Monday, September 12, 2011

Standing the heat

Some people are better at some things than others.
I can't cook. There . . . I said it.
I mean - I can follow a recipe, but it's not an innate ability.
Nor does it ever taste as good as someone who can cook.

How do I remedy this?
I collect nifty things for my kitchen.
Distract the masses.
Nothing up my sleeve . . .
Presto! Look at that cookie jar - it's soooo cute!

And there you have it.
If I've ever cooked for you,
I bet you remember what a cool bowl
that soup was served in.

What was that soup again?

Todays set builds upon the first kitchen set:
mmm . . . salt . . . where's my lick?
Vintage accessories from my own kitchen
and one from my dream kitchen.

Canisters, and Salt & Pepper shakers . . . 
Simlish and English versions . . .  Canisters also have a blank version.
Canisters and shakers are single items - there are slots to add more for versatility  
A utensil clock, a step stool (as a stool and an end table)
Clock with quartz movement haha - Step stool as a stool (stairs up) and a table (stairs down)
The step stool table has slots on the seat, steps, and between the legs
An industrial refrigerator, a fluorescent light, and a breadbox (acts like a chest a'la WA).
Refrigerator has slots on top (best in two story rooms), fluorescent light,
and breadbox acts like a chest to hold things - it too has slots on top of the box.
Can you guess which one I don't seem to have $14,000 to buy?
Me either! My dream life is that vivid.

Nine items (yes, I'm doing math again - that's two canisters, two step stools . . . . )
All to fancify your sims retro, modern, or retro-modern kitchen.

Fancify . . . sounds like a brand of cat food.
Speaking of cat food . . . 

On with the spam!

Some notes on this set:
Not all patterns look good on every item. This set (exception: canisters) has 
multiple tiling in each item. If your pattern doesn't look good on one, try another style.

The canisters and shakers have additional slots to build upon the look you want. 
Sometimes you need less than what is grouped - this was for versatility.
The large canister has two slots to allow for either the small or large canister to sit next to it.
The small canister has one slot. I hope with Unleashed that these can be updated to be functional for say 'pet treats' - I opted to not make these chests as it would be redundant.
The salt/pepper shaker also has a slot  at the front corner.
These slots are designed to allow for full rotation, you may need moveobjects on cheat to allow them to fully rotate without problems.

The fluorescent light also glows. While the bulb is recolorable, this will show as 
lighter than the color selected. Light output acts like any other light and can be changed as thus. 

Breadbox, I am told, works fine - even without WA installed. 
Due to the many counters in the game, you will need to use an OMSP to place this 
to look correct on a counter. May I suggest 
Mango's OMSP set 
Mango's Counter OMSP (page two of sets, bottom of page)
granthes at MTS
granthes Multi-height OMSP Click to enlarge for specific instructions. 
HUGE Thank You's go out to Sandy at ATS3 for assistance with the breadbox,
Jenba at Greetings from Mt Geneva for her acute observations on this set,
Heidi at Exotic Elements whom I always confer with at each baby step,
All the testers and commenters while this set was being pulled together.

Download here
both file formats included

CC pictured: (if uncredited, it is possibly here at the studio, a basic game item, store item, or an EP/SP item)
picture 1: counters, floor pattern - Awesims / retro wallpaper pattern - hysterical paroxysm / Windows - Funny / Sink - 
picture 5: kettle - garden breeze / plate, silverware - WOE
picture 6: counters, plant, hanging shelves, utensils, bowl - Exotic Elements / foreground surface - eryt96 / teapot - ATS3 /
kettle, pot, pan - garden breeze / groceries - jun sim / mixer - simcredible / daisies - cmomoney
picture 7: mug, butter dish - WOE
picture 9: scale - simcredible
picture 10: chairs - garden breeze / books - aikea
picture 11: phone - camille
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