Monday, September 5, 2016

two point oh

It happens.

You're minding your own business
when a patch borks your wares.
It worked before ... tested and approved,
but come Tuesday,
It's okay.
We're all adults here.
(grumble grumble grumble)
 Let's just take this as an opportunity.
A time to reflect on what could have been better.
Well, after a bit of cursing.

Broken after a patch regarding 
Improved lighting? Great!
My rug? Say whaaaaa?
I think what is worse is that no one told me.
That means no one uses it.

Turns out it was an easier fix than I thought.
That didn't stop me from tearing the thing apart trying to find the problem.
No sir.

So suffice it to say, this is fixed.
Further, where I am not prone to scaling objects in S4
I made this large 
(thinking like a true blue S3 creator)
Now this rug is also in half size.
See? Both sizes. Merveilleux!
 As a 'mea culpa' 
I am including 
Kilim Series 3 & 4 
(you might want to refresh your memory here and here)

Then came another patch.
Someone at EA got the bright idea 
(no pun)
to change the numbering of lights
effectively breaking the cloned resource links
causing a script error.
(I hope I just said that right ... who cares - EA face planted).
This affected all sorts of lamps ... 
even MINE.
How. DARE.

While many of you already probably batch fixed these lights,
I hate to tell you, but ...
I improved them.
Broken seams from importing into Blender from Milkshape
(yes, I like milkshape ... it brings all the boys to the yard)
LOD lighting problems, strange rainbow coloration ... 
You deserve better.
The culprits.
I have learned a great deal more with the assistance of Peacemaker IC
and fiddling in Blender & S4S.
So the three affected lights are fixed.
I was so happy, I decided to challenge myself to do
three wall height ceiling lights.
And upon trying, I regretted it, but I carried on.
My "In The Garden" lights from 2011
have been greatly upgraded.
The improved, and renamed "Central Library Pendant" in 6 styles
The Star Lantern - 4 styles
If you follow me on Tumbr
*(you best be following me)
you also know I am working on a few new sets.
One of my other lights
the "Lean Lamp" from 2012 Blog Blog Blog set
fit the style of my future AHWb5 Living room.
Problem is - I don't own one
(though Design Within Reach did their part to coax me 
via a random email directed to me personally ...
not creepy whatsoever)
so I have converted and updated this light for S4
and am including it here.
The - what I now know to be, the - "Grasshopper" lamp - aka Lean Lamp in 12 styles
Seeing it on DWR did alert me that this was out of scale, but 
truth be told, I didn't know at the time it was a popular MCM design.

Let's take a look at some photos of these items in game,
shall we?
 You get the idea.

Download the rugs:

Download the lights:

The original download pages now have updates and updated zips that include the corrected files.
Stay tuned for new items soon. Those sets will include S3 items
(and a couple of these updated lights for S3 too)

CC Used:
Photo 9: Table by Peacemaker
Photo 10 Kitchen set, sofa, chair, chaise, decor by Peacemaker / Mirror Shelf by Things by Dean
Photo 11: Paintings by Busted Pixels / Bookshelves by MLYS
Photo 12: Table and footed bowl by Around The Sims 4 
Photo 13: Bed and end tables by Things By Dean / Frames by Jools / Bookshelf by Simphony Number 4
Many items previewed are not yet for release.
One item is only available if you are feelin' social (hint hint).


  1. Ty so much! I use your rugs btw and love them <3

  2. I'm wondering if there is a fix for the Grant Park set. I had to take it all out of my game today. I love that set.
    Thank you, Pam themamasplace

    1. Hi themamasplace - you are reaching out to me on a Sims 4 post, but the Grant Park set is only Sims 3. I have not converted the set myself - others have converted part and they would have to answer for their own work. If you ARE talking about Sims 3 - you would have to be significantly more specific about what needs to be fixed. It's a four part set and I added recently vintage files that were only shared with donators, so, effectively - a five part set. That's a lot to ponder when I don't know what's wrong.
      If the problem suddenly started, it might be something that is in conflict with the pieces that stopped working that was recently added to your game. EA had one update to my knowledge after I stopped playing Sims 3 and it would not have broken objects. It had something to do with the launcher. These items are not special in a way that would make them unusual. These are simply cloned off base game windows and doors - no special settings or tuning. To date I have had one person mention the set didn't work for them and everything they described sounded like it was put in the wrong game, but they never confirmed my suspicion. Please be more specific and I will try to figure out what might have happened.


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