Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pet this

This set was inspired by Hayley.
Hayley loves animals
she knits blankets and toys for the animals shelters
to help make those animals' stay 
a little less lonesome while they wait
for their forever home.

Seriously cool.

Hayley has NEAD
(Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder)
a condition that can cause her to suffer from
up to 30 seizures a day. 
There is no cure at this time.
Her current wheelchair is a hand-me-down 
that is broken down, manual, and a poor fit. 
This fund is in hopes of procuring
a new wheelchair specifically designed for Hayley’s body and needs
as well as
a portable ramp so she may live as normal a life as possible. 

Please consider donating to help Hayley 
to help enjoy her life a little more.
The #CCforHayley tag has been created at Tumblr by Aminovas
to help gain attention for this campaign.
We've met our £2400 goal to release this pets set, but we have £2600 to go.

What? You want to know about this set? Okay . . . okay 
 When you own a pet, you accept that your pet has certain . . . tastes.
You don't understand it, but you take the good with the bad.
No more.
You, my friend, have a foot.
Put. It. Down.

Your pet has TERRIBLE taste. 
Plastic Bowls? 
Faux Fleece? 

Today I have a set to help your pet 
to help themselves . . .
to be fabulous.
(jazz hands)
Pottery. How cultured.
Hand made with only the finest of wools. Stain resistant ... nautrally!
So retro! You can almost smell the irony.
You pet will be imbued with culture!
Each textile is guaranteed to be at least 45 years old. How many dog years is that!
Two sizes? Why that's just better than one!
In anticipation for this set, Aminovas
has been pulling together other pet related items.
She has greatly improved the impact of this set
with a couple of default replacements
Included (in the zip) in this set 
is the bag default replacement 
when your pet's bowl is being filled.
Choose one
(choose wisely grasshoppah!)
Photo by Aminovas
 This file also includes a default kibble replacment for game bowls
the kibble that falls from the bag!!
No. More. Cornflakes. Yo.
Rock on!!

Aminovas has also made some tres cool pet related items -
like the Hayley's knit minion, a Marimo pet ... or what about this
 catnip knit mouse (modeled after the one Hayley makes!)
Oh Bernard! You don't get the effects of catnip! Or do you . . . .
Bernard? Do you hear sitar? Is the room spinning? Good boy!
 There is also the #PetsForHayley tag
where you can download (or upload your own) a new pet!
You can download my stray that stayed:  
An EA stray that was groomed to cuteness
Oh my god - he sits too? Wew! Doubleplus score!
We're at that time of year again
Season. Of. Giving.
Please consider donating to Hayley.
You don't have to be a meshing wizard
Just be you and people will respond.

The gift. Finally!
Please enjoy and
(both file formats, photos, and default bag [package format] from Aminovas included)
*[11/19/14 8:30 EST - default bag has been updated in this download - if you just need the one updated item - download the package file here]
The important links:
Loobylou (Hayley's Tumblr)

The thank you's:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Surface Tension

It's the end of an era. TS3 is no more.
This IS the end ... table.
This is a celebration of an unsung hero.
Really, it's not that exciting.
It holds stuff.
You kind of ignore it.

But EA makes them big.
Real big.

Who has room for a 3 foot by 3 foot table in their home
that is also waist high?
No one.
That's who.

I bring to you,
the end table.
Holds little.
But stylish.

12 Styles
with some extras and even a bonus.
A bonus!
See how much I love you??
Star Crossed and Lens Flair each have a matching coffee table
Phloid's Leg has a matching coffee table
Schwing! Addition matched the Chess set chairs, so by request, they've become tables too!
Extra coffee, console and C table
(which is designed to pass through objects for cheat free placement)
They stack, yo!
This set was inspired by every time I do these promo shots.
Oh my ghad. 
Not one table from EA could sit next to a 'living chair' and 
NOT dwarf it. 
So sad.

That's not to say that every table will look good next to every chair.
That's why you have options, my friend.
Honest to goodness.

I know. You're welcome.

Take a look at these in action.
Some detail of the glass. Notice the way the edges refract.
If using for stills and you want a strong reflective surface, use the glass floors from ITF expansion
Have to admit this glass is pretty cool looking!
 I am happy with this set on a number of levels. 
The effects with the glass exceeded my expectations - wildly.
Hope you can find a table to enhance your game.


Please consider donating to assist in the cost of hosting.
This was an especially challenging year for both Heidi and I.
Heidi hosts my downloads on her site.
We both use the blogger interface, but we pay yearly for file hosting.
A small fee in the big picture, but still a huge challenge given the hurdles this year presented.
Thank you!

CC Used:
Picture 1 - books Aikea
Picture 2 plant Mango - clock Verona Relapse
Picture 11 elephant, pig Gelina - rocking bird Mango - Plant ATS3
Picture 13 pillow, couch Exotic Elements - curtains Indigo
Picture 15 candle Trutje
Picture 17 pillow Exotic Elements 
Picture 18 plant ATS3 - bench Esmeralda
Picture 19 lamp Exotic Elements - keys Aikea
Picture 21 coffee pot Mango
Picture 22 bar ATS3
Picture 23 Plants ATS3, Trutje, Exotic Elements, Mango - Picture Alex Pilgrim - Butterfiles Garden Breeze

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Tumblr Exclusive: RUGS

You'll have to just go there yourself.
It's four sets of rugs . . . swear it will be worth your time.
Well . . . I hope it's worth your time.
Forget it . . . Tumblr is a fad anyway.
Oh . . . are you still here? 
What? You have a WCIF question?
Well, you'll have to go to Tumblr.
Oh - why don't you download this Tumblr exclusive while you are at it . . . .

No. Really.

7/15/14 - B-b-bah Bonus:
Download the bonus sets here . . . really.
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