Thursday, July 14, 2011

All that glitters . . .

Sometimes you see something
and it makes you remember an event or place or thing.
Sometimes seeing something triggers 
an idea that you must act upon.

This set started out as a simple set of mirrors, but 
sometimes things don't go as they are planned. 
Reflections are not just on surfaces, one must sometimes 
delve deeper and review experiences to move forward.
Sometimes others experiences mirror our own.

I was stalled. 
Heidi at Exotic Elements was experiencing the same thing.
She had a set that wasn't quite moving forward for her.
Seeing what she had done inspired me to move forward.
My choices were a reflection of what she was doing
and where I have been.

We both like mixing things up a bit. 
Soft and rough, 
old and new,
modern and classical. 
Visually rich and textured environments.

Today I have for you 13 new items.
Starting with the obvious: four mirrors.
One leaning and one wall 'dome' mirror, a round beveled mirror, a distressed Venetian mirror,
An acrylic console with 22 slots, 3 dining chair/stools, a shallow bowl with 5 slots, a hunk of quartz,
A "C"-table with 19 slots, the shallow bowl for the wall too, and a floor lamp
A few notes about this set:
The plate is the same for the table as it is the wall.
It has five set styles as well as 2 CASt-able ones in two different scales as pictured. Also - if you want it
less shiny, change the first pattern to something you know is flat. Currently it is set to porcelain. 

The first style is just like the one in my living room.
The "C" table is set up that it does not need a cheat to place it as it should be placed:
under a piece of furniture. This however also allows it to move right through a piece of furniture. 
The RL design of this table is sort of like a TV tray - it's intended to 
roll under the sofa and act as a snack table . . . 
that's the reason for the way it was coded. Okay? OKAY! Not a mistake - swear to ghaaad.

The floor lamp is 1310 polys - a little high, but deal or ditch it. You won't hurt my feelings.
Just a little note about the lamp - I have this lamp in my living room in real life, so while it is odd, it actually exists.

Phew! Okay - on with the photos!
This is a little different than normal.
Today I am showing you a living/dining room set up from many angles:

(because these photos are sooo Exotic Elements/b5Studio CC heavy, I am linking others objects by the photo)

Windows all photos: Madaya74, Plant: ATS3

Glass Pharmacy Containers - One Billion Pixels
Colored Glass Bottles - Awesims

Telephone - Camille

So there you have it.
or, well
Download it
and there . . . you have it.
January 10, 2015 - The Chess Set chairs and Antique Floor Lamp have been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find them here!

Who knew you could do two complete rooms with mostly Exotic Elements and b5Studio stuff?
What? You did? Aw - bless you. Now donate ;)

A big ol' THANK YOU  to CycloneSue who's beautiful distressed mirror set aided me greatly 
in the settings for the venetian mirror as well as the hunk'o'quartz.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Green Man

After last years tree fall, I wasn't thinking much about the garden.
But something magical happened. 
It came back like gang busters.

There are not words to describe the feeling
when you realize that
while I had given up on it
it had not given up on me.
Therein lies the inspiration for this set.

Gardens are a lot of hard work
and the results can be years in the making.
Exotic Elements and I agree
that your sim shouldn't need to suffer any longer.
That's why we've created a few things
that we love to see in a garden
either public or private or even secret . . .

Today, I have for you 16 17* items that are inspired by the great outdoors.
Exotic Elements has 10 more! MOAR even!
So buckle up your overalls, get those shovels ready,
and get ready for a truckload of pictures.

A bird bath, a fountain, a gazing ball
Sweet Woodruff Plant, Purple Oxalis Seedling, 2 Garden Cloche, A specimen Plaque
A working glowing clock, an Art Deco Lantern, a Star Lantern
Large modern sphere sculpture (glowing), A broken WA statue, A small Picasso-inspired  Steer  Head
2 styles of Obelisk, and an over-sized garden 'finial' 
Most of these items also have a mossy style
For that gently forgotten look.
(Where did I put my garden again?)

So go ahead, make a
Conservatory with a starry sky,
Grow things and observe them up close,  
Enhance your Gothic manor  
Enjoy your garden at night 
Mourn in style, yo 
Eat your lunch in style in the office courtyard
Work too hard and enjoy your dinner in the courtyard at night, too!
Make a Santa Fe Zen Garden. You're so cutting edge!
Just garden already! It's fun and rewarding!
That's a lot of looks bubbies!

There are a couple of notes about this set:

The Sweet Woodruff is a little higher 
than the recommended poly count at about 1600 polys. 
Oops. It won't crash your game, but I am compelled to mention it.

The clock - if you place it indoors on a single level,
 the ceiling will cut off the top of it. 
This is shift-able, so just drag it down a little 
while holding the 'alt' key - all better!

So go ahead and
and get yourself some green fingers!

(run, don't walk, to Exotic Elements to get 10 additional garden items!)

*OH - a big DUH for me - neoscat found that I had not included the steer head
(a thousand thanks neoscat!) - the above links have been updated.

Many thanks to Exotic Elements, AlexPilgrim, and Lemon Jelly for testing these items
A HUGE thank you to Mutske for explaining how to add slots to an object that has none
and as always a massive hug to Exotic Elements for being a continued inspiration 

CC List:
Let me just start by saying this would be ten pages long to credit each and every plant.
This list is going to be a little different this time.
To get some truly beautiful plants, please visit these talented artists:
Club CrimsynSim_Man123Simply Styling / Mutske / alex_stanton1983
7/8/11: And whoa! Just released from ATS3 is a garden related set too! Check it out!! MUST HAVE!
More plants came from:

Onto the specifics - the objects:
Picture 1: Crows - Cemre / Crows - Helen / Watering Can - Simply Styling
Picture 2: Arbor - sim_man123, Water pump - cyclonesue
Picture 9: Sideboard - Simply Styling / Windows - Madaya74 / Empty Pots - Cemre / Dirt Pail - Sim_man123
Picture 13: Fence, Graves - Cyclonesue
Picture 16: Stool - nanu
Picture 17: Garden table, Pots - Cemre / Shelf, door  - cyclonesue / trellis - sim_man123 / utensils - camille / daisy vine - denizzo_ist

If you see it in the picture and it is uncredited, it's either SP/EP, found at this site or if you weren't reading carefully - Exotic Elements did a garden set with me - go find it there silly!
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