Sunday, November 6, 2016


I have a micro-set for you today
to help bring awareness to Anette Bjørke 
who has MS.

There is a new procedure that can potentially reverse the damage
this once incurable, debilitating, and fatal disease can cause
using ones own stem cells.
The problem? 
It's costly. Like ... luxury car expensive and
the Norwegian goverment only gives this treatment to the sickest.
Anette isn't quite there and is hoping not to get there 
by funding the procedure herself.

This is a relatively new use for stem cell research.
They are continuing to take this process
and apply it in new ways.

My offering: The chair shelf - based on 
I likened the idea of taking something 
known for one thing
and applying it in a new way
much like this new approach to eradicating MS.
With a couple of planks,
a chair is now a shelf.
You don't have to donate a lot.
Sure, it would be nice if it was, 
but if we all can give something of ourselves
and bring attention to her plight,
Anette will get to her goal sooner.
Please read about her and the procedure here
and consider donating what you can
or create something to bring attention to her fund
with the tag #ccforanette
Sims 4
Sims 3
(both s3 & s4 versions)

CC Used:
 picture 3:skull, cloche. blue pictures - PlumbobArchitect / plate, yellow picture, books - Peacemaker /
globe - Simsza / hourglass, jar - JoolsSimming / sphere lamp - Mango
picture 4: birds - Mango / cactus - Marcussims91

Monday, September 5, 2016

two point oh

It happens.

You're minding your own business
when a patch borks your wares.
It worked before ... tested and approved,
but come Tuesday,
It's okay.
We're all adults here.
(grumble grumble grumble)
 Let's just take this as an opportunity.
A time to reflect on what could have been better.
Well, after a bit of cursing.

Broken after a patch regarding 
Improved lighting? Great!
My rug? Say whaaaaa?
I think what is worse is that no one told me.
That means no one uses it.

Turns out it was an easier fix than I thought.
That didn't stop me from tearing the thing apart trying to find the problem.
No sir.

So suffice it to say, this is fixed.
Further, where I am not prone to scaling objects in S4
I made this large 
(thinking like a true blue S3 creator)
Now this rug is also in half size.
See? Both sizes. Merveilleux!
 As a 'mea culpa' 
I am including 
Kilim Series 3 & 4 
(you might want to refresh your memory here and here)

Then came another patch.
Someone at EA got the bright idea 
(no pun)
to change the numbering of lights
effectively breaking the cloned resource links
causing a script error.
(I hope I just said that right ... who cares - EA face planted).
This affected all sorts of lamps ... 
even MINE.
How. DARE.

While many of you already probably batch fixed these lights,
I hate to tell you, but ...
I improved them.
Broken seams from importing into Blender from Milkshape
(yes, I like milkshape ... it brings all the boys to the yard)
LOD lighting problems, strange rainbow coloration ... 
You deserve better.
The culprits.
I have learned a great deal more with the assistance of Peacemaker IC
and fiddling in Blender & S4S.
So the three affected lights are fixed.
I was so happy, I decided to challenge myself to do
three wall height ceiling lights.
And upon trying, I regretted it, but I carried on.
My "In The Garden" lights from 2011
have been greatly upgraded.
The improved, and renamed "Central Library Pendant" in 6 styles
The Star Lantern - 4 styles
If you follow me on Tumbr
*(you best be following me)
you also know I am working on a few new sets.
One of my other lights
the "Lean Lamp" from 2012 Blog Blog Blog set
fit the style of my future AHWb5 Living room.
Problem is - I don't own one
(though Design Within Reach did their part to coax me 
via a random email directed to me personally ...
not creepy whatsoever)
so I have converted and updated this light for S4
and am including it here.
The - what I now know to be, the - "Grasshopper" lamp - aka Lean Lamp in 12 styles
Seeing it on DWR did alert me that this was out of scale, but 
truth be told, I didn't know at the time it was a popular MCM design.

Let's take a look at some photos of these items in game,
shall we?
 You get the idea.

Download the rugs:

Download the lights:

The original download pages now have updates and updated zips that include the corrected files.
Stay tuned for new items soon. Those sets will include S3 items
(and a couple of these updated lights for S3 too)

CC Used:
Photo 9: Table by Peacemaker
Photo 10 Kitchen set, sofa, chair, chaise, decor by Peacemaker / Mirror Shelf by Things by Dean
Photo 11: Paintings by Busted Pixels / Bookshelves by MLYS
Photo 12: Table and footed bowl by Around The Sims 4 
Photo 13: Bed and end tables by Things By Dean / Frames by Jools / Bookshelf by Simphony Number 4
Many items previewed are not yet for release.
One item is only available if you are feelin' social (hint hint).

Sunday, July 3, 2016


You look at art every day.
Whether you notice it or not, we surround ourselves with visuals.
Does it say something?
How does it make you feel?
Is it a social commentary?

