Sunday, August 30, 2020

Oh Deer


I have been nostalgic for most of my life,
and often, not of my time. 
I am unclear if I ever did a paint-by-number like these,
but suffice it to say:
they are en-deer-ing to me.
 Now, don't get me wrong ...
not every one of these have deer in them,
but it was a surprisingly common theme in kits of the time.
These are conversions of my original Sims 3 set from 2010.
I'm seeing a lot of nostalgia online 
and am having a bit of it myself these days ...
moreso than usual. 
These have been completely remade
using the original S3 EA meshes.
Rescaled, remapped, retextured, and completely updated:
24 original images
Original 8 plus 16 new images
18 Brand new for Sims 4
Whether you're a story-teller, or just going for a vintage vibe
these definitely have a maxis-match vibe to them.
Take a look at them in action:
You're parents old bedroom at your grandmum's house
Plays well with my other pieces
Seems a common theme this ... nature
What self respecting rumpus room DOESN'T have PBN??
Instant art for your studio apartment
Retro kids room
The room you write your whodunnit's
I was reminded I did these when I happened upon
(download everything)
and became nostalgic for my own.
You also get:
EAs 'Not Really Antlers' Antlers ...
18 Variations, remapped, recolored
Maxis match too.
Let's just consider these naturally shed, shall we?
These are EA Sims 3, converted ... for your pleasure.
Worked over and whipped into shape.
Naughty things.

Now yours to also play with.
Show them how it's done and 

cc used:
picture 2: dining chairs - GardenBreeze | candle - Mango
picture 5: bedframe - BrazenLotus
picture 6: bookcases - MLYS | sofa - PeaceMaker
picture 7: stereo, globe - Simza | glowing crystal - BrazenLotus | sofa, chair - PeaceMaker | bookcases - PBox
picture 8: clock - ThePlumbobArchitect | Plant - TheKalino | carpet - PeaceMaker
picture 10: radio - LittleCakes | dresser - Zx-Ta | bedframes - PeaceMaker | books, mattresses - BrazenLotus
picture 11: books, bottles, tabletop frame, book with skull - BrazenLotus | radio - Linzlu | hanging plant - TheKalino | narcissus plant - ArsBotantica
picture 12 - Deer Chair, magnolia in glass vase - GardenBreeze


  1. These paintings have always charmed me so much. And they go really well in my midcentury houses.

  2. Oh Deer, it seems you are a thing i get nostalgic for. Your posts are like sips of tea at the perfect temperature. My game would not be the same without your art lol, I've built whole lots around one painting! Thank you much.


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