Monday, April 27, 2015

amuse bouche

Intended as a bit of a palate cleanser
from the Grant Park Pt.4 set,
this little set went from
micro to mini.

But first - a PSA:
Meet Hayley!
Hayley struggles with Non-Epileptic
Attack Disorder (NEAD).
You can read what that's like on her GoFundMe page.
Why is this important to me?
Why should this be important to you?

I understand struggle.
I understand feeling helpless in a situation.
As people in a community -
people who have an interest in gaming 
or more specifically - simulation gaming
Many of us also know of struggle - intimately.
In fact - I am going to be so bold as to say:
We found this game as a means of escaping our own 
frustrating lives.
Whether it's an iteration of mental illness,
a medical malady or mystery,
abuse or alienation,
we have come together because of this game
 to comfort each other with
our tales,
our talent,
our brilliance.
We need to have each others backs.
I ask that you help a simmer in need.
It doesn't have to be a weeks pay. 
Just what you can spare.
All contributions help - no matter how small
Even if that's a reblog of Hayley's updates
or your talent to help get word out.

The set.
Objects based on real life items
found in the interweb
soooo reeeaaalll
You can almost touch them
but don't.

This set includes:
Three presets with three different tiling options
Three presets ... also with three different tiling options
DIY Table: 3 table bases & 3 table tops. The top has the slots.
The base is coded like a rug and will slide under the top with ease.
Have a look at this set
in its natural habitat:
cc used: stove, terrarium, counters (upcoming release): Exotic Elements
cc used: cactus - Gelina, geometric pattern - Peacemaker IC
cc used: chairs - Exotic Elements
Look at that glow! Woooooowwwww
Okay bubbies
Think this set can be useful to you?
Go ahead!

If you can help Hayley
Please DO!
Her life will be vastly improved with your support!
Thank you.

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  1. I love your work. Everything you do is perfect and amazing! Keep up the good work!


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