Sunday, November 6, 2016


I have a micro-set for you today
to help bring awareness to Anette Bjørke 
who has MS.

There is a new procedure that can potentially reverse the damage
this once incurable, debilitating, and fatal disease can cause
using ones own stem cells.
The problem? 
It's costly. Like ... luxury car expensive and
the Norwegian goverment only gives this treatment to the sickest.
Anette isn't quite there and is hoping not to get there 
by funding the procedure herself.

This is a relatively new use for stem cell research.
They are continuing to take this process
and apply it in new ways.

My offering: The chair shelf - based on 
I likened the idea of taking something 
known for one thing
and applying it in a new way
much like this new approach to eradicating MS.
With a couple of planks,
a chair is now a shelf.
You don't have to donate a lot.
Sure, it would be nice if it was, 
but if we all can give something of ourselves
and bring attention to her plight,
Anette will get to her goal sooner.
Please read about her and the procedure here
and consider donating what you can
or create something to bring attention to her fund
with the tag #ccforanette
Sims 4
Sims 3
(both s3 & s4 versions)

CC Used:
 picture 3:skull, cloche. blue pictures - PlumbobArchitect / plate, yellow picture, books - Peacemaker /
globe - Simsza / hourglass, jar - JoolsSimming / sphere lamp - Mango
picture 4: birds - Mango / cactus - Marcussims91

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  1. Thank you so much for your perfect creations. I am in awe...


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