Sunday, July 3, 2016


You look at art every day.
Whether you notice it or not, we surround ourselves with visuals.
Does it say something?
How does it make you feel?
Is it a social commentary?

Who f*****g cares.
Is it cool?
Pretty ...
Many of you know that I am a picture framer.
I am surrounded by art at work
and at home.
My interpretation of art is
possibly wider than the next guys ... 
but that said,
I love the stuff.

Hence my excitement for sharing
what I see on blog feeds and websites.
Not always attributed to the artist
but surrounded and often overwhelmed 
with visuals.
Too many to keep ... or is it?
S4 players, I have converted two sets
of S3 art from my back catalogue.
There is not enough art in this game
nor will there ever be.

This is a start.
Well, really, a continuing effort.... 
(So dramatic)

January 2015's Readymade Art set.
(you can read my thoughts on the set there)
Originally conceived as an easy mesh for people to recolor,
it came at a time when S3 had lost popularity to S4 and,
we not especially popular.
No matter,
I don't give up easily.
This set has:
4x6 Horizontal
4x6 Vertical
5x5 Square
5x7 Horizontal
5x7 Vertical
8x10 Horizontal
8x10 Vertical
While creating promo shots, 
I was sadly also missing
Art by Blog (February 2012's BlogBlogBlog set)
Originally 12 images,
Now 24:
S4 has a unique system where you can move pictures all over a wall.
Finally, these items are able to do what 
I had always intended in S3, but could not achieve. 
So please
treat your sim to art.

Picture 2: SIMZA - Lighting over island, PEACEMAKER - Counters/Islands, Shelving,
Lighting over table, sofas, S&P Shakers

Picture 3: A CENTURY OF FAKERS - Stormtrooper & Branch Limb Paintings MANGO - acrylic chairs OH MY CC - walls
Picture 12: PEACEMAKER - Chairs, credenza, ATS4 - dark sofa, MANGO - sphere light
Picture 13: OH MY CC - bench seating,  OMORFI-MERA - glass candle
Picture 14: ATS4 - Sofa, JOOLS SIMMING - Star Light, MANGO - Cubist Painting, DREAMTEAMSIMS - Ray Gun Painting Conversion, PEACEMAKER - Candle


  1. I keep finding new uses for the items in this set. I really love it! Thank you so much!!!


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