Who f*****g cares.
Is it cool?
Pretty ...
Many of you know that I am a picture framer.
I am surrounded by art at work
and at home.
My interpretation of art is
possibly wider than the next guys ... 
but that said,
I love the stuff.

Hence my excitement for sharing
what I see on blog feeds and websites.
Not always attributed to the artist
but surrounded and often overwhelmed 
with visuals.
Too many to keep ... or is it?
S4 players, I have converted two sets
of S3 art from my back catalogue.
There is not enough art in this game
nor will there ever be.

This is a start.
Well, really, a continuing effort.... 
(So dramatic)

January 2015's Readymade Art set.
(you can read my thoughts on the set there)
Originally conceived as an easy mesh for people to recolor,
it came at a time when S3 had lost popularity to S4 and,
we not especially popular.
No matter,
I don't give up easily.
This set has:
4x6 Horizontal
4x6 Vertical
5x5 Square
5x7 Horizontal
5x7 Vertical
8x10 Horizontal
8x10 Vertical
While creating promo shots, 
I was sadly also missing
Art by Blog (February 2012's BlogBlogBlog set)
Originally 12 images,
Now 24:
S4 has a unique system where you can move pictures all over a wall.
Finally, these items are able to do what 
I had always intended in S3, but could not achieve. 
So please
treat your sim to art.

Picture 2: SIMZA - Lighting over island, PEACEMAKER - Counters/Islands, Shelving,
Lighting over table, sofas, S&P Shakers

Picture 3: A CENTURY OF FAKERS - Stormtrooper & Branch Limb Paintings MANGO - acrylic chairs OH MY CC - walls
Picture 12: PEACEMAKER - Chairs, credenza, ATS4 - dark sofa, MANGO - sphere light
Picture 13: OH MY CC - bench seating,  OMORFI-MERA - glass candle
Picture 14: ATS4 - Sofa, JOOLS SIMMING - Star Light, MANGO - Cubist Painting, DREAMTEAMSIMS - Ray Gun Painting Conversion, PEACEMAKER - Candle

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stu Stu Studio

 Your sim yearns to create.
They need a colorful place to flesh out ideas
and make their dreams tangible.

Sure they could use an office,
but why stop there? 

They're not preparing taxes.

No, they are creating masterpieces.
Fashion ... look to the left ... no, your OTHER left.
Today your S4 sims are getting
a place to create their next novel,
painting, or photograph.

Is your sim not creative?
Who cares ... they'll look creative
given the correct accessories.
Let's take a look at what they'll get:
 A rolling desk, and acrylic console, a rolling filing cabinet,
a wooden display easel, a rectangular display canvas, 
a modern floor lamp, and a bar stool.
Also: An acrylic desk, a rolling console, a modern chair,
two tripod floor lamps, a photo backdrop, a pants/suit form,
an acrylic display easel, and square display canvas.

Take a look at some of these items in action!
Create a better view with a backdrop
Add some color to your drab digs
Dine in - in style
Luxury Loft Living (I mean - you can't always be at a party)
So there you have it - the short and sweet of it ...
Studio Suite of it. 

Oh yeah,
S3 players - I haven't overlooked you.
 The Pants/Form
Acrylic Console
Acrylic Desk
and remember the star lantern?
All have been updated for your game.
(Sorry S4 users - you'll see the star lantern some day)
 If someday I can figure out how to get the photo backdrop
to work on two textures, a'la S4, I will re-convert it for S3.

So ... we're done here.
All you gotta do is download it now:

(9/5/16 - S4 file is updated with fixed lights - if you just want the fix download here with additional goodies)
 SIMS3 Conversion Mini Set
(Both Formats) 

Picture 2: ATS4 - Camera, MANGO - Glasses, Pipes
Picture 5: VERONARELAPSE - Blinds
Picture 6: LUMIALOVER - LavaLamp
Picture 7: PEACEMAKER - Lights, Bar, Fruit Bowl, BLUEHOPPERSIMMING - Wallpaper
Picture 8: SIMZA - Lighting, PEACEMAKER - Counters/Islands, Shelving, Oven/Hood,
Clock, Plates, S&P Shakers
Pictures 9 & 10: MANGO - succulent, EIGHT/THREE - phone

Saturday, May 14, 2016

supah sweet redundancy

Time for something new.
Rehashing, revamping, repairing is fun and all
I jest - it's tedious
but sometimes you have to do something new.

Your sim needs a place to write their novel,
work on their spreadsheets,
troll on teh forums ....
Your sim also needs some color.
Just sayin'

Where better than in a new office suite?
New art (24 images per canvas), 
a couple of display easels (acrylic and wood),
a desk, console, and rolling filing cabinet
(rolling is imaginary)
and even a fancy floor lamp.
Here ... take a look at it in action:
 Some quick notes on this set - 
This is for Sims 3
If you plan on putting the file cabinet below the desk or console
Put items on the desk or console first - THEN place the file cabinet.
You'll quickly see why if you don't follow these 
painfully simple instructions yo.

