Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stu Stu Studio

 Your sim yearns to create.
They need a colorful place to flesh out ideas
and make their dreams tangible.

Sure they could use an office,
but why stop there? 

They're not preparing taxes.

No, they are creating masterpieces.
Fashion ... look to the left ... no, your OTHER left.
Today your S4 sims are getting
a place to create their next novel,
painting, or photograph.

Is your sim not creative?
Who cares ... they'll look creative
given the correct accessories.
Let's take a look at what they'll get:
 A rolling desk, and acrylic console, a rolling filing cabinet,
a wooden display easel, a rectangular display canvas, 
a modern floor lamp, and a bar stool.
Also: An acrylic desk, a rolling console, a modern chair,
two tripod floor lamps, a photo backdrop, a pants/suit form,
an acrylic display easel, and square display canvas.

Take a look at some of these items in action!
Create a better view with a backdrop
Add some color to your drab digs
Dine in - in style
Luxury Loft Living (I mean - you can't always be at a party)
So there you have it - the short and sweet of it ...
Studio Suite of it. 

Oh yeah,
S3 players - I haven't overlooked you.
 The Pants/Form
Acrylic Console
Acrylic Desk
and remember the star lantern?
All have been updated for your game.
(Sorry S4 users - you'll see the star lantern some day)
 If someday I can figure out how to get the photo backdrop
to work on two textures, a'la S4, I will re-convert it for S3.

So ... we're done here.
All you gotta do is download it now:

(9/5/16 - S4 file is updated with fixed lights - if you just want the fix download here with additional goodies)
[File Updated 5.18.20 - miniMAL Chair corrected size, additional colors plus Perspex version - see this post for more information on the colors] 
 SIMS3 Conversion Mini Set
(Both Formats) 

Picture 2: ATS4 - Camera, MANGO - Glasses, Pipes
Picture 5: VERONARELAPSE - Blinds
Picture 6: LUMIALOVER - LavaLamp
Picture 7: PEACEMAKER - Lights, Bar, Fruit Bowl, BLUEHOPPERSIMMING - Wallpaper
Picture 8: SIMZA - Lighting, PEACEMAKER - Counters/Islands, Shelving, Oven/Hood,
Clock, Plates, S&P Shakers
Pictures 9 & 10: MANGO - succulent, EIGHT/THREE - phone

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