Friday, April 16, 2021

See Where The Road Took Me

This is a collection of things -
pieces I finished around the same time.
One item might have lead to thinking about another,
but there isn't a theme per se.
So, let's get to it.
It all started with Plaid.
Sometimes you need a wallpaper
for an accent wall or you're creating a vintage space.
Plaid is both traditional and modern
sedate and bold
many times divided by scale or color.

There are 55 seamless* patterns with white trim.
Too many to show you each, but here's a hint of what's inside:
* I noticed that there is a glitch in game where after about four panels
SOME of the plaids look misaligned - I have checked the patterns I noticed
and there is no correction I can make. These are NOT a mural paper.
Next came a lamp.
I've wanted a lamp like this for a long time:
I own a few items with a drip glaze, 
but my search for a lamp turned up empty.
What does one do when faced with the inevitable?
Create it for sims and live vicariously,
of course.
12 Colors - the base is original, but the shade
I borrowed from a floor lamp in the Tiny Living Stuff Pack.

Then comes a real life inspiration:
Where I work we are showing some locally made/designed furniture.
This is one of those chairs ... looks a bit like it is hovering.

After working with plaids for wallpaper
it seemed only natural to apply it here, too ...
as well as stripes and solids.
After pulling it in game
I felt it needed something more
especially if two or more were to be placed:
So fancy, eh?
Let's see it in action, shall we?
Okay ... now this somehow lead to books.
Specifically a table top/shelf bookcase.
All my sims have a bookshelf, 
but not all of them have the space:
Based on my Bibliophile book mesh,
I pulled together six new styles with 15 different jacks colors:
I liked the Jacks so much, they were also made into clutter:
Let's observe them in their natural setting:
I also wanted an end table for Levi Tate's Club Chair.
EA makes some neat tables, but my sim pulled a muscle
reaching that high for their drink.
(lawsuit pending)
I liked each of these tables, but ...
 the one from My First Pet dwarfed every seat in the game.
The one from Tiny Living was burdened by books ... 
Tiny Living means creative storage ... you took up valuable space EA!!
Worse - they were only a single color choice across many styles.
::pinches bridge of nose while closing eyes and shaking head::

Then, I noticed this 'hallway' table from Eco Living ... 
again - littered with books of unchanging colors.
After working on it for a spell I realized ...
Someone ELSE did this too ... and more: Zx-Ta
After a quick debate with myself,
I am releasing them regardless ... mostly for the colors
matching the two end tables.

But what goes above a hall table?
Besides art ... that's later.
This mirror came first.
Inspired by a painting as well as a photo on a blog.
Mirrors are a bit of a drag in S4 - no depth.
And let's avoid talking about how you can't get a door or window to reflect correctly.
So the design was modified so it looked more tiered.
Then I remembered this little number from my 2012 catalogue:
Why a chicken? Why the fuck not!
Truth be told, it was based off a real chicken mirror I saw on a blog.
I loved it.
You should too.
Another annoying thing about mirrors is that they cannot be resized.
So, I have added resized mirrors so you'll have choices.
And the chicken mirror comes in 7 different antique styles.
Your sim can stare adoringly at themselves
for hours.
And they will.
Check it out:
We're nearing the end ... I swear.
In fact - you deserve something for staying with me for so long:
I love stuff like this.
You might remember I made a version of this 
for my SFMagazine interview set in 2013
Tarnished to perfection.
S4 has a lot of trophies but ...
 you don't even have to participate to get one of these.

Finally - here are some other things you'll find
in this collection of mini sets:
Frame and Canvases have color coded thumbnails
If you have baufive_S4_artwork_man_amplified2s4s.package - you can safely delete it
Okay chickens ...
Hopefully you see at least one thing you can use.
Go forth, and:
cc used:
picture 3: Bedframe - KiwiSims4 | Bedding - Peacemaker | Phone - AroundTheSims4 | Hopechest - 876Simmmer
picture 4: Coffee Table - KiwiSims4 | End Table - AroundTheSims4
picture 5: Coffee Pot - Pocci | Tea Cups - AroundTheSims4
picture 6: Mirror - Zx-Ta | Tulips - Pocci
picture 7: Alarm Clock - Peacemaker
picture 9: Windows - Minc78
picture 12: Cabinet, Curtains - Peacemaker | Books - BrazenLotus | Vases - Mango
picture 13: Book - Charly Pancakes | Curtains - Allisas
picture 14: Sofa, Magnolias - Pocci | Vase - Mango | Coffee Table - Peacemaker
picture 15: Glasses - Mango
picture 17: Coffee table - Peacemaker
picture 20: bowls - Pocci | rocking chair - Peacemaker
picture 26: Sofa - PictureAmoebae | Loveseat, coffee table - Peacemaker
picture 27: bottles - BrazenLotus | Shelving - KiwiSims4 | Vases - Mango | Canisters - TheKalino
picture 29: Vases - Mango
picture 36 - Phillippe [unbroken] - TheJim07


  1. Brilliant! Thank you SO much!!!!

  2. You always write the best commentary! Outstanding set - thank you so much! 💕

  3. I came here to find your clothes for a new project (making book characters in the Sims) and found you'd updated with this set, how lovely!


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