Saturday, May 14, 2016

supah sweet redundancy

Time for something new.
Rehashing, revamping, repairing is fun and all
I jest - it's tedious
but sometimes you have to do something new.

Your sim needs a place to write their novel,
work on their spreadsheets,
troll on teh forums ....
Your sim also needs some color.
Just sayin'

Where better than in a new office suite?
New art (24 images per canvas), 
a couple of display easels (acrylic and wood),
a desk, console, and rolling filing cabinet
(rolling is imaginary)
and even a fancy floor lamp.
Here ... take a look at it in action:
 Some quick notes on this set - 
This is for Sims 3
If you plan on putting the file cabinet below the desk or console
Put items on the desk or console first - THEN place the file cabinet.
You'll quickly see why if you don't follow these 
painfully simple instructions yo.

But wait.
I promised a few improvements to old items.
And I hope I have not disappointed.
Sims 4 saw some conversions of my back catalogue
and some of these items were improved upon.
You, my Sims 3 player, now also benefit from these improvements:
Many of these items needed to be smoothed, remapped, and poly reduction,
but now also include the S4 overlays and:
1 - MiniMAL Chair needed a small repair to a seam
2 - Door Screen - new glass channel (knobs) and 4 channels (BG)
3 - Requested liberated "Is This Art?" Stool
4 - Four channels (BG)
5 - Four channels (BG)
6 - New Glass channel, additional mask for more options, 4 channels (BG)
7 - Still above the norm for polys but lower - new cage - 4 channels (BG)
8 - Bedframe liberated from mattress for more options
9 - Mattress liberated from bedframe for more options
10 - New glass channel for edge refraction
11 - Smoothing essentially 'fixed' this item
CAS as the first options. 
These are new items - manually delete the old ones you have

Here's a few shots in game:
to Sandy at Around The Sims
who helped with critical information
and a couple of files to allow these items to 
be four channels while also being basegame (BG).
to all of the testers too - your feedback was 
a huge assistance in getting this set in shape.

No worries S4 users - you'll see Office Sweet soon
with more items and additional conversions.
Patience grasshoppers.


11.12.2020: Acrylic Easel made functional by MartassimbookCC HERE
 Picture 5: Lamp - Exotic Elements
Picture 6:  Butterflies - Pocci
Picture 7: Chairs - Gelina


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