Sunday, October 31, 2021

Treats for the Crafty


I've been asked since I started creating for Sims 4:
When are you going to convert the Grant Park set?
The answer has always been: Never.
But - absence makes the heart grow fonder ... or so I am told.

Recently, a good portion of the Grant Park set
has been converted, with care, by Satsujin.
It was like the albatross was finally released from my neck.
And my heart did, indeed, grow fonder. 
It's a pretty nice set if I do say so myself.

But the Grant Park set had more than just build items.
(Not to mention the surprise gift of Part 5 for Sims 3 players)
and while I fully expect others will want to convert these items to match their build items,
I have always had a soft place in my heart for these pieces.
(Soft place / rot ... same difference).
You get:
The Fireplace (two tile styles)
The flanking Bookcase (left and right)
The Sideboard
Plus ...
A Mantle Mirror
A Mantle Clock
A Pottery Vessel
A Fireplace Screen
Fireplace Toolset
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Botanicals (19 Images/2 Frame Styles)
A Bedside Table (left and right - a new edit of a donation gift from the 'This Is The End...table' set)

Things to be aware of: 
While you can use the fireplace screen and tools with other fireplaces,
it is raised to the correct height for my fireplace.
You can use TwistedMexi's T.O.O.L. mod or try hitting 9 or 0 to raise and lower these items.
The fireplace screen will change color due to a lit fire.
If you have TwistedMexi's Better Buy/Build you can SHIFT/CLICK
on the fire to change the color of the flame to a white tone.
For Placement I always have MOVE OBJECT ON active.
To place the bookcases you will need to use this cheat.
When I start Buy/Build I hit F5 for more refined placement.
I use RESIZE ... A LOT. Press [ or ] to scale down or up.

I was also wanting some Arts & Crafts style wallpapers,
but it ended up becoming a much larger set:
36 styles made seamless using small swatches of fabric,
scraps of real wallpaper, or purchased/free patterns:
Finally, it's that season again ... 
Originally a TSM mesh, it was kind of fugly.
Okay - REALLY fugly. Clunky wooden base,
oversized, and kinda cartoony.
A little snip here, a tuck there ... presto. 
No animals were harmed in this pixel construct. 
He followed you home ... can't you keep him?
12 color swatches (the little bandage on the antler).
I originally edited this for my personal game in 2013.

Here's a couple of action shots:
There you have it kids.
A little wood, a little paper, a little bone.
DOWNLOAD with confidence.
as always: ad free/cost free
pCLOUD  |  SFS (mirror)
11.7.21: Bedside Table update:
A kind soul left me a note on this post about the Craftsman style bedside table.
They referred to it as 'glitchy' and at first I did not know what they meant.
Then I remembered in S4S I could see seams unlike any of my other creations.
I had attempted to regroup and smooth, but it didn't seem to help.
After a query on Tumblr, Peacemaker offered a solution.
I hope this takes care of the problem. It was updated in the zip,
but for those of you that just want the fixed tables - download pCloud | SFS
Look at this post and this post. Please use at your own risk. I personally use IVO's solution.
3.9.24 - Fireplaces and Flanking Cabinet update:
Well ... here we are again.
I noticed sometime in 2022 that suddenly the fireplace and flanking cabinet were burdened by
some heavy lines that changed when the camera moved. Peacemaker to the rescue again. The lines
are "SSAOintensity" and I am stumped why they suddenly appeared. I have plenty of photos before
the release where there are no lines - I am guessing a patch borked something. That said - these
particular items had a "1" and not a "0" for this setting, so .... possible PEBCAK, but ...
EA, so ... it's a toss up for who is inept.
Pesky ambient shadows showed right through the mesh. Please note the new B5 2024 color dot on the thumbnail for the NEW file.
Fancy Schmancy. I did a thing and updated the center glass texture
So - it might help to note that *this* is the thing that broke me.
Every patch and add on/expansion breaks something and I just ... couldn't anymore.
I enjoy the process, but not the constant maintenance. So forgive the pause on fixing this issue,
but I completely walked away from playing/creating for a spell. Can't say I am 'back' but ...
Download JUST THE FIX here:
pCloud | SFS
link on the main post is updated with the corrected files already.
CC Used:
(My game is CC lite at the moment for testing)
Picture 3: Mirrors, Candles, Religious Objects - Zx-Ta | Glass Candlestick - Peacemaker
Picture 6: Coffee Table - MyCupofCC | Living Chair - Picture Amoebae | Rocking Chair, Curtains - Peacemaker | Window - Satsujin
Picture 7: Bedframes and Mattress (paprika) - Pierisim |Mattress (white) - Harrie
Picture 8: Coffee Table, Sofas - Peacemaker | Arch & Windows - Satsujin
Picture 9: Dining Table - Peacemaker | Arch - Satsujin
Picture 10: Flower in Bottle - GardenBreeze


  1. Hi. First of all, amazing set. I was checking it, and on the bedside table there is a glitch. Could you fix it? Thank you?

    1. Thanks for reaching out - so many times things don't work and no one tells me, so I really appreciate you bringing this up! I am looking at the table in game (all cheats off) ... what it glitching? It looks and acts 'normal' in my game. Please let me know what you are seeing. Thanks!

    2. Have posted what I believe to be a fix (turned off the fix to view these in game and I can only see faint seams on the vertical edges - not across every flat face). I have updated the zip and offered a stand alone download for ease of replacing if the set has already been downloaded. Sorry 'bout that! I would absolutely look into the graphics card 'fixes' - you will have to turn on the fix after every time you update your driver. It's a drag, but better than looking at 'glitches'

  2. Absolutely love it! Thank you so much!

  3. I realize this is a bit forward, but I think I'm in love with you? Everything you make is unbelievable. Just staggeringly lovely stuff. And you share it all for free? Amazing. And thank you.

  4. Awww, what a thoughtful set! I've missed these from the ts3 days and I'm so happy you brought them back for ts4! Thank you and I hope you're having a wonderful Fall season. 🤗💕🤗


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