Sunday, November 8, 2020

Velvet Goldmine

A mini set.
I have this folder of things I need to convert
from my back catalogue, but there is also
a folder with a few Sims 3 items 
that I enjoyed for promo shots.
Looking at them again, I realized I needed
to remember why I loved them.
The CASt system in S3 held all the magic.
If you had a good 'pattern' you could make even 
a complete dog in the catalogue more attractive.
For starters, you might remember
King of Suede ... now dubbed:
This strange bird - part victorian/part neo-sixties 
with a dash of Alice in Wonderland -
was a curiosity to me and it still is.
I am reminded of my childhood standing in Remicks
of Quincy while my mum shopped for clothing.
It needs velvet to truly shine.
48 cushion swatches for all your chromatic needs. 
Then you might remember 
the Castle Pew Bench
Growing up in New England, I saw my share of old things.
They grow on you and become a part of your core.
So when EA released this baby, I was smitten.
I need to stress I was not a fan of the 'carvings' 
provided by a normal map.
This thing deserves to be plain.
12 Cushion colors / 3 Wood tones.
I need to stress, my edit is a texture edit only.
I was surprised how much sims sink into this when they sit or nap.
Never really noticed that, so we'll just call it plush.
Moving on ....
This sofa was a favorite of mine ... until I saw it again.
It had this 'carved' scalloped apron that ... well - just look at it:
No. Just no.
This was edited and adjusted 
(and uses the texture from the two finials).
Now, this is a sofa you'll want to sit on.
Honestly - I just love this thing now. 
Comes with 12 cushion colors and three wood tones.

But wait! I have another bonus for you:
Using one of EAs Sims 3 plant meshes
I created two new style planters
in two different sizes. 
The rectangular planters come in 8 colors
The round planters come in 16 colors (8 rim colors/2 base colors)

Have at it folks:
DOWNLOAD (sfs) | DOWNLOAD (pCloud)
(both - if you are not aware of this by now - are completely [and always] ad free)

(if you are interested)

CC Used:
Picture 1: windows - HappyLifeSims
Picture 2: coffee tables - AlexPilgrim | windows - XOXDahlia | plant - Sanoysims
Picture 3: Hydrangeas - Pocci | Teal End Tables - Peacemaker
Picture 4: Pouf - Lovefooly-sims
Picture 6: Book/Mirror/Paintings - Zx-Ta | Dog Sculpture/Bottles - BrazenLotus | Chair - TheJim07
Picture 7: Logs/Bucket - NolanSims | Fireplace - Teanmoon
Picture 9: Coffee Table - Lovefooly-sims | Tulips in Pitcher - Pocci


  1. I love all your work. You have such great taste and such an eye for creating fabulous decor. So much of it I'd want in my real home! Thank you for doing all this and sharing it. I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into each piece, but I certainly appreciate it!


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