Mode
Hydrangea Hues
We love hydrangeas. In fact we have quite a few of them in our garden. Hydrangea can come in a number of colors from white to green to blue to pink to purple. (We even have a red one, but that’s a completely different type all together.) Soil conditions and blossom age can create some truly crazy colors even if you were sold one that was ‘supposed to be’ blue or pink.
Now your sim can garden in style and enjoy the variety of this particular plant. Oh, and if you are viewing it in the Spring, don’t forget the blossoms still need to bloom (I sure did).
Download [pCloud] | DOWNLOAD [sfs]

August 16, 2018: Sims4 Build Mode / Wallpaper/Mural
Where Do I Go? Map Wall Mural
Never get lost in any room in your house again with this handy map wall mural. Comes in 40 ‘Options’ Palette colors. This particular design looks best in 4 to 6 panels. This was not intended as a room wallpaper - just a ‘focal wall’ treatment. Sure - you could use it in your whole room, but it might unleash parallel universes.
It is sadly necessary to point out that wall murals are a bit blurry by comparison to normal wallpapers. Follow the river … elsewhere if that is going to harsh your buzz, man.
DOWNLOAD [pCloud] | DOWNLOAD [sfs]

August 21, 2018: Sims 4 Build Mode/Floors
Let's Get Stoned
It’s a fact: I love wood floors. Sometimes, though, you need a different look.
This set of 35 stone and polished concrete floors can give the industrial chic back to your loft space, add the sterile chill into that high end designer kitchen, freeze the feet of your slipperless sims on those cold mornings in the bathroom.
Indulge yourself …. Download [pCloud] | DOWNLOAD [sfs]

It was a long run at Tumblr - I will miss being active in that community, but I also cannot participate in something that feels like the Thought Police are lurking in the shadows just waiting for the wrong color pixel to get uploaded.

You can add my sites to your FEEDLY subscriptions so you don't have visit to catch an update.
RSS still has some life in it.

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