Saturday, April 25, 2020

'Spare' Lights

I was scrolling through the catalogue
and lo and behold
I saw a bowling pin.

If there are two things you should know about me,
1: I can't bowl worth shit, and
2: I have always wanted a bowling pin lamp.
Sue me ... I like quirky stuff,
While we are home 'Self-Separating'
I thought I would *enjoy* another #MaxisHack™

The table lamp is comprised of:
A Basegame lamp,
a Get Famous lamp,
and the Bowling Night bowling pin:
While gathering reference photos
I happened upon a pendant light.
It had not occurred to me,
but - yup - we needed one of those too
(in three heights):
Pendant comprised of pendant from 'Tiny Living' and bowling pin from 'Bowling Night'
 Check them out in action:
 It's official,
you finally feel completed.
Don't hesitate:

cc used: 
Photo 1:  Atomic Stars - BrazenLotus
Photo 2: Wallpaper - AlexPilgrim | Magnolia - Pocci | Brick Wallpaper/End Tables/Credenza: Peacemaker
Photo 5: Telephone/Scale/Counters - ATS4 | Bowls/Bowl of Fruit/Kettle - Pocci |
Wallpaper - AlexPilgrim | Appliances - Veranka

Photo 6: End Tables/Bed Frame - Peacemaker
Photo 9: Refrigerator - Peacemaker


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