Monday, May 18, 2020

Have A Seat 2020

Having options is key to making a sims home unique to them.

this set was inspired by a real life set of table bases and surfaces
to achieve the look that best suited your home.
Creating a table with just a glass top or
creating a second table with just a stone top
seemed ... limited.
This set hoped to fix that in 2015
and now in 2020 for Sims 4.
Wooden tabletop is textured in part with Peacemaker's Woodtone V3 Set
Three rectangular table bases
with three different tops - stone, wood, & glass.

This set also came with a chair
also inspired by a real life design I saw on a blog.
This was already converted for Sims 4 back in 2016,
but when I created a perspex version,
 I realized there was a bit of an error in height
(nothing like going through a chair to make your sim feel like they have a gravity well in their ass)
so the chair has been remade.
Originally released in 8 colors, like the inspiration. These colors have been updated and increased to 24
Perspex version comes in 12 colors
While fussing with these tables and chairs
I remembered another table
that was a very sad promotion for Twitter/Facebook ...
it was downloaded exactly 11 times.
Lesson? Have followers on said social medias when releasing an exclusive.

The redesign (from Sims 3) made it as large as I always wanted it to be,
but having it as separates, in this latest version, is even better.
Wooden base, First 8 styles made in part with Peacemakers Woodtone v3, 2 solid (B&W) and 6 'real' woodgrains
Set overview
Apart overview
Room with a rectangular glass top table ....
Same room with the round table.
Table with glass and perspex chairs
Table with Stone top and solid chairs
Pattern wallpaper, Floor tiles: Alex Pilgrim | Sideboard, Sculptures: Peacemaker
Patterned Wallpaper, Floor Tiles: Alex Pilgrim | Buddha: ATS4 | Sideboard, Pendant, Vases: Peacemaker
Drapes, cabinets: Peacemaker
Tea Kettle: Pocci | Cabinetry: Peacemaker

HUGE thank you to Sandy (ATS4) and BrazenLotus for their generous help
 in getting the base to code correctly - without their assistance this table would cause routing issues.

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  1. Oh, yes! I'm so happy to see this amazingly creative set! Being able to put things together the way I'd like is an awesome idea and I am so glad you brought it ts4.


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