Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paper birds

Spring is here.

That means the birds are doing it!
Making a welcomed return to your yards and your decor!
What did you think I meant? 

Oh. You are incorrigible.

These little (and sometimes not so little) guys
have been depicted in art and decoration through the ages.
Perhaps it is their plumage 
or their ability to fly
or their cheery song.
Whatever it is, they are here to stay. 

12 Japanese Woodcuts
featuring our fine feathered friends.
on a new and original mesh.

So set them loose in the living room

perch them in the bedroom

or bathe unabashedly under their gaze.
I won't tell.

(both file formats)

CC list
Picture 1 Walls - Aikea / Post-its - Amoebytes / Phone, Typewriter - Camille / Fan, collage, vacuum - Cyclonesue
Picture 3 Plant, floor lamp - Dresden / Pillows, Dining table - Mango / Coffee table - Simpossible / Hanging Lamp - Angela / Window - Madaya74
Picture 4 Bed, Canopy, Drum Table, Basket, Dresser, Lights, Bowl - Exotic Elements / Plant - Gosik / Window - Madaya74
Picture 5 Walls - Aikea / Mirror - SimsDesignAvenue / Sink - Simpossible


  1. Must everything you do be perfec!? These are purrrdy. Thanks for sharing

  2. They're lovely Bau! Glad to be back so I can enjoy your beautiful creations in-game again <3

  3. Thank you for these wonderful wall hangings :)

  4. These are very beautiful, thank you so much for this. ♥

  5. Aw! Thanks everyone :) I had thought this set would work nicely with the previous set, but when I started pulling everything together they were conceptually so different . . . glad you all like them! Hoping to start getting back into more frequent releases like old times, but life has been crazed!

  6. Another amazing set! thank you!!!


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