But wait.
I promised a few improvements to old items.
And I hope I have not disappointed.
Sims 4 saw some conversions of my back catalogue
and some of these items were improved upon.
You, my Sims 3 player, now also benefit from these improvements:
Many of these items needed to be smoothed, remapped, and poly reduction,
but now also include the S4 overlays and:
1 - MiniMAL Chair needed a small repair to a seam
2 - Door Screen - new glass channel (knobs) and 4 channels (BG)
3 - Requested liberated "Is This Art?" Stool
4 - Four channels (BG)
5 - Four channels (BG)
6 - New Glass channel, additional mask for more options, 4 channels (BG)
7 - Still above the norm for polys but lower - new cage - 4 channels (BG)
8 - Bedframe liberated from mattress for more options
9 - Mattress liberated from bedframe for more options
10 - New glass channel for edge refraction
11 - Smoothing essentially 'fixed' this item
CAS as the first options. 
These are new items - manually delete the old ones you have

Here's a few shots in game:
to Sandy at Around The Sims
who helped with critical information
and a couple of files to allow these items to 
be four channels while also being basegame (BG).
to all of the testers too - your feedback was 
a huge assistance in getting this set in shape.

No worries S4 users - you'll see Office Sweet soon
with more items and additional conversions.
Patience grasshoppers.


 Picture 5: Lamp - Exotic Elements
Picture 6:  Butterflies - Pocci
Picture 7: Chairs - Gelina

Sunday, February 28, 2016

three to four

What can I say that hasn't already been said?
Sometimes you just need
to repeat yourself.
Whether it is to punctuate a point
or to better understand something yourself.
This is a case of the latter. 
Sims 4 has been a bit of a hurdle for me.
Strange shader groups, odd bones, soft textures,
... no CAS ...
So, to wrap my mind around this iteration,
I have recreated some of my favorite pieces.
(Some ... and I suspect I will continue to do so over time)

This set is for Sims 4.
Some of these objects have been changed 
for adapting to Sims 4 from Sims 3,
but some have been cleaned up, 
whether that is lower poly counts
or smoothing issues - 
these items have been updated
and improved upon.
(S3 users will see these in my next set).
Let's just get it out of the way ...
what's included:
Door Screen (2011 Green Room set) in 6 presets
Accordion Table (2011 Green Room set) in 26 presets
Salvaged Door Dining Table (2011 Green Room set) in 3 presets/ 2 glass styles
Dress Form (2011 Green Room set) in 6 presets
Acrylic "C" Table (2011 Reflections set) in 8 presets
Domed Wall Mirror (2011 Reflections set) in 6 presets
Leaning Domed Mirror (2011 Reflections Set) in 6 presets
Art Deco Radio (2012 Inspiration: Blog set) in 6 presets
Modern Canopy Bed (2012 Inspiration: Blog set) in 3 presets
Bedding for bed (new for S4) in 8 presets
Picasso Inspired Readymade: Steer Skull (2011 In The Garden set) in 12 presets
Plaque Identifier / Specimen Plaque (2011 In The Garden set &
2015 Is It Art? set) 3 presets each.
Suitcase Victrola (2011 Mementoes Set) in 5 presets
Cookie Jar (2010 Cooking With set) in 3 presets
Vintage Caned Chair (2013 SF Magazine Gift set) in 18 presets
Leon's Mug (2013 Hold It set) in 8 presets
Duchamp inspired Readymade Bike Sculpture (2015 Is It Art set) in 8 presets
Studio Sculpture (new for S4) from the Readymade Sculpture (ea modified mesh)
Bonus: Noodie Cutie Frame (2014 Artwork 2.0 set) in 5 presets
Some of these items were not popular in Sims 3.
That's fine. I love them.
And perhaps giving them a bit of new life,
you'll enjoy them too.

Here - have a look at them in action:

Special thanks to Peacemaker for being a rock
through my many frustration rants, mirror angles, and "blonde" moments.
Door style 6 & Bed style 3 are Peacemaker wood textures.

At risk of repeating myself,


CC Used:

Picture 1: Sofa/Living Chair/Herbs (on table)/Table Lamps/Flooring - Peacemaker |
Painting Conversion - dreamteamSims | Plant - HistoricalSimsLife

Picture 23: Painting Conversions - dreamteamSims
Picture 24: Medium Pipe - Around The Sims 4
Picture 25: peacemaker-ic - Bayside Daybed & Pillows | dreamteamsims - Painting conversion |
ohmycc - Shadow Boxed conversion | vonndasun - Amarante Sofa conversion | Mango - glass vase/candle |
- glass candle (leftmost) | kiwisims4 - walls

Picture 26: aroundthesims bedside table, dresser/cabinet | inakh Polaroids wall decor |
Poodle painting | omorfi-mera candles | Mango plants, candle, rocking bird

Picture 27: Kitchen cabinets/appliances/sink - Peacemaker
Picture 28: Candle - Mango
Picture 29: Wallpaper - Peacemaker
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