Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Craftsman chic: Can four be a magick number too?

It only took
a year and a half 
to get back to this set.

Your patience is about 
to be

That's right bubbies:
More Grant Park.

Let's get right into 
exactly what you're going to download.
Cos ...
it's a lot.
64 pieces to be exact.
Accurate, yet anal.

hehe he said anal

Attic window and vents have been placed lower so they'll
fit the gable. If you want to use a specific window/vent, you might
have to alter your square count so it centers properly. Attic windows
align to the bottom of the original windows.
The counter, privacy, special, and fireplace windows all align
to the top of the regular windows.
Left and Right window flank perfectly to the sides of other, regular width, windows.
These are perfect for placement near corners and perpendicular walls.

Part 1 windows - #1 request: make them also 2x1 - so here you go. 
That's a lot of windows.
But wait ... there is more.
Part one alternate placement - popular request! Narrow doors
work perfectly near corner and perpendicular walls.
Another popular request. This version has 4 channels to CASt!
Narrow archway is great for a narrow hallway. Won't cause wall bleed.
The modular arch works well for especially long archway needs.
Oh sure - you had the fence/railing - but NOW you get a gate. Two in fact.
Wow - this is a lot of stuff!
Oh - but we're not done yet!!
Okay - shoot me. I couldn't get the diagonal perfect. EA didn't even offer
a diagonal option. Sheesh!
Column sleeves for options. OPTIONS PEOPLE. Now it isn't even
necessary to have an archway. God love me.
What self respecting Craftsman wouldn't have a buffet?
All self respecting Grant Park homes have one of these.
So there is it.
all 64 motherlovin' pieces.

If you can't make a okay looking Craftsman
with these four parts,
well then you're playing a board game!

Let's have a looksee,
shall we?

Download Sim3Pack format
Download Package format
Also - for those of you who prefer it,
Grant Park Parts 1 - 4 (plus Pocci's Curtains) in a merged package file
Download Merged Package*
*Make sure you if you install this merged package you remove the single files!

CC Used in photos (if uncredited, it's a store item, a game item, or found on this site):
Exterior shots: Plants, Plants, Plants
Siding, Siding, Siding, Siding
Picture 21 - Lucite DiningTable
Picture 24 - Arm Chair / Window Seat
Picture 25 - Log Basket / Craspedia
Picture 28 - Counters / Round Dining Table / Stove
Picture 29 - Desk

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Aht Shmaht

Well, hello Valentine!
Have you ever been in a museum
and you see something that is seemingly ordinary
or lacking skill?
Your instinct is to question its validity.
Is it art?
Well it's got a little sign on it.
Gotta be . . . right?

It's a term we take for granted.
Originally meant to differentiate
from Handmade,
the term was appropriated by Marcel Duchamp
to describe a type of art. 
A Readymade was "an ordinary object elevated to the dignity 
of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist"

In the spirit of the Readymade
I have taken two ordinary EA objects and made
something new.
"Bicycle Wheel" inspired by the one by Marcel Duchamp
A bicycle wheel from the adult bike
and the base game cheap stool
(gently modified)
Comes in two presets
for a mere 52 simoleons.
There are four channels so you
can make it look however you want.
That's fancy, yo.
It's like ... you're an artist too.
(mind is blown)
 But is it art?

Sure is.
How do I know?
There's a little sign next to it.

These art plaques are very handy.
You can get these too.
They can identify art.
And because it is a plaque 
it cannot lie.
Therefore, whatever you put it next to
is, indeed, art.
(Not to be confused with the specimen plaque that 
can confirm that, indeed, you are looking at a tree)

Not sure what that thing is EA included with that SP/EP?
Throw a sign on it - presto - it's high art.
No one will question you.
In fact . . . you'll be called an intellectual.

You can even
Create a paradox
So there you have it bubbies.
My valentine's day gift to you.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Easy Peasy

The ready made frame.
It's sort of frowned on in the professional picture framing community.
It's soooo cheap,
But it's so easy to use.
Tear it out of a magazine
Insert in frame
Presto! It's art. 
The art doesn't even have to be a perfect fit.
That's what the mat is for.
Crop what you want, cover the rest.
That's the idea anyway
(It's great when the art is a perfect fit too).

Today I present seven new meshes
for the art enthusiast who might not be able
to afford the price of custom picture framing.

We've all been there ...
Even framers. 

They call this style a gallery frame.
Generally speaking, galleries want to showcase the art
Not the frame.
By unifying the look of the frame,
it visually goes away to allow the viewer to see just the art.

Where'd it go??!

When the art is all different sizes, having the same size
outer frame can also remove the importance of how a piece has been framed.

So effective.

So mix
Each mesh has 15 images
(5x5 has a volume 1 & 2 where is lacks an orientation)
That's 120 images to choose from
and there is a look for everyone.
A real mix and match.
Use it in your sleek modern penthouse - go you!
Your kitten obsessed tween's bedroom
Your University dorm room with two other fangirls ...
As a backsplash in your concrete kitchen
In your space challenged Studio apartment

There is look for everyone.
A smattering of styles.
Anything can be art if you like it.
And it looks so much better in a frame.
Pinkie swear.

Sim3pack files
Package files
(each zip includes photos that identify the art/artist when possible)

CC Used:
Picture 2: Couch  Chair  Curtain  Rug
Picture 7: Sofa  Rocking Birds (set Boston)
Picture 8: Pillow, Dresser Clockwork Cat /Round Cat  Butterflies
Picture 9, 10, 11: Superman Poster  Plant Hanging Tin w/Scissors
Picture 12, 13: Buck/Hunk Poster  Mirrors  Plant  Green Rug (set Boston)
Picture 14, 15: Keys
Picture 16: Counters  Rolling Cart  Stove
Picture 17: Plant (set Raphael)  Bed/Canopy

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