Sunday, July 19, 2015

Biology 202

My first original mesh from 2010
was the start of a long and continuing education.

Now we're up to Sims 4 and what better way to enter a new era
than with an old mesh ... remastered of course.

Gone is the awkward and stiff boxy shape
Gone, too, is the blurriness ... sorry
I know how much you like to squint. 

12 new images for both Sims 3 & 4:
Sims 3 version - wooden weight and metal hardware are CASt-able
Sims 4 version - each with a unique wooden weight/metal hardware textures
Sure - it's not a huge set, but 
I have to start somewhere.

Add a little culture to your sims home in both 3 & 4
Sims 4 Living Room
Sims 3 Sitting Room
Sims 4 Kitchen
Sims 3 Loft Dining Area
So give you sims something to talk about
today . . .
cos you're never too old to learn. 

CC Used:
Picture 4: Lamp
Picture 5: Terrarium, Rug
Picture 6: Light
HUGE THANKS TO PEACEMAKER-IC - I have some sanity left thanks to you!
Sim 4 Recolorists - I will be posting the texture file on Tumblr shortly.
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