Sunday, May 26, 2024

Secret Treats

Long before the days of Patreon, I had a donation button.
During those years, for anyone who donated, there was a *secret* gift.
I did not want to elicit donations,
but I did want to show my gratitude to those who gave organically.
A quiet thank you.

Some argued they donated because I was generous
to create for the community,
but I had, myself, been on the receiving end of silence for a donation.
I wanted something special for those who supported me.
And the gifts were cumulative.

As I transitioned to S4, most expressed they would not be joining me.
I continued to create for both games. Then my computer died.
I lost access to S3 which ended my ability to create for that game.

And finally, I was slowing down with creating.
I no longer needed 'tips' to afford storage
(I bought a lifetime storage a'la pCloud and,
and of course, SimFileShare was/is generously offering free space).
Photoshop would go to the Cloud
and I had the last physical copy. No more upgrades.
I also had a better job. I could afford my own
add-on's (stuff/kit/expansions) to continue to create.
A donation button seemed like excess.

I've never been an overly popular creator,
but -  I still feel the warmth of those who like my wares.
I've decided to share these updated files with everyone.
I know my aesthiet is not for everyone and I am okay with that.
For those who can find a home for my wares, these are for you.
It all started with a mirror.
These mirrors were the first gift. It is built on the domed portion of the tall domed mirror from 2011.

You also get:

The biscuit jar is a favorite as is the bauer mug.
The Chest is based on the real early 19th century in my home. The only thing here I don't really possess is the board game.

And art:
Plus some updated seating.
These previously released files have the donator files plus many new.
As well as some shelving:
and of course, rugs:
A little something from my S3 'Neon' set:
And my last offering on this set - Wallpaper:
Here are the items running loose in the wild - let's see them in their natural habitat:

Please feel free to download:

pCLOUD  |  SFS (mirror)

Some quick notes about the set:
•The mirrors get progressively more cloudy the smaller they get.
This is a strange game phenomenon - it's the same mesh and texture.
Must have something to do with the compression -
if someone knows of a fix, please let me know.
•The board game dice are prone to a strange fade on a "glass" surface
or can look strange when viewed through each other.
This is a transparency issue where a transparent item on another transparent item
or through a transparent item will not look right. Many thanks to Peacemaker for pointing this out
after many MANY frustrating attempts to fix this.
•The 'neon' sign - this was not my first choice for the base as it only lights up at night.
The better solution would not allow the sign to be resized.
Thems the breaks kiddies. This was the higher choice

picture 23: Sideboard/hutch - Simsi45 | Paneled wall wallpaper - Anachrosims
picture 24: Red flowers - Peacemaker | Heart-eyed Lamp - mechtasims
picture 25: SweetPea in glass vase - Pocci | Plant on books, Low Bookshelf - Peacemaker | Deathflowers - CoffinFit | plant bottom shelf - Simsi45 |
blue plant upper right shelf - sforzinda | plant on book upper right shelf - nooboo sims
picture 26: Plant on books, Cloched Plant, Variegated Rubberleaf Plant - Peacemaker
picture 27: Protea Flowers in turquoise vase - Pocci | tomato red living chair - Myshunosun | Turquoise living chair - Amoebae |
Cloched Plant, plant on book, sheers - Peacemaker | Jade side table - Linzlu
picture 30: Striped jar, turquoise cart - ATS4 | Mid-Century Lamp - Surely-Sims | Computer - Lumenniveus | Purple Books - Simsi45 |
Globe - mlys | Plant top shelf vine - syboubou | Pilea plant second shelf - awingedllama | Brown Boxes - BrazenLotus
picture 31: Pink plant foreground - Peacemaker | Purple climbing plant - Visty6/Alaykaa Conversion
picture 32: Sofa - Myshunosun | tray on ottoman - Pierisim

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  1. Oh, wow - what a wonderful gift!!! Thank you so much. Your content feels as if it has been there always and I've loved it forever. Hugs! ✨🔆✨


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