Monday, June 17, 2024

My Scry With My Little Eye

Oh, NO, it's not that time of year, besides - we don't celebrate that day.

No - we don't need a calendar to tell us how to celebrate.
Every day is a dark and hopeless place.
Plastic jack o'lanterns and skulls? Pfft. Kid's stuff.
Try waking up - that's the real horror.

Today we share some of the dark and lovely things we spy online.
Tee shirt creations we wish we owned.
There's a little goth in all of us,
so why not wear it on your sleeve - short though it may be.

52 images - some thought provoking, some fun, some menacing, and some just beautiful.

These are on a 'masculine' frame base game mesh - for your 'feminine' sims,
you'll need to remove the 'feminine' tag to find it in your catalogue.

We've found some game sims to model with our own dark-eye creations:

Oh, and, of course, we've added a few of these:

So this tiny offering can be yours with a simple click.
The crushing weight of life is not included in this download.
This download might actually a tiny escape, so don't wait:

[pCLOUD] | [sfs]

I don't normally get WCIF for my sims, but if there is interest,
I will do my best to link CAS items from all the talented creators.
Give me some time or ask away in the comments.

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