Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something old, something new

Diversity is the spice of life.
That goes for rugs too. 

Runner rugs fill a different kind of space.
Known for halls and entryways, 

this skinny thing works well in a number of spaces.

This rug meets a new need. 
It's 3x1, so it slightly wider
and more squat than the one in the game,
or this fancy one here.

I've also broken it up into two sets:
a new set
compiled from images of real new rugs for sale 
at better home stores,

Styles 1 -6 new rugs
Styles 7 - 12 new rugs

as well as a set of antique rugs.
You can see that some styles 
have not changed that much
in a couple of centuries.

Styles 1 - 6 antique rugs
Styles 7 - 12 antique rugs

Of course, the new rugs are based 
on the antique classics, but
you knew that
and you'd never say all my rugs look alike . . . 
would you.
(not bitter)

So go forth,
with your bad self, and 
be over the top in your steam punk spa bathroom,
use multiples in your loft living room
keep your feet dry in the kitchen
keep your feet warm in your medieval bedroom
or use one as a prop in your photo shoot.

Lots of ideas
lots of looks
lots to download people.

Go do it now
in both file formats.

CC Credit (if uncredited, it's probably Store, EP/SP, or on this site):
Picture 1: Counter, hanging shelf, glasses, cooking utensils - Exotic Elements / Plates on wall  - AlexPilgrim / Utensils in jar - Camille / Mixer - Simcredible / Refrigerator - MsBarrows / Stool - eyrt96 / chair - ATS3 / Sink - Lisen801 / Dirty bowls - Eight/three
Picture 2: Gated doorway - cyclonesue
Picture 7: Shutters - Angela / Steampunk tub - Lisen801 / Curtains - eddielle
Picture 8: Coffee table - ATS3 / Plates on wall - AlexPilgrim / Bowl - Mango
Picture 9: (see picture 1 as well) Sofa - melanise / Lounger - eyrt96 / Painting - AlexPilgrim / Floor lamp - ATS3 / Juicer - Simcredible / Petal Clock - shakeshaft
Picture 10: Bed and chest - Exotic Elements / End table - cyclonesue / Armchair - EsmereldaF / Teapot - ATS3 /Sunflowers - cashcraft
Picture 11: End tables - Pilar / Bowl of Oranges - Sim_man123 / Camera* / Photo backdrop - UNRELEASED


  1. These are yummy and I love you! You know I cannot get enough of your rugs :)

  2. Your rugs are my favorite. Thank you so much.
    When is that Photo backdrop going to be released? I love it too!

  3. Another home run, Eric! Love them!

  4. Thanks everyone :)

    LemonJelly - Thank you so much - I really appreciate hearing that :)

    daethaqt - I'm thinking you mean picture 2 for the door? Cyclonesue at TSR - link above - the link is just to the doors but the whole set is brilliant. I should have credited her in picture 10 & 11 too, for her windows . . . .

    Lara - I don't know what to say about the release date for the photo backdrop. I saw a picture and was inspired to make it but I did not have a set in mind - it sort of fits the theme of Salvaged/Antique and that is a set I have wanted to get back to adding on to - I find myself, suddenly, with a great deal of time on my hands so something might come up sooner than later.

    QubeDesign - thank you - it's nice to see you back and creating again!

  5. Wow these are great! I love runners!

  6. Aw! Thanks macthekat! :) That makes me very happy :) I have been meaning to make a new set of runners for a while now . . . .

  7. Yes Pic 2.......My Bad....Thank You!!!!

  8. Thanks! I use your rugs all the time in the game, and your runners are a favourite. :)

  9. They are beautiful, and so useful for decorating, just the perfect size! I love all the different styles.

    (Thanks for including the wall plates in your shots!)

  10. I've been pilfering from you for ages but finally decided to say "Thank You" for sharing. While I am truly in love with your rugs, all of your stuff is beautifully made and I refuse to imagine my game without it.

  11. I hadn't been to your blog for a while now... Your creations are amazing! I'm embarking on a Greco-Roman story with TS3, and you have many wonderful cc that will suit my settings.

    Thank you so much!!

  12. These are gorgeous. Any chance they'll be available for Sims 4 any time?

  13. I had not planned it specifically, but I am going to do a large rug conversion before the end of the year. Heading in for hand surgery in a week, so it's up in the air exactly when.


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